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I know @Aluriel has progressed very well

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Decently. I’ve learned new tricks so to speak.

Sure I’m still up for it

How about you Arianna how have you progressed

Most definitely. . I don’t have any problems shifting to Wolf or lion

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Ah you’ve been working on multiples formula shifts just like me good to hear.

Okay well the new stuff I will be posting is going to be more ritualised more intense.

The stuff we did last time was all energetic workings, energy manipulation, biokinesis all very VERY helpful in alchemical change.

Now we need the real power, which isn’t just energy work looking for a alchemical result, but instead is actually alchemy.

So that’s what I’ll be posting some intense alchemy for shape shifting.


Sounds good.

Envocation - Reverse Possession.

Yeah that’s right you heard me envocation, not evocation. See before our forms can truly take over our body in the manner that we seek.
We must be able to take over theirs, yes we could just astral project and shift into them instantly.

However this is just mimicking the form of which we are trying to obtain.
Whether you’re trying to become a wolf, bird, lion etc. The other form we have built, through spiritual methods, Magick, ceremony, Meditation, energy manipulation etc.

That form sort of acts like a Godform, it’s part of us and is us but is separate at the same time.
It has its own existence which is independent of us.

So we must fully enter it, undergoing a intense transmutation not of our body, but first our mind and soul into the mind and soul of the animal we wish to become.

Envocation is a great method for this, instead of a spirit possessing us, we leave our body and possess the spirit.

Literally entering the soul of the animal, becoming it, seeing through its eyes and using its powers.

I started doing this with Div’s while working through the BMOA. However I have done this with spirits outside that paradigm too.

Kurtis wrote this on the topic.

" This is demonic possession turned inside out, instead of the Div using our physical bodies as vehicles for their power. We use their consciousness as vehicles for our will.

Through this process we see reality through their eyes, their specific attributes will then alchemically transmute our own perception of reality.

This will change is in incredible ways forever ".

He then goes on to state that the physical reality and physical body shifts, reflecting from the spiritual change.

The reason in the path of smoke the operator does envocation, is different from what we will be using it for.

I dissected Kurtis’s work on envocation, stripped away the cultural Ahrimanic influence.
I began looking over my alchemical workings back last year, I then implemented various components to the works.

What I was left with was totally amazing, I designed this type of envocation, to entirely align with the intention of shape shifting and causing a critical change in ones being.

Before anything we must make sure we create the nessercary changes in ourselves first before we can do the rite of envocation.

Energy Accumulation.

First one thing that needs to be understood, in order to maintain stability through the transmutation process.

You need to accumulate a great deal of energy before expelling it, into the spirit we will be possessing.

I am not going to give you exercises on this, there are various ways.
Simple meditation and visualisation isn’t going to cut it though. As the energy you raise need to be critical, solid and condensed and then anchored and grounded. Not just grounded in yourself but into your physical body, into every fibre of your cellular structure.

Here’s a list of things I’d suggest Involving in one setting.

  1. Sacred space
  2. Crystals
  3. Various mantras
  4. Singing bowls
  5. Incantations
  6. Circumambulation
  7. Consecrated candles
  8. Meditation
  9. Yogic asanas - Very Potent

Once you’ve combined these and raised a huge amount of energy and successfully grounded it within yourself.

You need plenty to eat and plenty to drink.

Envocation Space.

A space on your altar will need be created and dedicated to the work of envocation.
Here are the items you will need below.

  1. Heat proof bowl and stand.
  2. Grain alcohol_ like Ethanol
  3. Incense which is associated with the form you’re trying to obtain
  4. A sigil or sign which is connected to your animal self
  5. Black Onyx
  6. Clear Quartz
  7. Smoky Quartz
  8. Dry dirt
  9. Candle - Colour which is associated with the form you’re trying to obtain

Take the bowl and stand, physically wash it and perform a purification over it.
You can just rub salt water over it and use this incantation for banishing and purification of areas and objects.

Ashtu Malku tadat arkata,
Sastus seckz altamu partu,
Iretempal krez ta felta
Vaskalla regent met senturus,
Ta Sastrus esto melta
Kelta, Kelta, Kelta, Hine

Once done place the stand up, around the stand place the black onyx which will absorb any unbalanced energies, so the energy doesn’t get out of hand. Next to that place the Smoky quartz which aligns all the energies in the area to work in flow. Next in front place the clear quartz with the intention it raises the vibration in the area.

Set these out in a triangular grid, I’m assuming you know how to charge and programme the crystals to do these things.

Next take dirt and create a circle around the bowl and stand, the energies of earth are great for this as they have the essence of transformation and growth.

Place behind the bowl the candle and incense, light them both and place them around the bowl, open the sigil or symbol.
Call forth the form evoking it into the area.

Once you’re form is clearly there, time to move on.

Method of envocation.

Pour the alcohol in the bowl not too much, just half full. Next light it allow the flames to rise

Close your eyes and sense the form which was inside of you, roaming around.

Feel the envious feelings you get, the desire burning inside of you to actually be what is around you.

Once the presence increasing due to your observation, with your breath and intent and spiritual communication gather the essence of the spirit to house itself in the flame.

Inhale and push your aura outward pushing the spirit into the fire.

Begin by entering the theta gamma sync.
Gazing at the flame asking the spirit to show itself once it shows itself before your very eyes.

You need to solidify the astral matrix of the spirit, so structure it’s form in the flame as solid as possible.

Funnel energy from you Zeal chakra into the flame, we need the body of the spirit to less dense and more suitable for us to mount.

Now close your eyes, focus on your breath, with your breath solidify your auric field, wrap the aura around the flame creating a energetic connection, once the connection is formed.
Do whatever you normally do to exit your body.

Now before entering the flame, move around the flame gaining momentum, through this circumambulation your spiritual body is pacing it’s vibrations attuning to the area.

Pick up the speed until your astral form has gained critical mass, absorbing the energy from the area and utilising the energy already raised.

Feel your astral form dissipate until you are just energy without form only energy and conciousness.

Slowly enter the flame, you’ll begin to feel you’re whole being starting to get vaccumed into the spirits astral matrix’s vortex.

You must surrender to it, hold strong intention and will over your own being though.
You’ll start to experience flashing lights, odd colours, sounds, strange feelings.

This is normal and is all part of you dissolving into the transmutation process.

Once all is silent, open your spiritual eyes, you’ll be centred in the body of the spirit.
It’ll take time to control the body, begin slowly moving each part.

Stay in the flame for the first part, it will anchor you in the vehicle of the spirit.

You may feel as if your aren’t you anymore but rather the actual spirit, this is normal.

Do this a few times, once you’ve gotten good at it exit the flame you would have then successfully possessed the spirit.

All that is left then is to solidify the body of the spirit you’ve possessed and to re-enter your body.

Once you’re back in you’re body, you’ll be under possession of the spirit you entered.
Do not expel the being, actually perform the seven asanas afterwards and drink some water to ground the spirit into your body.

Now the separation between you and the spirit is closed and the potent alchemical transmutation begins within.

When you shift next, you’ll notice a tremendous difference, mediate on the process and document your changes.


I think it worked cause my coordination is off as hell.
I dropped a whole bucket of bleach water and walking like I’m drunk :joy:
And I ain’t drunk :joy::ok_hand:



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I’ve seen it that’s not really what this is about

I would love to be a snake. A green one heheh


Goooosh I am so relieved I have came across this topic :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I was so close to thinking that noone takes this beautiful Art seriously anymore… I am in 1000000%. Since a leader of Hyena Shapeshifters clan appeared to me in my wake meditation, its energy calling and inviting me it, I decided that this kind of honour should be honoured appropriately. I accepted the invitation and from that point on I am trying to work everyday on developing my bond with the clan that took me under their wings. Sometimes this connection is better, sometimes worse, but it is there and it’s beautiful… I believe that You need an aprooval (or, like in my case, invitation) of a Clan in Spiritual realm to become Your journey as real Shapeshifter, but then again, it is possible that there are many different types of Shapeshifters out there. In my case, they are not human. I will have to totally overwrite my DNA to fully match the DNA of Hyena Shapeshifter in order to gain all of their abilities, including actual, physical shapeshifting but there is a LOOOOONG way ahead of me yet… If they will agree, I may documment my progress here, but as I am not sure if they will approove it, or not, I will just share so much for today. I hope You all have an amazing experiences :heart_eyes: I shall have for sure :heart_eyes:

This pic is fairly close to what I have seen in my meditation-induced vision as my Hyena Form :heart_eyes:

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Hey this is actually really inyeresting. I may use this method while meditating on my clan connection :+1:

I lead my own astral pack too. I started shifting as a werewolf but then after months of no progress I noticed scales on my legs. I don’t take baths or swim often so I never pay attention to my legs.

But I’ve been focusing in those scales and they are multiplying. And my skin is sparkling and my eyes are glowing and my hair is getting oranger and oranger.

I could not make this up if I wanted to :confused:

I’m a mermaid.

Couldn’t be a vampire, werewolf, or something cool. A freaking mermaid.


Vampires are motherfuckers, trust me. You would NOT want to be one of them. Their energy is very negative, possesive/socjopathic and evil… Mermaids are deepily underappreciated in human culture. They can be very beautiful, aluring, dangerous, deadily, badass… Strong… Do not dismiss a supernatural being only because it have “meek” fame among humans. General society knows nearily nothing about supernatural beings and how they really are. If Your True Self is indeed a Mermaid- be proud. If You will soon happen to discover that You are something else- be proud too… Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way. If You are indeed a Mermaid… Congratulations. People very often underappreciate things they percieve as weak or not-cool-enough… And that’s the GREATEST mistake any human can make in confrontation with any opponent, not to mention a non-human opponent… Be proud of who You are. Embrace it and make it Your strength. You ARE strong :heart_eyes: good luck on Your journey :muscle::heart_eyes_cat:


Funny You mention that XD I have briefly seen a green viper-like serpent in one of my visions… It looked very much like a cross between african bush viper and the Imoogi creatures from Korean myths potrayed in 2007 “D War”… Much bigger than viper, but much smaller than the snakes depicted in said movie… It is possible that it may be one of my forms… But currently I am focusing on Hyena form. I tried to connect to it at night and try shapeshifting… I really did feel the change. Even though my physical body did not change, my energy field and body have been very heated up and filled with Hyena energy :heart_eyes_cat: But I will try meditating on my eventual Serpent form more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::snake:


Does this require to be advanced magician and having a bond with a Demon or spirit?

I’m in.

I have been intrigued by shapeshifting in one form or another since puberty.

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