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Alchemical Infusion.

Start off by using this meditation.

Meditation Exercise.

Start of by sitting in a cross legged meditative position, simply focus on your physical body.

Feel the pores of your skin begin to expand and open up, as you inhale feel these miniature pores open and pull in energy from the air.

As this enters your skin feel it simply nourish the body, relaxing you, rejuvenating you, repeat this until you feel like your physical body begins feeling lighter.

When the stage of weightlessness sets in, now simply visualise the form you wish to assume, feel your body morph into the body you wish to possess.

This simple yet effective basic imagination exercise, will give your subtle bodies and physical body the experience of knowing what it’s like to shift form.

Transformation Elixir.

Items needed

  • Amethyst Crystal or gemstone

  • Clear Quartz Crystal or gemstone

  • Citrine Crystal or gemstone

  • Honey

  • Crushed Bay Leaves

  • Salt

  • Basil

  • Sugar

  • Cinnamon

  • Ashes of wood

  • Your burn’t hair

  • Your blood

  • Small glass vile

  • One glass of rain water

Okay first step is to get a pint glass filled with rainwater, place in the rain water Amethyst, Citrine, Clear Quartz.

Now place this glass of water outside in sunlight meditate on it, push your will and intent for the rays of the sun to charge the water with solar power.

Now visualise and command the energy of the crystals or gems to aid in the charging and to push their own energetic matrix into the water.

Now leave the water charge for a good few hours, next leave the water with the gemstones under your bed.

Wait until a full moon and take the glass out with you, allow the water and crystals to charge under the light of the full moon.

Next pour water into a glass vile only quarter of the way. Now hold salt in your right hand, breathe on to the salt passing on your Oran’s life force.

Add three small sprinkles of salt into the water, next crush bay leaves tiny bits, now place that into the vile.

Cup in your hands a mixture of cinnamon and sugar, hold it and vibrate the mantra ‘OM’.

Push that sound that carries pure cosmic vibrations into the mixture of sugar and cinnamon. Visualise purple, blue, yellow and green light being directed into the very atoms of the mixture.

Repeat the mantra and visualisation nine times as the repetition of nine is known for utmost power.

Now sprinkle that into the vile, next add in two pinches of ashes from wood. Then add your burnt hair, add seven drops of your blood.

Now add three pinches of basil into the mix, now fill up the rest of the Vile with honey.

Now take this mixture seal it with a lid and shake it nine times, the shaking will just stir up the ingredients and cause the energies to fuse with each other do that nine times.

Now meditate on the power emanating and radiating from the mixture, do this for a full hour.

Meditating on its power for a full hour will indeed narrow your attention to the energies within it, pushing the power of your mind to the energy increasing.

Awakening the elixir.

When you have another full moon, summon the form you wish to be, simply rouse it forth call it’s name, structure it in trance and structure a orb above the elixir.

Ask the spirit to house the orb and then pull the orb into the elixir, then add one more drop of blood to feed the spirits form.

Then say

" From spirit to flesh, that shall be, kala vaspuch, From Human to more, that shall be, Ala Rachu, This liquid shall be the transformer of energy to matter, Tin Talla Kalu ".

Repeat this nine times over the liquid.

Using The Elixir.

Do your usual shifting routine, combine as many techniques you have learned, then pour the elixir on the chakra points, the palms of the hands and the bottom of your feet.

Stand in a triangle of purple candles forming a triangle, feel the power radiating from the elixir, then perform the pore breathing exercise.

Visualise the sprites in the air, feed your inner form, solidifying and feeding it from the elixir, feel the triangle your in, increase the manifestation of your inner form.

See the triangle become a purple triangular vortex, Vibrate the name of your other form and visualise the energy body of your inner form become solid more and more.

This is will create a alchemical infusion, pushing the inner forms presence through every level of your being and bring it to the forefront more than ever.

I would suggest doing this three times, no more or no less.


I’m glad we’re not drinking that elixir.

I’ll do it sometime soon. Keep in mind I’m at work for 12 hours today so I’ll try to do it tonight, if not tomorrow nightish

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There are techniques you can use in here.

I was apart of thia under the name fallen angel.

Sees thread
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In the name of My Inner Werewolf i FUCKING RESSURECT this thread and group! Let the badass techniques and powers rise again in 2019!


I will not let this thread die permanently. Shapeshifting, Biokinesis, more power, and you really think I’m gonna skip this? Ha! Y’all funny. I don’t care if I’m the only one gonna be doing it lol.

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