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I just ended up finding a free moon phase app but it doesn’t include some of those moons. I can only project about a month out though and doesn’t do the past moon phases so its not the most useful. I guess I’ll still be using one of my favorite moon webpages.

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I have found this article very interesting in some parts :heart_eyes: How To Shapeshift - A Native American Technique For Transformation by Denise Linn - HealYourLife

How do we physically shapeshift

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Welcome @LORDDARKNESS Please make an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

This is a personal technic that I use (keep in mind that I am on path of an actual Apex Shapeshifter, not a werewolf-like wannabe. I am actively connecting myself to completily different consciousness, far alien to human mind, or at least someone who still thinks like a human. Shifter consciousness is NOT human cobsciousness).

  1. meditate… I mean a lot… Focus on Your goal to reach out to different dimentions and different kinds of consciousnesses. Clear off Your mind and link Yourself with the essence of the Earth itself. It’s very important.
  2. As above, reach out in Your mind and heart to a Shifter consciousness that You want to tap into… You may simply open Yourself up for just any shapeshifter energy to come through. If You are not certain what animal You want to shift into, allow spiritual Shapeshifter clans to decide for You, which form would be the best for Your true nature (true nature =/= personality. Keep in mind). If they will deem You worthy and accept Your request or appear showing You who is that chose You, they will let You know about it. It can be during meditation, or as a spontanous visions. I sometimed have both.
  3. if a keeper of an energy will show up to You and they will agree to watch over and teach You, You are free to ask about Your shifting form. Do NOT be discouraged if the animal shifter that will show itself to You, or an animal that is Your form, will not be the one You “like”, or one You now don’t see Yourself as. Your perception on it will change as from human mindset, Your brain will start to process things in Shifter way. They do know what is the best for who You are and will determine the most optimal and the best form that will suit Your nature. You may not see that at the first time. It takes time, practice, patience and meditation.
  4. When You trully start upon Shifter path, You are consciously giving their energy and consciousness permission to… Overwrite Your human DNA completily. Yes, You read it right. Shifters are not humans AT ALL and they do NOT have “human form”, as humans like to call it. They still look the same (maybe except some physical upgrades like eyes reflecting light and increased muscle mass, in some cases increased attractiveness and sexappeal) in their main form, but… They are not human. Deal with it. If You want to be a Shifter, You have to give up on Your human nature and DNA. You will be a humanoid. Human-looking, but not human-thinking and human-feeling. Shapeshifters have deeper layers of consciousness and feelings. They are wiser than average human being and they feel more on emotional, psychological, energetical and spiritual level than humans. You will retain Your soul but it will change. It will no longer be a “mortal’s” soul. It will be honorable and strong, noble and wise, but no longer human. They have really profound sense of honour. They don’t make trash of themselves like so many modern humans do nowdays… They are better than that and so will be You :heavy_heart_exclamation:
  5. Excercise, excercise and one more time- excercise. Not only physically, but also intellectually. Shifter DNA will make You better, faster, stronger, more intelligent… But nothing will be given to You on metaphotical silver platter. You want to be strong and wise as a Shifter? Ok. Proove it. On this path they are teachers and You are only an aspiring apprentice. Not the other way around. They do not need to proove anything to You. It is YOU who have to proove Yourself to them. The sooner You will realise it, the better for You if You are serious about this path. Do excercises that will allow You to control Your muscles more and those that will make You more ballanced in Your thinking process :grin: You will find it extremely profiting, trust me.
  6. When You are in the process of gaining Shifter energy and DNA, You may notice Your senses slowly improoving. You will see that all of Your senses are slowly, but surely, getting stronger as times goes by. The more dedicated and serious are You on Your path, the better. Little tip- please, start doing it from BONES first. Bones store Your consciousness and energy information the most from the entire body. Accept Shifter energy into Your bones and feel them changing as they are getting stronger and more beautiful, connecting to the source of Shifter strength. If Your bones will not change- You will not change. This is rule no 1 and not only for me.
  7. When You are practicing Your shifting in free time (try as often as possible, but do not overhelm Yourself) imagine the consciousness and energy of Your soon-to-be species flowing in Your veins, muscles, nerves, bones, skin, all that You are. Feel the conscious vibration and energy filling Your entire being. Both spiritual and physical. Make them look like different-colored energy strings or channels flowing through. After You are done and can feel it clearily, go for the cells. Zoom the picture in Your mind and see a single cell of Your body. See how its core, rybosomes, mitochondria, matrix and everything else that makes up such cell filling with the energy that You are channeling through Your body… Fill it with light and intention. Energy and consciousness. You MUST be serious about it. If You are not, all that I described above will be of no use to You. Fill the cell energetically and then imagine the matherial from it rapidly spreading from single cell to all other cells of Your body, inside and out. You can visualise it as an explosion of energy that spreads around Your body automatically filling every single cell it reaches with the same information You imprinted on the base cell. I personally hold that image of every single cell in my body being filled with strong and powerful energy of my Shifter kind. Then spread this data to Your energy body and imagine it forming as Your animal form. Your body follows then. When You do it, imagine it with all the details, down to hair/scales/skin structure and each detail of eyeball… Flex on this image as if You were grasping Your hand in a fist (from lack of better term XDXD) Grasp, and release, grasp and release. Alternate between Your humanoid form and animal form. Imagine Yourself changing back and forth, until You can feel Your animal and breath… You may notice Your muscles and bones slowly reacting to it in time. Don’t be afraid. Just do it… If You feel overhelmed, stop. But never give up.
    Good luck :heart:

This is intriguing! May i join? :slight_smile:

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intresting and dedicative take on “shape-conciousness-dna-transerf-morphing”

There are alot of good stuff in your post, also some wrong terms, like you wont be humanoid, humanoids are 2nd hand energy fiending, want to be beta-aliens, you have clear way and reason behind the ways that you are.

i met you in the astral, i dont necesary like dogs, im reptilian myself, you are doing better than you think, keep using terms, dna-exhange, conciousness-shift, and you will get results in gaining “animal-conciousness”

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Thank You very much, sir. Idk what can I say about me using the term “humanoid” :sweat_smile: I ment beings that look like humans, but are not humans. If there is another term for this that You find more fitting, You are free to let me know :slight_smile: Ya’ know, my experiences are based on encounters with real beings and I only pass on knowledge gained from them to the others if anyone else was interested in joining me on my path :slight_smile: One little thing. Shifter consciousness is not “animal consciousness”. They are neither humans, nor animals. They are on higher energy level than humans and full transformation into one will require that as well, but it will go naturally, so I wouldn’t be worried about that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And hmmm… Idk what You mean by “dogs”, sir :sweat_smile: I am on a path of multiple Shifter consciousnesses, but dog is not one of them (I doubt that Dog Shifters exist, but I may be wrong). Can I ask You what did You mean by that? :sweat_smile: no offence. I just would like to know. Thank You :slight_smile:

i see your conciousness is not shift enough to get my poke :frowning:
being “animal-conciousness” is not negative thing, you seem to understand it like i would be super pro-human and have little understanding of conciousness traserf, i think godhead, or evolved soul, would be more nice than humanoid, as a word to what you think you are,

is your “guide” or feeder human, or some deity, or where you got him from ?

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I honestly appologise if what I have said offended You. It was as far from my intent as one can be. One more time I’m sorry for everything that I have said that You mistook for my ill intent. I appreciate Your insightful replies to my comments and I believe them to be very clever. It was never my intention to insult or disrespected You in any way :heartpulse: My knowledge comes from the spiritual Shifter beings that were honorable enough to take an active notice of me (yes senpai :rofl: joke :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and beautiful and wise Goddess Aphrodite :revolving_hearts: I hope it gave You some insight, or at least helped a bit in understanding what was on my messy mind :sweat_smile: It is always a mess in one way or another :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue: I am sorry if any of my words hurt You. Greetings :slight_smile:

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We didn’t understand eachother, that happens. Don’t worry :slight_smile: I am not the best in using words to describe my feelings, tbh :sweat_smile:

Yes all cool, i met aphrodite too in this existence…

be real, be beautiful, but dont hide your teeth, there are alot of perverts and dirty people in astral and internet

what you missed from my first post that i dont know about dog things ;p, im reptilian, but have deeper understanding of bone/nadi connecting to reptilian bodies, from multiple soruces and from my own training and experiences :slight_smile:

its almost impossible for me to be in “wolf” conciousness, since when i start shape/conciousness shifting, euphory that i get from my reptilian traits, kinda takes over of “wolf-training”, not that i could not feel, things as “wolf” but its not main thing for me.

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That’s ok :slight_smile: I did not missed it, i just don’t know much about Reptilians :sweat_smile: but they are very powerful race from what I have heard about them. It’s a shame that so many people actually put You all in one cathegory of “evil”… World is not black and white and I believe that in every kind and race there are malevolent and benevolent beings. There is a light side to a being of darkness and a dark side to being of a light :slight_smile: I have found reptilians very interesting, but sadly almost all info about them on the internet is from Illuminati-based conspiracy theories and David Icke shit… To be honest, I kind of feel bad about that :sweat_smile:

And thank You for Your reply :slight_smile:

I have heard from a reliable source that certain Shifter kinds clash with vampires on cellular and energetical level so just keep that in mind :hugs: But I believe that Magickally induced shapeshift should not be affected… But Idk really, I am not an expert :joy:

OMG @Aluriel that’s incredible!!! The Merfolk have to love You. Congratulations :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: Please keep us updated. It’s such an incredible journey :heart_eyes::ocean::blue_heart::blue_heart:

@C.Kendall terrific work. Very potent indeed.


How is Your shapeshifting journey going so far Mr. @C.Kendall? Any updates? :slightly_smiling_face: What for me, another panthera genus cat appeared in my wake vision. I believe it’s a sign of sort :heart_eyes: Did You notice any change in Your senses, or reflexes?

I’m In if that’s ok if your still willing to help I’ve always been drawn to the moon and the wolf so I would choose the wolf

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I’ve always been interested in shapeshifting, so i’m in if your still open

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