Shamash the sun God!

Good day, is there anyone who work with shamash? Can someone tell me your experience with him and how to call or summon him? Thanks in advance for those who can help me.


I tried praying to him once. I saw a handsome man with a big spear. He reminded me of Apollo but I never worked with him outside of that.


I use his Sumerian name, Utu, which is pronounced ootoo, and just repeat his name over and over again, such as ututututu… Etc …

If he comes, he is a very powerful ally, got me the job I’m currently in


I have worked with him for years. There are a few ways you can effectively connect with him.

  • Meditate when the sun is rising or up during the day and utter his name and titles (Lord of Judgment, Lord of the Oracle, Lord of the Sun, The Great Protector, ect.) with the intent of feeling his presence and calling him forth.

  • You can also use the Seal of Shamash as a sigil to use as a focal point to call him forth. I highly suggest drawing it yourself and drip a bit of blood on it to reinforce the connection.

  • In both of these instances I would lay out a offering if you are able to (blood is a good one, but giving a bit more will be a lot more enticing to him). Bread, red wine, Frankincense, and Lapis Lazuli are favorable offerings to him (I’ve also found that golden jewelry strikes his fancy too).

Reference/Information on the Seal of Shamash:

Hymn that could be useful and implemented in some way:


Thankyou guys for commenting on my post. Last question, who is shamash? Sometimes they say azazel and shamash is the same. Sometimes nergal apollo azazel is shamash.

Azazel is thought to be a fragment of Shamash that is his own being. Apollo is only linked to Shamash because they share the common ideologies around the sun, Nergal however is a king of Irkalla/the underworld and God of earth, water, sorch, death, and disease, which is the opposite of Shamash.

So basically Azazel is his own being but you’ll find he has roots to Shamash who is also their own being.