Shadow Work Journal

I was journaling about the abilities I would want to have and I wrote down why.

  1. Shape Shifting: To fit in with society and seek approval from others; lack of identity
  2. Peak Condition: Perfectionism, OCD
  3. Enhanced Senses: Fear of ignorance and weak minded
  4. Hypnosis, Telekinesis, and Telepathy : Control Freak, OCD
  5. Invisibility: to hide
  6. Elemental: God complex
  7. Predatory: to feed off of others
    All of these abilities put one intuitive image of the Strigoi- a vampiric spirit of Romanian lore. The Strigoi/Vampire has appeared in my dreams as well and is a recurring monster even since childhood and has been my most favorite monster and lore. I may not have a name for my shadow but at least I know what form or identity it takes