Shadow self sigil

I used the search function for this and didn’t find anything. I was wondering if you could create a sigil for contacting your shadow self? And how would I go about doing it?

I created my own personal sigils for Lucifer Lilith King Paimon and Azazel. I just have to charge and activate them but it gave me motivation to start sigil magic. Any advice on how to go about this as well?

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No advise as I’m newly learning. How do you charge and activate a sigil?

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Personally I’m still sorta new myself but I meditate upon them with my intent in mind until it flashes and jumps like a deity sigil would.

Also I’m weird I don’t like how circles look around my sigils so I use tape😂

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I guess I also don’t know how to meditate because I’ve never seen a sigil flash or jump. I guess I’ll just chant their enn as I focus on it. ?? Thanks though.


When you gaze upon your sigil (gently try not to strain or think about doing so) the longer you gaze at it the more connected you become with it… after a while the lines of it (or sometimes the whole thing) will appear and disappear (hence flashing and jumping) and it will appear as a sort of 3D effect. Chanting the enn along with this gives good results but the experience is different for everyone.

I hope that makes sense. Just keep practicing. Trust me… you’ll know what it is when you see it. :relieved:

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I create sigils by contacting the entity first, and authoring a sigil based on the impressions I get.

To do it the other way around, to me it’s seems like more of a mental thing, so create anything you consciously like that reminds you of the entity. As you continue to use that sigil over time it will become more strongly linked and easier to use. Or you can channel a new one.

Using the Rose Cross method or creating a sigil out of the artistic process of morphine the name into a sigil chaos-magik style are both used. Youtube have videos on both.


Can you create one for your shadow self?

If you want to, why not? I’m an animist, so it’s in my world view that it’s possible to contact the sentience of objects and even concepts.

I see that term as a way to refer to the collective aspects of someone’s personality that they are not proud of, that they consider dark and unacceptable. So you could even have a sigil for different parts of the self.


Satania has posted a mantra for contacting your higher self but i havent done this yet ( Shae sar nar den )


I tend to use Aprigga’s Kameas and the “pythagorean” system of numerology when I am making sigils (considering Pythagoras was greek, I highly doubt he created a system to give values to english letters. Alas, that is what it is commonly called). For your own shadow, which is a construct built by suppressed emotions and thoughts, I would probably would approach it using the Moon Kameas (as the moon was considered a symbol of the subconscious and emotional aspects of the self). Take your name, eliminate the vowels and repetitive letters, convert the letters into numbers and draw lines from each number as they are placed in the Kamea using the least amount of distance. Then you have your sigil.

This is one of many, many different ways of doing it of course.


I’m still a beginner. Can you pm me a picture or example because I’m confused on the number connecting part

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Yes, I can do that. It sounds harder on paper than it actually is. First we need the Kamea, also known as a magic square, which is found here:


Then, we need to break down the name into numbers. I will use my own name for this example and include the numerology table I mentioned. I’ve dropped the vowels and the additional 5 and 3 to help make the sigil cleaner.

This leaves us with the numbers 3, 8, 9, 3, 1, and 5.

Now, find the number 3 on the kamea and begin to draw a line to the next number of the sequence we created (which would be 8). Think of it like the Connect the Dots picture books where you draw lines to each number based on their order. When you connect the last number, it is the end of the sigil. Here is the example of the sigil being made:

If you like, you can add circles or arrows to mark the first or last number, as well as anything else you wish to make it look pleasing to you. Usually, I just free draw the sigil I just made on the Kamea onto a flash card for ritual, but you can use the initial copy if you would like, as the Kamea itself can empower it. Here is an example of a quick redraw of the sigil I just made with some added details to make it pleasing.

It is a bit more work as far as sigil making goes, but it can be powerful as you are putting more effort into making it.


That makes perfect sense. Thank you so much. And I just activate and charge it like I would a regular sigil?

Yup, pretty much.

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Stare at the sigil with a soft gaze. Meaning don’t strain your sight. Try not to blink or let your gaze wander. And after a few minutes, yes minutes, your eyes will begin to focus in on justthe sigil. Keep focusing on it. After a few more minutes the image will begin to look like an inverted photo and begin to have neon type glow and then begin to flash and dissappear and reappear.

If this is difficult. Begin with mirror gazing in a very dimly lit bathroom. Candles work great just no direct lighting. Stare at your reflection until the image begins to change. Be ready as it tends to be freaky looking. This is one way of contacting the shadow self as well. Allow time for privacy cause shit can get weird fast when doing this as it brings up aspects of the self needing to be dealt with.


One more question. It’s to my knowledge that you don’t keep repeating letters do you keep the repeating numbers?

It’s up to you really. I drop them if they are right next to eachother on the sequence (like I did with my own name with the number 5) as you would not be drawing a line anyways. It helps to keep the sigil a bit neater

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You can definitely channel a sigil for your shadow self, and VK Jehannum even has a service where he channels your shadow self’s sigil for you.

I haven’t bought it yet, but I want to. I imagine you can contact your shadow aspect without a sigil, since it’s already a part of you. Intention in meditation is key.

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