Shadow People

That’s a whole world apart from an evocation. I was off subject to begin with.

Thank you so much! Very very helpful! :heart:

All I can say is dedication to satan cutting left index finger will help

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I did this. I gazed at it for about 30 minutes. I found it hard for my eyes to stay in one place on the image. But I kept trying and almost letting my eyes de-focus as I gazed at it. As far as I can tell I did everything correctly. But my eyes did move around a little over parts of the image. I was not able to see it flashing! Man, I tried so hard!! I won’t give up.

If anyone has tips on how they focus - as I said - I just kinda gazed it became 3D effect but just not the flashing. It had one of my eyes twitching like crazy! (I don’t normally get a twitch in my eye)

It’s with the other newsletters that are all in this megathread for everything you should know about the BALG forum:

PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: Getting Started Guide, RULES, Notables, Tutorials and References

The newsletters are no longer produced but they are a small book covering al the basics all by themselves.

Edit: I don’t mean to say anyone has to read the while thing before posting: just the rules and the faqs will do you. We have some orientation for new members in there as well, and being familiar with the fact that we have tutorials and newsletters so you know there’s a resource there means you can come back to it later.

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They don’t have to stay in one place. It’s fine if they move around, but try pulling your vision back like you are looking at the reflection on a window.

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I will give that a try! In the beginning I have to admit I was extremely nervous. I’m not sure why. That’s the first time I’ve felt my heart pounding. I actually stopped. Slowed breathing with meditation. And then it seemed much better. I think it just being new to me.

Is there a normal time frame that people take to look at sigals?

Thanks once again for your help :slight_smile:

I need to look at what these are. I haven’t heard of either but will definitely be looking for threads with them. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

@Csilla i searched but didn’t see anything on elder furthank runes! Could you explain a little more? Thanks :slight_smile:

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No. Don’t rush. It will take as long as it takes. Sometimes the seal will open in a few seconds, and sometimes it could take as long as an hour. The point is to gaze at it like you would a lover, so just stay relaxed. The more you try to force it, the less likely you will succeed.


Ok! Got it!! Thank you! I will keep trying.

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May I ask you what’s your primary means of protection or defense? It’s none of business and you clearly don’t have to answer my rude questions.

It’s always nice to know that your guardian is looking out for you somehow.

The LBRP for example (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram) is part of the golden dawn system of magick for early learners.

It’s designed to familiarize oneself with the four cardinal directions, their correspondences to the archangels of their quadrants, etc or something along those lines.

You might be suited better for something else. You might also really enjoy the golden dawn system.

It’s just nice to get some sort of rapport established with your guardianship, so that you’ll always feel safe or watched over whenever engaging with foreign entities.

This daily practice might also help with developing visuals and the second sight, other dimensional hearing, so that whenever we’re looking into sigil activation, it feels more natural to use them, having gotten familiar with the acts of intonation and invocation.

There are daily exercises given in there.

Not only that but there are so many other useful tutorials for similar daily ritual and routines for developing the wisdom and the know how.

You’ll work on things like moving orbs and light structures around in the mind that will reflect as actual energy work in the long run.

It’s worth noting that I haven’t used that system in several years, save a handful of occasions, but it’s how I got started off in developing my own sort of protection and defense routines. It’s really important to know that you’re safe while practicing evocation. I’ve had my ass handed back to me on more than one occasion as well. I used to assume that what I was hearing was always the truth.

At the same time, someone with a natural gift might become very intuitive. Calling forth powers from old books is still sort of different from being a psychic channel or a medium who can talk to spirits that show up out of the blue, and for that reason might require the development of a whole new skill set, which can be loads of fun.

Either way, you’re the single mom with all those hard decisions to make. Kids come first.

For sure, the boys will always come first! I wish I could pm you. I’m not able yet. I really need to set up some kind of protection. I have done the lesser banishing ritual before. I just got the book magical protection. I’m still searching for ways to make sure safety is in place.

I get confused by this and I do know that I’ve said this before. And I’m repeating myself. I get confused with banishing and then turning around to ask for spirit help after setting up boundaries. The balance of knowing which to let in and how to do that

I know I’m at risk for all kinds of comments for saying this. And I’m far from stupid. I’m just new and learning. The person who introduced me to this won’t speak to me anymore because of I contacted someone else in this line of workings. I guess she didn’t like me not asking her. But then she also told me I needed to introduce myself to Satan. I’m completely new and didn’t do that. But I did trust her and followed her lead. Now she blocked me and I can only assume it’s because I told her I had reached out to someone else. It seems petty and ridiculous. But we know we can’t change how people are. I consider myself a very loyal friend. She kinda left me hanging after telling me to do different things. I just didn’t know better.

I would love help and guidance or mentoring on some things. It just sucks that the first person to offer to help me turned around and in 5 minutes blocked me. The only thing I said before that was “I actually contacted him to ask”. With that, she completely cut me off.

Please don’t ever feel that you are prying or being personal. I’m here to learn. I’m very open and I don’t mind being questioned. I know it’s for my best interest. So thank you for taking the time to offer advice. Feel free to pm me. I have seen many different forms of the LBR I just get confused when I should do it - before - after ?! I’m just overwhelmed with it all at the moment and trying to process it.

This black magick is something I want for me. For myself. I’ve neglected myself and finding something to do for myself for 2 years almost. This for me is an escape and a journey. It’s something I’m drawn to for some unknown reason. I used to be terrified of this kind of stuff. The fear is no longer there. Being careful, yes, of course. But the fear, no. I think after someone tries to kill you and you survive. A part of you does die. And the fear dies with that part. I know my life will never be the same. I know parts of me are still broken. I just have to try and do something different in my life. And so I turned to this. Maybe it’s not the smartest move but for the first time in a long time I feel some kind of hope. There has been so much loss and grief in my life. Even as I write this one of my extremely few friends lies in hospice dying of cancer. She has 1-3 months to live. I think maybe this is my mental escape. I feel hurt that I was left hanging. But people can be hateful. All I can do is keep moving. But yes, being a great mom will always come first. Those boys saved my life in so many ways. It is for them I live. They are my entire world.


That’s a good book if it’s the one I’m thinking about, Damon Brand was it, or someone like that?

Yes, I’m just starting to read it now. I’m hoping it will help me with many obstacles. Today was a very hard day for me.

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I spoke in a different thread about catharsis as some kind of turning point or invitation into magick for many people. I don’t want this to sound like some random motivational wall tattoo here, but maybe this grief and loss is about to transform your life in some meaningful way. I don’t say that this “should” have happened to you in order to grow “stronger” (which is bullshit, in my experience) but I also don’t think that this grief and loss will be for nothing. You clearly received some kind of call that you are starting to follow :slight_smile:


That’s a lot like an humble prediction that doesn’t want to inflate itself above common encouragement, so I commend you for this one.

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Thank you - I believe you are right. Sometimes things have to fall apart to fall into place :revolving_hearts:

Thank you - I look forward to this journey and hopefully seeing things unfold as they are meant to be.

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