Shadow People

Do a quick google search on Nordic Runes and you will find a ton of info and history on them. When you infuse your energy into them, they can be used for many different purposes, on their own or combined.

If this is something you find yourself interested in, the best place to start is familiarizing yourself with each rune - their shape, what they represent, and the properties assigned to them.

Runes work really well with my energy and tend to deliver very quickly, so I use them often in my own practice. That being said, I know others who use the same runic formulas as I do who get much more muted results and wait longer for signs they are working.

Magick is beautiful because it works differently for everyone and there are so many different ways to practice. I love your eagerness to learn and expose yourself to different paths. Just keep absorbing everything you can and I am sure you will find what works best for you very soon :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for writing this! I will definitely look more into it. And thank you for the positive energy as I try to absorb many things that I’m really excited to learn about! :revolving_hearts:

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One of my trust mentors told me once that you need specialized spirituality.

It works best when you have that comfort zone that you are tried and true with, even while you’ve gleaned from this and that over the years and even tried some things out from time to time, and experimental stuff happens as well… But you have your own specialty.

For me it’s always been vodun.

I’ve made up the cover story. I don’t like to claim I’m vodoun experienced to other people, because I’ve never been initiated into that specific rite. I’m self taught and I’ve taken a few things from BALG authors, but I’ve never had an in person initiation into the tradition of Haitian style vodou

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Like whenever I’ve claimed that I’ve studied Haitian vodou what I meant was that I’ve learned from those tradition and a few masters.

I’ve also claimed to practice santeria but I’ve never had that in person ordination either, and the same applied to umbanda, kimbanda or Palo mayombe

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Does anyone else feel that this could very well be a Slenderman sighting and could be a hazardous encounter if this were the case?

I’ve seen that same image on a Google images search, and it’s been linked with suicidal thoughts and severe bouts of rage with depressive mood swings.

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Which image are you referring to?!

Is there a “better” distance to hold a sigil at? I’m just seeing when I gaze my eyes will un focus. Then things look blurry / doubled / wonky. I’m determined to get this right. And I’m blocked on what is stopping me from the lines going away and coming back. They just don’t disappear- Also, should the image just be the image, or does the sigil require the circle around it with the spirits name? Apologies for so many questions on this topic. And thank you for the help.

Some time ago I have consulted some web pages online and according to the muslims myths and lore of those shadow beings, it seems that they are constructs made by the Djinns. The Djinns, some of those are ill will intended towards humans and like to gave em a scare. Some can be rare physical attacks, but they are rare. Is this a valid info? I don’t know, I am just quoting the Muslim myths and religious aspects of it. Seems there is a consensus among the muslims for the Djinns that are among us, doing those things.

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It doesn’t matter. You can draw it with a circle or without.

Whichever distance allows your gave to take in the entire seal. I generally hold it roughly about 3/4 of an arm’s length away.

Don’t have so many expectations. The lines won’t always disappear when you open a seal. For example, most of the time, I just feel a magnetic pull to the seal that holds my gaze and makes it hard to look away rather than seeing the lines fading in and out.

Having almost zero preconceived notions about what to expect might be better, right?