Sexually blocked?

For the first time, I am going to talk about my very personal and private problem here.Please do not crack jokes or judge.

So,i am a 26 years old female.Who is technically not a virgin anymore,because once a man broke the hymen and was inside for hardly 1-2 seconds because i started screaming.

This is not my real display picture,but i work in the film industry and people say i am an attractive woman.I do meet many men too,men who like me and respect me.When it comes to Sex,i am not able to do it.Why?

Because my body blocks it,whenever we are about to have sex.No matter how much i like the man, and believe me i have tried many men for this, tried my finger,toys,medicine, alcohol. Everything ! I also obviously meet doctors,they told me to undergo a surgery to open the walls kinda so it may not hurt then,because they say i am too tight.

Now,let me tell you,that i do not think,that this surgery is very necessary and also since i believe in the occult world and magick ( also i have had unfortunately a negative influence on me from my relatives who practice lots of magic on me, since i was a little girl). I know,that my step aunt,took my sanitary pads with my menstrual blood on it when i was 15 years old.I know,people have been doing arabic and muslim magic on me and my pictures.

I dont want to make this thread very long,so i am not going to mention the reasons why they were doing this on me,but all i know is,that those people do not want me to get married,or happy or successful in any way.So they did this magic on me.I am totally broke,so i can not afford a reading first of all and also,i am very much depressed because of my situation and also get suicidal thoughts,because Sex is obviously an important part of life and i want to experience it.I want to be happy and have a man.I am not blaming the men at all, the problem lies with me. And i want to be free.I try to manifest and keep saying to myself that i will have great sex but it doesnt seem happening.Even my love magic would never work,because i couldnt even get physical with the man i really love.

I know for sure,that certain people have “used” my body in pictures sexually for masturbating and also doing magic.

Now,my Questions…

1.I feel like,there is a sexual blockage done on me…call it karmic blocking,or past life blocking…any sort of magic or spell…how can i help myself by getting rid of that? Should i call upon a spirit? If yes,which one?I was thinking maybe Sitri…because she is very sexual but i am not sure…

2.Does anyone know how i can activate my sexual Energy and open those blockings? (i am not afraid to have sex,i like men and i want to be physical but my mind says,it will hurt,sometimes my mind is silent but my body just tightens up!!) so,these are physical sexual blockings…not even mental blockings in the head.

3.Men get attracted to me a lot,as if i was a man magnet,i like seducing stuff…lingerie,perfumes etc.but only the sex part does not work! What are your thoughts about this situation?

Oh, and another very important thing,i mostly see myself in dreams having sex with various different attractive men, also see myself pregnant too.

This is currently the biggest problem in my Life,i really hope,to get some advice here hopefully…Thank you so much.


It’s a medical problem. Follow what the doctors suggested and the problem will be solved.

Sorry I believe the doctors in this case. Your gut feeling, your opinion and your beliefs are the real block. Not any magick or curse.

At least that’s how I see it :slight_smile:


Yes there are issues when you are too tight. I also have tio tight especially worse from refusing sex for the last 9 years. The doctors can help you just as @PrinceX has replied. Other things you can do

  1. Toy wise

    Is this size


    Thi helps with building muscle strength. Im sure you know all about qi gong and yoga tai ji and hard qigong 9 breaths -look up.
    You are smart and intuitive so
    2.Besides the yoni effects of the above there is chakrs cleansing and believe me uts easier then you think a lot of things are easier we just make it complicated by choice weather consciously or not. Take 5 ot 10 mins then move on to opening then simply in meditation look at each one from Crown to Root then reverse. Look at each of the basic chakras -there are many i forget how many- after this forget about it
    After the procedure seek advice from someone such as Belial and Lilith in regards to helping you to disregard and negate anything your family has done because really they do not have the power over the autonomous person that is You. Let these Beings be your friend heal your psyche let go of the manipulation of the past

Let us know what happens :laughing:


:joy: Thank you


I am not a doctor but this sounds more like vaginismus, which is involuntary tightening and surgery is not used because it is like clenching a fist, you would not have surgery on that.

A curse could cause this, it is the female equivalent of erectile dysfunction.

I vote Hathor, she is a very loving goddess and very powerful as well:

If you cannot have a shrine visible, just use her image from this page:

Speak to her in your mind, she is a powerful goddess and can hear you.

Fantasy without touching yourself may help, imagine penetration being simple and enjoyable, try to lose yourself in the imagination of it.


Not an expert in any way on these kinds of issues but if it involves involuntary muscle movements and such I think working intensely on biofeedback exercises and specifically focusing on muscle groups through your whole body would in time give you the control to affect even involuntary muscles and very small groups that most people can’t have conscious control over.

It sounds like a lot might also be subconscious mental blocks so you might not even detect them in your mind so learning greater control over your mind and body could fix a lot of problems not just in these areas either. For example releasing the built up stress and muscle tensions in your body could clear up a lot of the mental stress and make a feedback loop for a lot of issues related to that.

As to curses and such some basic shielding will go a long ways for that and cut of a lot of the effects and energy work within your own body can burn the rest out. The fire element is good at purifying and removing such things but be sure to balance out with the water element as well.


Lady eva hit the spot on this one :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:
This sickness can be cured in just one or two sessions.
Also how are you on film industry and you can be broke,now thats a little bit fishy but whatever.


If you have been cursed then why not think of be free from what ever holding you back. I have dedicated my soul to Satan. When you do that this will make you free from what ever force ore religion holding you back to progress and develop. This in my opinion will free you from every thing that is not good. Her is info for dedicating ones soul on joyofsatan:
Making a Commitment to Satan

Had I as many souls as there be stars, I’d give them all for Mephistopheles!"
-Dr. Faustus!

*Please read the Frequently Asked Questions at the dedication.

What happens when I make a formal commitment to Satan?
Satan looks out for his own. Satan gives us an inner strength and we become very strong in spirit. Unlike right hand path religions, where adherents are forever praying and searching for their god, Satan comes to us on his own. Many times, we can feel him. He comes to guide us when we get down, worried, or are experiencing problems.

He snaps us into line and directs us as to what we need to do to be focused and happy.

The foundation of Spiritual Satanism is in our finishing Satan’s work upon humanity. This is the goal of the godhead, and is accomplished through power meditation. Humanity is currently at a very low level spiritually. When we begin to meditate, we experience profound positive changes within our lives. Satan and his Demons (The Original Gods) protect us and look out for us as we transform and achieve personal power. With Satan, we have protection that outsiders do not have. We can advance in the powers of the mind and soul as far as we wish. For outsiders, this can prove dangerous.

Satan also gives us knowledge. “I lead to the straight path without a book.”
As we transform and grow, our lives change for the better and we are much happier. We learn through Satan how to take control of our own lives and destiny instead of being at the mercy of fate. We learn to heal ourselves, and to fulfill our own desires, using the powers of our mind and soul.

In making a commitment, we engage a formal ritual. This is done out of free will. We are making a choice, as opposed to being dragged off to some Christian church, and reciting canned prayers (stolen and corrupted from Eastern mantras) in front of a bunch of idiots.

With knowledge and research, we can prove beyond all doubt that the nazarene, “jehova” and ilk are all fictitious characters, stolen from and corrupted concepts to remove all spiritual knowledge so that a “chosen” few can rule the world using powers of the mind and soul. For further information, please visit
Because so many have been forcefully indoctrinated with these characters, and what they stand for (Enemies of Satan), we renounce them permanently in the dedication ritual. This proves to be psychologically healthy and liberating.

The initiation ritual is very personal, unless you decide to have friends participate, or are doing it as part of a group.

You will need:

  • 1 or more black, blue or red candles (as many as you like)
  • A sterilized needle or razor
  • A piece of clean paper, large enough to write the prayer below
  • A dry pen, where you sign your name in blood (dip the tip of the pen in your blood) NOTE* YOU ONLY SIGN YOUR NAME IN BLOOD, NOT ANYTHING ELSE ON THE PAPER.

Write the following prayer:

Before the almighty and ineffable God Satan/Lucifer and in the presence of all Demons of Hell, who are the True and the Original gods, I, (state your full name) renounce any and all past allegiances. I renounce the false Judeo/Christian god Jehova, I renounce his vile and worthless son Jesus Christ, I renounce his foul, odious, and rotten holy spirit.

proclaim Satan Lucifer as my one and only God. I promise to recognize and honor him in all things, without reservation, desiring in return, his manifold assistance in the successful completion of my endeavors.

It is important to bathe before any rituals you perform, this is done out of respect. When you are ready, you can light the candle. Take the needle, prick the index finger of your left hand, squeeze some blood out. You can take a razor or knife to.

Sign your name in blood. I did whright my name with ink then draw it again with my own blood//Addi666

Recite the prayer either aloud or in your head

Fold the paper and let it burn in the fire of the candle. Many of us have stayed and meditated until the candle had burned itself out.

At the end of the ritual, close with the words “So mote it be.” And a Big “HAIL SATAN!!”


First of all if this is sickness? (Otherwise go to phsicologist to quite the mental blook) or Call Arc Angel Raphael he is good on healing, body and phsicology. And also President Marbas.

Meditate on there sigil’s, google can help you about it to find the sigils. And also the search function of BALG.

But if you try to find results with magick you have to be patiente and meditate or do a properly meditation, magick is not the harry potter stick that you say a conjure and things happen, and also the lust of results, thats kill magick, magick need his patient and moment, magick of reality is different then the movies.

And being in india (i remember) you got a lot of temple there one of this temple you can present your respect with a good offering, and tell there gods to help you, like ganesha, kalima, god hanuman, shiva, vishnue and more, just find the proper god about your situation, Good luck :v:.

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From what i’ve read, you’ve dealt with abuse.
Ask guidance and help from Naamah.
She’s known to work with people who’ve been through abuse, especially sexual.
I’ve had (having) the same kind of problems but in a different way.


Are you sure your ready for sex then? Try pasture raised eggs and butter to build cholesterol levels up. Typically some females just aren’t into sex that much or even interested in producing offspring, genderless feeling really. But given your case keep in mind that particular area eventually expand with sex. Maybe your partners just have to big of dicks your lusting after. I would suggest finding something that would naturally expand the area instead of a surgery to be honest as surgery always leave room for completing matters. Maybe a sex ‘toy’ or something. But I don’t know if a spell would be able to block something like that but I am new too so I may be incorrect

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It doesnt mean that you have to be filthy rich,just because you’re in the film industry.Always depends on the country,circumstances and your position.


What type of abuse?


Thank you Lady Eva, i will surely consider this.


If i would do that,you’re saying,all my problems will be solved?
I think this is hard…specially the blood part .

And thus we have the issue ^^^
Break all the Magic done against you and you will be fine.

I see that a Love spell was placed on you along with a binding.
It’s one if those,
“Let her not have sex with any other man but me” type spells.


I can’t say. But i know that every thing that is not good atached to your soul will be gone.

yes that sounds so accurate ! What do you suggest , how to break off these spells? I once heard, islamic magic can be broken through islamic magic only.


Excuse me if i’m wrong.


The amount of blood is not important. You can use a safety lancet.