The Awesomeness Of Hathor

I’ve been working heavily with Hathor recently on a number of things, and I just wanted to make a brief post to affirm her awesomeness - I have an image, a small statue, dedicated to her and it MOVES, it rotates sometimes and other times aligns so she faces due east, and this is despite the image being on a stable bookcase and not my desk or anywhere it could get vibrated.

Anyway I wanted to publicly praise her for all her help and loving friendship to me, ever since I was tiny right to this day, and suggest that anyone looking for a goddess seriously considers my Lady of True Awesomeness, who’s a friend to men and women alike.


Egyptian stuff… Maybe i must tune into it even more, since i usually see some of this in my mind.

Has anyone ever encountered the Hathors? They are supposedly interdimensional beings connected to the Goddess Hathor. I have no experience or thoughts on them, I just remember coming across a mention of them at this site a while back

Hathor Truly be Praised. And bless “Our Lady” with the very best Thou hast!

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I haven’t looked into that much, but there are Seven Hathors mentioned throughout history:

[b]The Seven Hathors[/b]

The Seven Hathors can appear as either cows or as beautiful women. The cows are usually seen in a funerary context, where they are accompanied by the sky-bull, the “Bull of the West.” In Queen Nefertari’s beautifully decorated tomb, they have the following names: Lady of the Universe, Sky-Storm, You from the Land of Silence, You from Khemmis, Red-Hair, Bright Red, and Your Name Flourishes Through Skill. They also appear in the Mythological Papyrii, where their names are Lady of the House of Jubilation, Mistresses of the West, Mistresses of the East, and Ladies of the Sacred Land, as well as in The Book of the Dead, tomb paintings and temple reliefs. Some of the depictions show them wearing a patterened “saddle-cloth,” a sun-disk, a double curved plume, and a menit necklace. Their function is to nourish and protect the deceased from harm.

In their human form, the Seven Hathors are present at the birth of a child, when they pronounce its fate. They are also called upon for help in matters of love, as well as protection from evil spirits. The power of the red hair-ribbons of the Seven Hathors is used to bind dangerous spirits and render them harmless.


There’s a nice hymn for them here, describing the wide range of Hathor’s attributes. :slight_smile:


This looks interesting. Are there any evocation stories or notes you wouldn’t mind sharing with us?

Lady Eva i want to work with goddess hathor, could you please guide me a beginning ritual for her, her enn sigil , her candles colors and offerings And what else you want to suggest for a good result with her I would really appreciate your little time n care for this Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi so can u shr sm details abt her thn plz??

She is traditionally honoured with an idol, a representation of some kind, so finding an image of her online that you like is a good start, the Egyptians valued standardised art and would have probably loved to be able to print things. :ok_hand:

Also, do some reading about her many qualities, this is a good starting place:

The first image on that page would be perfectly suitable, it;s very traditional and seen by thousands of people.

Once you have that, make her a small alter, to the west, and offer her a candle or tealight, and some water in a clean bowl or cup, she also enjoys flowers and perfume, and incense.

There’s not a specific ritual for this except to focus on her image and ask her to be present in your life, to communicate with you in ways you can understand, and then speak to her from the heart about the things you would like her help with, you can do this out loud, or silently in your mind.

Hathor is a goddess, not a demon or angel, so afaik she doesn;t have an enn.

Sigils are similarly more associated with angels and demons, but there is an intriguing new method posted here that may help:

She likes turquoise and teal, gold, rich reds and other gem colours, as well as gold, and for incense, frankincense and sandalwood, and rose.

Be honest and also respectful, she sees what’s in your heart so there is no need to try to fake anything or put on a mask but at the same time, she is one of the oldest goddesses we know of and is immensely wise and powerful.

I was literally typing this and checking what I had on my desktop when you replied again. :man_shrugging:


Thanks so mch it’s all great :):sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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To your knowledge, seeing Hathor is wise and ancient, what would it Be like to work with her “dark side »? Any suggestions here?

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Yes, try reading up on Sekhmet, she has also an aspect that works with the dead (different kind of dark). :+1:

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Has she had any other masks throughout time?

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I heard on tv that an egyptian statue rotates 360°, breaking the laws of science. This is awesome

That’s awesome!!!