Set (seth)

Hi Everyone, thank you for reading my post.

I’ve perused all of EA’s videos online, and even scoured this forum, yet I have found nothing on the topic of the Egyptian Deity SET (SETH).

I’m interested in learning more about this Deity and what it’s connections are to the other ones that so many of you are invoking, channeling, etc.

Please excuse my ignorance on this topic – perhaps I have missed something altogether.


Hello there,

I’m working with an Aspect of Him and I’m a very close connection with this Dety (We had excellent and fast results), but ready to dive in deep.

You should use the :mag: option besides starting a post, because I’m sure that there are some persons who already wrote their experiences about Him.

What I can also recommend that use the Google, and try to read about Him from several sites, or try to watch videos. Of course you can meet bullshits, but all of us know that this is something what we can not avoid perfectly.

And before you would start posting again, please do your introduction here:

Because this is a serious rule here. :wine_glass:

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Welcome. Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

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Maybe this discussion is one of many good starting points


If the topic is really about Set, let me ask about something (myth).

It is really possible that a God/Spirit being infertile? :thinking:

@DarkestKnight It couldn’t have happened. :see_no_evil:


The funny thing with Set is, he was kinda reaching out to me, but when i channeled him, i gained visions from him somwhere at the edge of the universe with his back towards us, face towards the blackness.

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Why not?
Depending on which part of the mythology you read he was infertile because of his connections to the desserts or he only had one testicle but was still able to father Anubis.
The Egyptians saw their gods as very much like themselves with human flaws so it doesn’t surprise me.

Maybe he’d have more to say himself? I know he’ll say one thing to me but could very well say something different to you lol, that’s just his nature :sweat_smile:

How I know Set isn’t the real Father of Anubis. :thinking:

Like I said it’s just one of the myths, not really the major focus of my post lol.
Egyptian mythology contradicts itself a lot. Thoth is born from cabbage in Set’s stomach or he was of the first four created.
It’s all over the place lol but they have their own answers for things.

Set’s being infertile was an important part of his mythology but I don’t personally think he is. It ties into an aspect of him just like the whole Mother aspect of a Goddess, it is a representation.

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Agreed. I think the whole reason that came about was because of the feud between Horus and Set.

Ancient Egypt greatly valued family, so anyone being infertile was devastating, even by today’s standards. So when the Cult of Horus won the feud, they changed it so that Set was infertile.

I use to work with him but it’s hard to get any research based information off him so experience is better, mainly because the cult of Osiris has long since reconstructed/destroyed Set’s “true” history, atleast by human terms. His cult predated Osiris’s along with Horus. However, later down the road Set was given a more negative role. He was if I remember correctly a God of storms, the primordial chaos, and not really infertile given he’s a god, he can’t really be infertile. Especially given he has been said to have many children.


And of course He’ll have more. :wink:

Anyway yes, you are right. Sometimes if we can’t find enough informations about a Deity, we have take our own hand the case, but based on my experiences not everyone prefer this.

People saw these as a bad things, but be honest, in the Spirit world “good” and “evil” doesn’t really have any meaning, just like moral. These are things created by humans.

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That’s for sure, I’ll never understand why it makes your experience way more solidified when you experience for yourself without prior research that could alter what you experience.

Oh I agree for sure, Egypt never saw it as evil but a necessary thing that later on was changed due to political issues

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