Hey all,

Anyone know any ways to evoke Set(h), the Egyptian God of Evil and Chaos?

Any answers appreciated.



Look into his hieroglyphic name and symbols. Those make excellent sigils.


I agree with Fratermagni
But this book will give you more information


Eventually, a magician should be able to move beyond the stage of needing sigils for evocation.

Just get into the TGS and intone his name over and over until your feel his presence in the room or he makes his presence known to your through communication, touch, or some other activation of your senses.

Since my earliest evocations of Raphael in 2015, I haven’t been using sigils for evocation.


I all honesty, I have never knowingly used sigils myself.

I’ve never been in the TGS to my knowledge, yet I still seem to get results. Makes me wonder if I do drop into it on some level then.

@KingOfHearts616 if you do chose to use a sigil, might I sugest useing papyrus paper, It can be found a any quality art store, to my knowledge.


Koetting calls it the Theta-Gamma Sync, but it is what makes magic work, it has dozens of others names in different magical systems. But, it’s the state of mind that causes magic to truly manifest in the world. So, you’ve been in it if you’ve done any magic, whether you call it the Theta-Gamma Sync or not.


Ah ok, I get what you are saying.:slight_smile::+1:


I evoke Set using a statue of him, i’ve found it makes the connection with him easier and more permanent.

Here’s a sigil he gave me if you want to use it.

Or you can use this one.

I’ve been told by several entities that symbol is not just for Lucifer, and can be used as a gateway to many spirits who hold the title Adversary. But that’s a UPG.

As far as incantations or Enns, any standard will do to summon Set i think, but stay away for things that use hebrew or angelic…Set’s not very friendly with most RHP stuff. I started with a modified version of “Tasa reme laris Satan” i got a response with it but stopped using it when i heard whispering coming from everywhere that ended in a scream that left my ears ringing for two hours and it was “NUN SA BA SET!” (Gibberish maybe, but if that’s what he wanted me to use i’m not going to argue with him) Set manifests quickly when i use it also puts me deep in TGS in seconds. Been able to make it storm with it too along with other things so that’s cool.

If you just want to work with Set alone you can forgo most Preparatory Immersion in egyptian mythology, (Set’s not really a traditionalist) and don’t want to use anything in these posts all you really need is a black or red candle start calling his name then when you feel his presence blow out the candle and he’ll be there in the darkness with you. South is always a good direction to face when summoning him, all though if i don’t use the idol Set shows up in corners or behind me, That’s all i think, other then saying once you call him expect things in your life to get a lot weirder. :smiling_imp: