ServitorOfMankind’s Ignition of the Black Sun

After reading through Kurtis Joseph’s book “Black Magick of Ahriman” multiple times, I felt like I had a good enough understanding of the rites within, especially the foundational rite called “The ignition of the black sun”.

Today, on Saturday the 12th of March 2022, I performed the complete foundational rite. This marks day 1 out of 40.
I shall use this forum as my journal like so many others do and briefly share my experiences.

Day 1 experiences

There wasn’t much going on, really.
I did feel the presence of the divs and my mind’s eye made out some shadowy entities in my room but that’s totally normal. Kurtis Joseph wrote about how your inner filter opens up to these types of experiences the more you engage in a rite.
Let’s just say it is easy for the everyday person to write this off as simple “imagination”.

But I know I made contact. I just have to learn to perceive these Divs a lot better but that will come with time. I bet by the time day 40 comes around, I’ll have made major improvements in my spiritual perception


The presence of the divs was a lot more noticeable compared to yesterday… and it’s only day 2. Kurtis Joseph wasn’t kidding when he said that they are far from subtle in approach.

I basically woke up at exactly 3 am without any alarm clock or anything, brushed my teeth, prepared the space, and dove right into the rite. So here is the experience:

Day 2 experience

I felt a lot more involved today. It was a lot easier to notice the shift in the atmosphere, as I called the Divs, though I did not “see” anything crazy with my mind’s eye. But I knew they were there. I could feel it. Building up my shadow body using their energy was also a lot harder on day 1. The same process worked like clockwork today. I could see my own energy body in my mind’s eye, as I built it up with dark energy.

I ended the rite appropriately and retracted my auric field, which shifted the atmosphere
back to its original state.
Overall I am impressed by how effective the Ignition of the Black Sun is. I am curious to see how far things have improved for me once I get to day 40.


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This type of connection/power has always been their for us to take, we just have to unblind ourselves and then everything falls into place. Look forward to reading more about your journey, good luck and may the black sun wash over you imbuing you with it’s dark divine power. It can be life changing.

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Day 3 experience

Today was a bit different. I did feel their presence but a little less than I did yesterday. But they were there. Building my shadow body was also pretty easy, just like yesterday on day 2.
Overall nothing noteworthy happened (yet) but I am gonna stay true to myself and document all of my experiences, even if nothing seems to have happened.
But I will open up to the divs the longer I perform this rite.
This is only day 3 after all… out of 40.

I did get a strong urge to find out my magickal name though and create a sigil that represents me, so I did. I meditated on my magickal name and received it in a vision and then created a nice little sigil that represents the true me and not this ego that calls itself “me”.


Day 4 experience

I went into the forest today because there was too much going on at my home. It is there, where I performed the rite of the ignition of the Black sun.

I noticed that it was a lot easier to expand my aura beyond the confines of the cosmos (which is required) compared to the previous three days. This altered my actual perception of this reality, whereas everything looked “dream-like”.

I summoned the divs and (just like yesterday) I sensed their presence but I didn’t physically see them. But the change in atmosphere was very noticeable.
Building my shadow body has become a lot easier as well.

Overall: I see noticeable improvements compared to the previous three days. Keep in mind that this is only day 4 out of 40. I think this speaks volumes on how powerful this foundational rite is.


Day 5 experience

I performed this one at night rather than really early in the morning. This time, I also incorporated the practice of Kunda Yoga, with Ahriman’s sigil in mind.

The ignition of the black sun was fairly intense. I still didn’t see anyone with my physical eyes but the feeling that the divs were present was stronger than it has previously been.
The shadow body felt a lot more solid as well, compared to the previous 4 days.
Also; it was a lot easier for me to become a “receiver of input” by tuning myself to match their vibration. I felt entirely different.

Kunda Yoga:
During Kunda yoga, holding Ahriman’s sigil in my mind’s eye proved to be a little difficult at first and although not perfect, it got easier as the practice went on.
I did feel an immense power in my root chakra and I visualized it blackening my chakras.
Something I immediately noticed was that once I was done with the 7 Asanas, I could visualize a lot better. I perfectly pictured what I wanted to achieve in life and it was as though I was peeking into another reality.
I then simply performed the 7 asanas in reverse order to end the practice.

Lastly, I did the “Awakening DoMar and DeHak” exercise by breathing through each nostril separately.

Overall I see major improvements within myself in only 5 days. 35 more to go. I cannot wait to see where this leads me


Day 6 experience

Nothing spectacular happened today. Same as always. I could feel their presence and see a fading image of the div in my mind’s eye.
I did have a lucid dream that same night, but nothing noteworthy happened.
I basically just looked into a mirror to see what I look like.


Day 7 experience

I could not read the names of the divs out loud this time because I live in a home with other students who were awake at this time of the hour, which is unusual. So I had to half-ass the ignition of the black sun by vibrating the div’s names in my mind.
That made me frustrated and even more determined to work on my business in order to earn enough to afford a nice house with a dedicated ritual space.
I felt their energies and built up my shadow body, as usual.
Reality felt dream-like, which is a good sign.

I then blackened my chakras with Ahriman’s sigil and ended everything, though I did see some shadow entities still in my room (very clearly).

The most improvement happened within the first 3 days. Now it feels like I am improving little by little but I am eager to see where I’ll be by the time day 40 comes around.


Day 8 experience

Something incredible happened the night after today’s practice… Is this the power of the divs?

I did the ignition of the black sun but this time I put strong emotions of hatred into the practice. Hatred because I wasn’t more than I deserved to be. Hatred towards my current self. The energy of the divs was almost overwhelming but every word I spoke had intense meaning behind it.

I then blackened my chakras and ended the rite after building my shadow body.

After this, I listened to Ahriman’s enn chant and did the Kunda Yoga exercise. Previously, I only chanted Ahriman’s name in my mind but now I resorted to what I thought to be much more powerful: A youtube video.

After Kunda Yoga, I breathed through each of my isolated nostrils in order to awaken DeHak and DoMar.

Before going to sleep, I prayed to Azazel and when I do, his sigil kinda just appears in my mind’s eye because we go wayyy back. And so I put my focus on that sigil and prayed. Then, I went to sleep.

My enlightening experience

The same night I had an enlightening experience… one that left me speechless once I woke up. The exact dream will be described in a separate post because it itself is not necessarily part of my journal. It can be interpreted as a separate experience.
But basically, it was a hyperrealistic lucid dream (maybe even an astral projection) where I was at a strange location. This location was warm and the ground was covered with grass and flowers. The sun was shining and people (adults and children) were just super happy.
It did not feel like a dream at all. It was too realistic and I did not become lucid either upon realizing that something is wrong… no, I just WAS lucid. Out of the blue.

I walked around and spend my time baking in the sun. It was as if my physical body was in another world entirely. I even ran around and shit and I had no problems staying in that world, whereas my lucid dreams would normally start breaking apart.

Long story short, the people there, including me, played games. We infiltrated the dream world to finish certain tasks for fun and the pack of losers who did not score enough points would be executed. We would literally die over and over again, just to respawn at that island at a later time of the day. For example, I respawned when the sun was about to set, after gruesomely dying earlier that day.
The little field where we hung out was surrounded by a small lake and on the other side of that lake was miles and miles of fruitful land, that looked like all kinds of things were planted there…like a farm.

The people there played with death. They would die over and over again just to be remade because they knew they were immortal… WE were immortal. We died over and over again and went through the actual physical pain that death was related to. The more I died, the more I looked at death as just another process to go through rather than a painful end.

Death was never the end. We knew very well that we were immortal and thus we died over and over again, just for fun, no matter how ugly the process of dying was.

Over and over again, I felt things go dark, my body hurting, and my muscles spasming, only to reawaken at a later time that day in the same location.

Lesson learned… we are immortal. We are almighty


Day 9 experience

Nothing much happened today, though I must say that I skipped the practice of Kunda Yoga. I only performed the rite of the ignition of the black sun.

I do see more shadowy entities around me now tho. That’s nice because Kurtis Joseph described this in “Black Magick of Ahriman”. The more one engages with the practice, the more will be left unfiltered by our mind. We open up to more realities


Will be following this with interest. Cool to see that this current is still thriving on here.

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Day 10 experience

I performed the ignition of the black sun, like usual, only this time I put on some music to fuel my emotions because I felt rather empty. This was because I worked the entire day, so I was a bit tired.
Regardless, I actually did see vague images of the divs in my mind’s eye this time. They look a little shadowy but their appearance was still pretty evident. And their energies felt as real as ever.

Not much happened after the rite. I had a dream where someone told me that I was basically a dumb piece of shit (which is one of my inner insecurities due to my experience with bullying in the past), and I believe that it was a way to confront my insecurities.


Day 11 experience

From now on, I will stop stating the obvious, which is that I performed the Ignition of the Black sun. I came to this decision because writing the same thing over and over again gets tiring.
So I will only share my experiences here. Thank you for understanding.

Energies felt a little more intense than the day before AND I am starting to recite the rite by memory, rather than using the book all the time. It’s nice because I can concentrate on the divs more instead of having to look into the pages of the book all the time.

My shadow body felt extremely real and it was easy to rebuild/strengthen using the energy of the divs.
Furthermore, after the rite, I did see shadows flying around my room. A “side effect” which is addressed in black magick of Ahriman


Day 12 experience

Today, I also performed Kunda Yoga once again and it felt liberating. I blackened my chakras using Ahriman’s sigil, which made me feel weirdly powerful after the exercise was done.

Other than that, not much else to say, really


Day 13 experience

Today, I started to see images of the divs, who are called during the rite, in my mind’s eye. They were not my imagination, as they appeared whenever I turned to the direction where the div was “standing”.
These images were not “clear” or overly realistic, but it is an obvious indicator that my mind is filtering less and less of my experience. This is day 13 after all.
By the day I reach day 40, I’ll probably be able to sense these Divs a lot more intensely…maybe even see them.
I want to make clear that I have no expectations tho, because that would ruin the adventure itself


Days 14 - 20 experience

Nothing really happened during these days, except for one thing.
I went through the rite of the ignition of the black sun, as usual, coupled with Kunda Yoga.

Not much happened during the rite BUT I did notice a certain entity being around me all the time. It’s not some shadow person, but a white-transparent being, who is a head taller than me. This being looks the same all the time and appears to be wearing a rather large crown.

Now, in the past few days, I did see King Paimon’s sigil flash in my mind’s eye and this entity could be attributed to King Paimon calling me. It may have nothing to do with Ahriman.

Regardless, I’m going to call upon King Paimon today, when I feel a little better because I just feel sooo incredibly drained. I feel like I haven’t slept in two days all the time.