Sending message back in time

Would be indebted for any direction or suggestions to send message back 5 years or so to my earlier self I completely believe it to be possible and beef done many times before.
I noticed an earlier reference from lady_eva where she mentioned that she had success here but would not discuss further details
I had hoped the purpose of this forum in particular was to discuss and offer help or guidance to others
For my part if I had knowledge of such things I would certainly show compassion if the intent was genuine and pure

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Something like this?

It is possible to send a message to your earlier self because it is a part of your consciousness, and your consciousness is not bound by time.



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Appreciate but how to do?
I noted a previous post on the same subject to which you had replied to re Space/Time Magick’ by Taylor Ellwood.
I wonder if a consult with EA would help with this quest

Past, Present, Future happens simultaneously, it depends on the point of view of the observer.

Want to send a message to yourself to make a change in the present moment? IT can be done, but prepare for uncharted territory in the body.
After the message and intentions sent, there will be an amnesia like feeling.

It can be done by projecting into the Akasha, the 5th angle of the body. And for best results you must awaken first, conquer your hell/1st angle os the body. Otherwise atrocious results can happen.

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The issue is if you send a message back to your past self, there are two possible outcomes assuming the message is received:

The first possible outcome is that your past self gets the message, then the timeline forks off into a different future.

The second possible outcome is that you already got the message and it didn’t change your current situation.


I could write an entire book on why this guy should not be playing around the past. Everybody here knows that it’s possible to take glimpses at the past, travel backwards and forwards and time in the Astrals and Via Soul travel, whatever you do, do not interfere with the past, just don’t do it. I’ll leave it at that.


Why travel back in time? You’re not going to influence your history or the present in any way.

I entirely disagree and is your option based on personal experience or pure conjecture

Appreciate the information but I am already deep down a narrow rabbit hole and not for turning round

Let’s say this IS possible and you give yourself the information. Your past self will not do anything differently that will influence the present-future. Neither are you going to undo anything because magical time travel is not the same as actual time travel or manipulation.

Magical time travel seems like you’re only exploring your own perception of time (history), while actual time travel will more so involve exploring the collective timeline which we currently don’t have access to.

This isn’t to discourage you. What you can expect from passing on that information to your former self is new perspectives and possibilities, but not actually physically manipulating events.

Edit: Also, notice how you’re only getting sketchy details about people’s supposed time traveling experiences.

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I kind of mentioned this in another thread, but I’ll put it here just to add to the discussion in more detail.

I had a “dream” experience in which my future self visited me in my room. He had on a black robe, and I stared at him, realizing it really was my future self. At one point, I was emotional due to the experience. He said “why are you crying?”, waved his hand, and immediately, my emotions were completely gone.

That experience did a few things for me:

  1. Confirmed for me that time manipulation is indeed a thing.
  2. Confirmed for me that I will reach my goals in this lifetime.
  3. Gave me (and continues to give me) motivation and encouragement whenever I feel down.

I also had an experience where I traveled to see my future self.

Time manipulation, at least in my experience and belief is indeed possible. I think the line gets drawn when thinking about what impact such things might have on our timeline. As others have said, all is now. That means that the future in all its permutations is happening “now”. I’m not going to assume I know how this whole thing works, but my humbly ignorant guess is that time manipulation works much in the same way as our usual manipulation of the world around us by exertion of will.

The success rate of the time manipulation (and remaining within the same timeline) is dependent on how close to the original possible futures you start with. So for example, I am committed to my Path. Me receiving a message from my future self would help me stick to it, but it isn’t much of a stretch to assume that I would still reach my goals regardless. Thus, a message from my future self doesn’t cause too much of a variance in the possible future most likely for this timeline we all are experiencing right now.

Now, if you were to go and do something like try and stop your parents from meeting in the past, I would say you would more than likely succeed, but it’s impossible to determine the outcome given our level of knowledge concerning time. You might be able to wake up in an alternate timeline with a new life, or you may have just effectively removed yourself from your anchor to the physical world… Quien sabe. :man_shrugging:

I do hope the details of my own experiences aren’t too sketchy, @anon80443026 :laughing::wink:

@veneficus That’s still sketchy, dammit. It’s just a highly detailed kind of sketch so I don’t know how to feel to about it yet. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Gawd dammit, nothing I do is ever good enough for you! :joy:

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I have done this on at least one occasion. A few years ago under an extreme MDMA dosage I was able to send a message to my childhood self. I was around 30 years old. It’s very difficult to explain but I’ll try. While watching TV I came across an old early 90s episode of American gladiators when Deja Vu set in and I realized I had seen the episode as a child. I focused. I wouldn’t say hard because it wasn’t difficult but I was able to focus so intensely on the memory that I literally found myself in my childhood mind. I was actually there and was sharing my mind with myself I was able to briefly talk to my self. I haven’t thought about this in depth for a few years so I can’t remember exactly what I told myself but do know that I have remembered what I said before it’s just that right at this moment I can’t exactly remember what I said. After coming out of what I can only describe as a trance and being back in the present moment and reflecting I vividly remembered the event happening as a child

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