"Time Travel From Ancient Mythology to Modern Science" ~ Article

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That site’s got some cool stuff, this is also worth a read:


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While I’m on a weird science trip, this article from the same site about doppelgangers introduced me to something I’d never heard of before, the Vardøger. From Wikipedia:

The vardøger, vardøgr or varsel is a spirit predecessor, from Scandinavian folklore. Stories typically include instances that are nearly déjà vu in substance, but in reverse, where a spirit with the subject's footsteps, voice, scent, or appearance and overall demeanor precedes them in a location or activity, resulting in witnesses believing they've seen or heard the actual person before the person physically arrives. This bears a subtle difference from a doppelgänger, with a less sinister connotation. It has been likened to being a phantom double, or form of bilocation.

The word vardøger is probably from Norse *varðhygi, consisting of the elements vǫrð, “guard, watchman” (akin to “warden”) and hugr, “mind” or “soul”. Originally, vardøger was considered a fylgja, a sort of guardian spirit. In Finland the concept is known as etiäinen.

The links off that page are also interesting, especially this one: http://www.scientificexploration.org/journal/jse_16_4_leiter.pdf - in that, the author describes the phenoman being reported to have happened to him, and the state of mind he was in when it did - the borderline trance state of driving a very familiar route home from work down a freeway.

A couple of people told me they saw me at different locations when I was young, between ages about 12 - 17, places I definitely wasn’t in - has that kind of thing happened to anyone else here?

Yeah, if this can include dreaming I was doing something, and being “seen” doing it somewhere around the same time. Or doing something, and being seen to do it in some peoples’ dreams. -Or- being seen by sober people to be completely comatose at a certain time and place after copious amounts of absinthe, but sharing identical recollections with my fellow absinthe-drinkers of things said and done at the same time and place, including both the actions and words of the sober people, and our own actions and conversation.

I can’t even begin to have a sane-sounding theory.

That reminds me of the threads on here about evoking living people… calling forth something that can exist, seperate from but in most ways alike to that person, and which they’ll have some memory of afterwards.

Your guess is at least as good as mine. 0.o

Robert Bruce has said that his astral double which he refers to as ‘Astral Bob’ has acted independently of him and many people have interacted with Astral Bob without Robert being aware of it because he was consciously awake and not actively projecting at the time. Makes for interesting possibilities.

Interesting for sure. On a related note, working with the “Darkness” from the early WoD exercises has set a goal in my sights of exploring the potential of my physical shadow as a semi-independent agent to gallivant about at my behest. Still haven’t worked out the particulars or ultimate desirability, but things like this really make you wonder just how much there is to us as coherent creatures.