Seriously Questioning Horror Movies

The more we (me & my old man) started to dissect popular culture, the more it became like picking apart a nicely frosted cake that was actually full of maggots. This isn’t a new experience, and you either get what I’m talking about or don’t, it’s a personal thing as well regarding what you see as genuine progress and evolution, and what’s just being set up to fuck with people.

But recently I found myself going beyond a kind of disgusted weariness at the increasingly predictable messages, and getting really positvely angry - at horror movies.

The jump-cut, everything is freaky, “don’t mess with powers you don’t understand” filth that tells us to FEAR our own dead (The Other Side Of The Door being the most recent experience I had with this absurd idea) and - of course - that any spirits except the zombie carpenter and his sky daddy are “evil” and out to getcha.

I’ve gone from watching this stuff as a kid, where I have to admit I usually found it inspiring and life-affirming insofar as it acknowledged the unseen realities and spirit beings I also knew existed, but kept privately in my own secret world, to mildly amusing, when I took the side of the spirit or demon (like the entity in Paranormal Activity, who was about 100x more likeable than the dickhead boyfriend) - to positively shocked at the propaganda they conceal behind their appeal to primal senses.

So, I’m starting to think they’re no better than the kind of porn that exists only to drag people deeper into such extreme and debased stuff, that it eventually replaces any kind of meaningful sex you could have with a normal human, especially one you love.

That, too, triggers various primal responses accessed through imagery, and through the “what wires together, fires together” process, has been effective in locking out a lot of people from being able to relate romantically & sexually to other humans in real life.

Do horror movies exist as part of this same sick brainwashing?

I’m beginning to think so - when I read someone overnight on here in a thread simultaneously yearning to be able to perform magick - and yet afraid of spirits? What’s up with, not that individual, but the society we have, where this is something we almost all experience in some way?

And I’m not talking about doing genuinely scary stuff, like engaging in conflict or working with other specific things that could actually harm you, but in general.

WE are spirits - embodied, manifest, and usually far more of a danger (other people and ourselves) than any ghost, demon, or hellbat or whatever.

What if all this is not just cheap-thrills bullshit (which most of us know who have had help from demons and good relationships with the dead) but actually a massive cackling dump of mind-poison?

The modern equivalent of all the crap in Leviticus and other Bible verses that rail against people doing exactly what we do?

Hollyweird and its subsidiaries, satellites & wannabes have set out on a campaign to totally deconstruct society and all forms of commonsense, from their very beginnings but escalating since the end of WW2, and yet this one injunction from ye olden days, they’ve not only left intact, but have reinforced with greater and greater amound of technological/psychological skill at creating fear - of the spiritual presences around us all the time.

Which is all really just our heritage, our birthright, our ancestors and ancestral gods, and most of all - being, not mere meat puppets - who and what we really are - spirits clothed in manifest flesh, equal parts infernal and divine in nature, and in no way less a “spirit” than any god, demon, or wraith.

I’m thinking, this is seriously screwed up, and then I’m thinking a lot of others things lot less pleasant than that!

Thoughts, anyone?

(And yeah, I know, get me and my “#notallspirits” activism, and there have always been ghost stories, stories of wandering demons since long before the monotheistic mania struck, but the amount of supernatural thrillers being churned out annually seems way out of proportion to me.)


As a person who has watched countless horror movies over the years, starting at a very young age, I feel the need to share my view on the matter (to be honest, I was hoping someone would start a horror movie thread lol). At this point I believe I have watched almost every piece of crap Hollywood has thrown at my face, but also a lot of European films. Seriously I was watching the Omen and the Exorcist when every other kid was watching pokemon or some shit. Anyway, I can totally get what you are talking about Lady Eva, but I have to disagree.

Personally, I don’t believe that movie producers or script-writers are conspiring to keep people blind to the reality of spirits. Thanks to the church they already are blind from a very young age and the fact that very, VERY few people feel the need to question anything around them, entirely diminishes the need for such a conspiracy. In my opinion, producers are just making sure that they choose scripts that will appeal to the average non-occult educated audience and of course they take every precaution necessary to avoid any censorship trouble.

I mean, why would someone risk getting his movie banned, just to show a different perspective about demons or whatever type of spirit. The vast majority of the audience would just consider it bullshit anyway, because in their minds there is no question that any spirit that isn’t an angel of a cute little tooth fairy is absolutely evil. There is nothing harder than convincing someone that he or she is wrong. Even if they see the logic in what you say, they’ll still probably refuse it to feed their ego.

Also, honestly the whole evil demon/ ghost thing sells like crazy. I mean, how many times have we all seen something like the conjuring or something like that? It’s the same script over and over again like a damned loop from hell and they still sell tickets like crazy. So, I believe they are just giving people what they want to see, that’s all.

It would be very cool to watch a movie that shares a different view on the matter, but in all honesty I highly doubt that something like that is even possible in today’s society. Except if they do to demonic spirits what they did to vampires in movies like the twilight series. I hope they don’t though, because that would make me puke from my eyes. I would prefer a 100% evil demon than a sparkly-skin, emo demon any day.

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I understand fully where you are coming from. Anything and everything mainstream is corrupted, and this especially applies to emotionally evocative mediums such as art and entertainment. Movies are among the absolute worst of culprits for having subtle toxic messages in them. Art and to a greater extent, entertainment, is just an arm of propaganda for certain people. Propaganda isnt inherently bad, but it can be used for evil, which in the entertainment industry, it is. It pushes political views quite forcibly among other things, specifically the poisonous neo-lib views that are now, thankfully, on the decline in terms of preference in the collective unconscious.

What if all this is not just cheap-thrills bullshit (which most of us know who have had help from demons and good relationships with the dead) but actually a massive cackling dump of mind-poison?

Thats exactly what it is. All entertainment that comes from politically affiliated sources (hollywood is a bastion of unrealistic neo-lib idealism, and actors essentially cannot even get work unless they are die-hard libtards willing to scream their allegiances from the roof tops) is going to have propaganda in it in some strong fashion that goes way beyond just a single persons (the writer of the piece) personal views about stuff that may or may not be politically charged, deliberately or not.

I dont go to movies or watch TV any more. Going on 4 years or so now. Dont miss either of them at all.

If a really good movie does come out that isnt overloaded with propaganda, Ill catch it on the internet for free =p Inception was a great recent movie IMO, and Oblivion was pretty good too.

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I can really relate to this. I generally loved watching ghost adventures especially the episodes where they go to transylvania and places like that. But Ive gotten so aggravated with Zac Baggins calling and blaming eeverything on demons til im so disgusted i cant even watch the show anymore. Every single episode is hyped up by selling it off as…some major viscous demonic attack…sorry i call bullshit!!
There are a number of different things that could be causing that phenomenon. Or it could even be faked.
I know spirits and ghosts and demons exsist. I just think demons have better and more important things than scratching ghost hunters to do.
Ive yet to be attacked by a demon. …
Then it could also be a respect thing. Im pretty sure if call out certain demons with an im gonna kick your ass attitude you will most definitely get yours handed to ya.
But anyway thas my peave stop using demons to sell your show.

I just gotta say it…" aint no demon got time for that!!" …bahaha… :wink:

Interesting points, thanks!

Agreed - I was also aware when typing (though couldn;t figure out how to work in) that the fundie Xians of this world rail against these movies as satanic, as presenting great power as belonging to “the devil” and therefore harmful…

It’s a bit of a weave of different factors, and I know I wouldn’t have had anything at all to support my experiences with magick at a young age without my dad’s old Wheatley paperbacks, and old Pan horrors, and Hammer horror movies!

Food for thought, thanks folks! :slight_smile:

You should like my movie, in it the demons are the heroes and the sadistic humans who run the cult are the antagonist the cult represents organized religion and the characters are the rebellious force of change. So I think I did what you guys are saying you doubt is possible, but I also think the message is not being recognized since I have yet to hear back one word from Jason Blum. Oh well perhaps he just hasn’t got around to it. Or my movie night be going against everything they want which is dropping the victim mentality and become master of your life.

A New Day explained. This is what I sent as a description of the meaning in my film to a friend who is giving it a read right now. Just to clear things up the cult represents organized religion and the followers display it’s destructive nature. The requests they make for self sacrifice to the religion. The hell world represents the subconscious mind and the adventure that happens is the transformation one undergoes in self realization. The combat represents the aspects of ourself that we discard or aquire and the struggling to reach ones potential. The transformation is one of the powerless victim who comes to realize that he never was a victim but master of his universe the whole time and he just needed to become aware of it and it was through his trials that he comes to this realization.

some of my favoriate movies are movies that have occultism and occult themes.
like Angel Heart,The Serpent And The Rainbow,The Skeleton Key,The Last Exorcism 2. James Wan is a great director and writer. i see some people complain about nothing.i see a continuing trend of people who belive that they own the rights to anything to do with the occult and it has to be the way they say.its sad i see leaders of witchcraft that try to take out the spiritual and supernatural belifes of occultism and replace it with science and humanism.instead of calling spirits by their name they try to be more scientific and call it energies.i often see ridiculous jos theories flooding koettings site with people whining that demons and satan have been falsely represented.this is the lunacy of religon.ive gotten so tired of christian cults and satanic cults that ive just decided to try and stay away from forums that are freindly to deep religous extremes.i havent been on this forum for awhile but i can see by the posts people are making about how demons are wrongly portrayed that the jos people are on the forum again.i dont think anyone knows every demon and ive read stories of sinister happenings from evoking goetia spirits.if anything it makes it more exciting.there is jesuit catholics that practice conjuring and evoking spirits.who says that you have to belive in what they say or your a fake.

The appeal of the forbidden is often very strong, and if that works for you and boosts your magick, go to it!

Skeleton Key is one of my faves, so atmospheric, I’d love to spend some time in that kind of location and all the totally exotic plants, vines, and trees, so unlike England.

AdamThoth, that sounds really neat, I didn’t want to commit to the focus group because I was too busy and didn’t want to let you down. but I’m a bit sad to have missed out now. :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:9, topic:8773”]The appeal of the forbidden is often very strong, and if that works for you and boosts your magick, go to it!

Skeleton Key is one of my faves, so atmospheric, I’d love to spend some time in that kind of location and all the totally exotic plants, vines, and trees, so unlike England.

AdamThoth, that sounds really neat, I didn’t want to commit to the focus group because I was too busy and didn’t want to let you down. but I’m a bit sad to have missed out now. :P[/quote]
I loved the skeleton key too!!

Angel Heart with Robert Deniro is one of the best occult movies. im also a fan of the creepy 60s and 1970s seance occultish type flicks

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I think some black magicians even perpetuate this to some degree. For example, on the one hand E.A. says that you must view spirits as somewhat like your equals and not be afraid of them. But in his Azi Dehaka (sp?) video, he says that he got the tables turned on him in a very bad way and permanently harmed him in some way.

One of the exceptions to the rule to me is The Wicker Man (the original 1973 British movie with Christopher Lee NOT the crappy 21st century American remake with Nicholas Cage). The average BALG participant would probably see it as more of a feel good pagan celebration than a horror movie. That was how I felt about it after watching it anyway.

Is that the tellitubby baby as your pic? Iaminside.

Yes. I am now a giggly baby full of sunshine.

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Yes. I am now a giggly baby full of sunshine.

Hell yeah! Thats what Im talkin bout!

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Back to the topic of horror movies, I see no reason why a film director could do an original story about a Satanist calling on a demon to defend themselves, without being betrayed.

If we have horror movies like Antichrist (2009) (which is surprisingly not about the antichrist) where in one scene the female lead repeatedly hits the male leads penis which causes him to ejaculate blood; then we can do an original take on demons in cinema. If we can have Would You Rather? (2011) where a woman goes to a gruesome night filled with torture porn to win money for her younger brother’s cancer bills; including, but not limited to, a man holding a grenade while it explodes, an elderly woman dying after being stabbed in the leg, and a man having to cut his eye open with a razor blade; only to come home and find her brother dead from forgetting to take his pills; we can have an original take on demons in cinema. If we can have not one, but two The Human Centipedes, then we can have an original take on demons.

Horror, good horror, is all about pushing the boundaries of what’s taboo in society. That’s why in the 80’s when the Exorcist came out it was so absolutely terrifying. And long before that, Cannibal Holocaust.

I suppose that the experimental horror directors, who make the sick shit, don’t see a lot of scare value in having a supernatural horror, where it is the supernatural that combats the horror.

Also, in this vein about accurate portayals of the occult, I really liked The Craft. Because the movie was all about self-empowerment. The movie was not about, “Don’t do curses.” Because the protagonist cursed all the other women in the end. 3x3 didn’t do shit. Sarah did it all to them because they were being a bunch of bitches. It’s all about becoming as powerful as you can be to overcome every obstacle.

I just watched The Curse of Sleeping Beauty.
It was a kinda of odd movie. But if I understood it right Azazel or Iblis was actually protecting the bloodline family from beauty because she turned into some black eyed thing that awakened others to take over.

So it was a little cheesy and ended in a weird disappointing way. But it did make an interesting spin. But if i understood right the demon/Djinn wasnt the actual bad guy.

I think there was a topic on this movie before but I couldnt find it.

I am also a horror movie fanatic, and have also noticed the same things. I have read a VERY good book about the subject and it answered a lot of questions. The Satanic Screen: An Illustrated Guide to the Devil in Cinema by Nikolas Schreck. It is very in depth, detailed and well researched, as should expected from a LaVeyan.

It points out the puritanical formula that plagues not just horror, but all movie genres in America. Especially, for this book, the idea of Satan, or Evil. How good always prevails, and virtuous behavior is rewarded, while evil deeds are always punished somehow in the end. The bass ackwards, black and white douche think of our forefathers who came over here with the douchethink of their motherland. I only watch British comedies, so can’t judge anything else, but I imagine you would see the same thing in British media.

The book also points out how brilliant and wonderful the attitudes of Germans especially, towards the devil in their movies. I love French and German horror for this reason. They were the origins of the sympathy for the devil sentiment, the hellfire clubs, the libertines, you freakin’ name it. Those guys loved, and sympathized with the devil. He was the anti-hero.

Sorry for the novel, but it’s good. So are his other books.

And yeah, I look delicate, but I have seen the unseeable. There is nowhere I fear to look when it comes to gore, so I am pretty Jaded. I need a good psychological movie to creep up on me. Think Silent Hill. Beautiful and eerie.

I’m a bit late to the party. Oh well. I just watched Agora and if you haven’t seen it. I suggest you do. That movie pissed me off and horrified me way more than any horror movie has in a long while. The way the Christians rampaged and weasled into power just to crush the pagans and commit genocide. That made me sick but I enjoyed the movie. Horror never really had scared me though except of course when I was little. I sometimes watch it if it has an interesting plot. A horror movie that I enjoyed was The Witch, which basically low key mocks the fears of puritanical Christians. It’s a good one. I could go on and on. I agree though. Since coming to the occult and the LHP I find it hard to stomach movies that cast demons as evil monsters.