Serious Ouja board question

Im sorry my question should be how to do the cleansing process :slight_smile:

Nah mate, nothing to apologize for, you’d be surprised at how many don’t cleanse the occult tools they buy prior to usage.


haha thats fine :slight_smile: i have never used one sorry for asking silly questions but is there a proper way to use one? Not like in the movies right :joy:

I will be buying one soon :slight_smile:

I’ll be buying one at some point but I plan to reprogram mine a bit lol.

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You’re fine, I was just making sure people saw it, I’m sure a lot would have just skipped over because of the title lol

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Knowing the “ideas” of a contemporary Italian magician, recently I supposed he used (when he did seances) to invoke the 4 elements, until I’ve read something confirming that. So, nothing mandatory but this individual applies (and maybe elaborated some) magical rules to mediumship (thus including ouja), such as beginning with that elemental calling, the choice of incense, use of colored light, the type of table etc.

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You are going to need a second pair of hands most likely. Not many people can use a board by themselves reliably. And the board does matter. You can get the Standard Hasbro board and get decent results. That’s sort of the benchmark.

Gimmicky boards will give gimmicky results. I have a Stranger Things Ouija board i bought on a whim, and it’s been nothing but a pain. Conversely, a well crafted hand made board will always give the best results.


Pfft. Oh yeah, that makes total sense. Been doing that forever! (rushes to go grab alllllllllll of the things in my office)


Did that once. Those things are so cheap anymore.

I’ve had my best results with a handmade board. If I make it with intention I feel like I can connect better.

Handmade boards are like having a good phone and a great cellular network. Haha

THOUGH my success with purchased boards could be because of my cleansing of these boards (or really, lack thereof). Hahaha


I made one with a piece of cardboard and used my blood to write all the letters. Was way too scary. Not doing that again. Ended up throwing it away. It’s hard to “write” your own board! I didn’t use a planchette though. I used a string with a small weight on the end to make a pendulum.

Didn’t like being touched on the back of the neck and so I stopped. Also had interesting results with my home made pendulum. Put it in a glass and asked for letters, words, and questions. When it would ring the glass, I knew it was confirming the letter, word, or question.


Thank you everyone :+1:

If you get a copy of Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board by J. Edward Cornelious, he walks you through the process in great detail. I highly suggest you read this book before you try anything spirit board related.

If you dont mind me asking, what specifically are you trying to accomplish with a spirit board? Perhaps theres an easier, more trustworthy, modailty you could implement.

Oh the cleansing process? I personally would place the ouija board on a neutralization ring for a few seconds. Its a sacred geometry tool that negates non-beneficial energies from people, food, water, areas & things. You could also burn some palo santo wood or frankincense, and hold the board in the smoke for a minute. Do you have a pendulum? You could dowse your ouija board afterward to see if the clearing worked, or if you have to keep going/try something new.

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Shop around when you get your board. Theres some really cool options by a company named Fiendies. I got a small one that looks like this. Its just for two people…


Lmao :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. That was me too!!! :crazy_face:

This design & the symbols looks like one I tried to make/ draw myself awhile back

I’m just afraid that if we try to cleanse a Ouija or try to make it somehow “ safe” to use by saying goodbye to the spirits & saying you must do this or that they will just be there secretly laughing at you, mockingly, because demons don’t exactly play by the rules & aren’t gonna obey what Lower entities like humans tell them & not much you can do to stay out of harms way :disappointed:

Cleansing and saying Goodbye are two different things.

The cleansing as used in occult terms is like washing the energetic “dirt”, or stray energy off an object, in this case a board game, BEFORE using it. You only do this once. It’s for all and any energy nothing specific.

Saying Goodbye is something you do at the end of every session, it’s equivalent to the giving the “License to Depart” in ceremonial summoning magick. Its addressed specifically to the entities summoned through the board for that session.

If you fear that the entity will not be banished, then it probably won’t be, because the entire operation here relies completely on your skill and confidence as a magickian. In this case I would advise against using such tools until you can control them.

They certainly do. It helps to learn first what those rules are as they’re probably not what you believe if you are coming from media not occult learning. Your intro says you have zero occult experience or reading under your belt, so you may have heard a lot of popular ideas influenced by layman in Abrahamic traditions that simply aren’t true or evidenced by real experience, and have no nuance or intelligence in them. The rituals are designed the way they are for reasons. I absolute agree it’s not for people who don’t have a strong worldview with which to use the tools, or just “don’t know what they’re doing”, that old chestnut.

These that lie, and yes that’s true they definitely do, are called “Lesser Entities” or Parasites, or impostors around these parts. Getting through to a real higher being is like chalk and cheese, and not all that easy. We have hundreds if not thousands of threads of people talking about identifying the difference, getting rid of the timewasters and verifying contact with useful entities. We have tutorials for free for this written my members based on real life experience getting it to work.

This forum is a gold mine to learn exactly how this works from the experience of other students in the same position, coming from zero knowledge to trying and failing to success.

Now, there’s lots of magcik you can do that don’t involve entities, but since you’re in this thread I guess that interests you, so I would suggest putting everything you think you know to one side at first, and relearning what actual occultists practice and why before muddying those waters with hollywood nonsense like “not much you can do to stay out of harms way”. There’s quite a lot you can do. This forum is all about that.

Why not check out the entire success thread of people who were not at all in harms way working with entities and are thanking them for their help.

This Thing That We Do:


Sorry. Your right that I don’t have real experience so Who am I to talk? & I agree Hollywood movies about Excorsism & other related things are just a bunch of B.S. & not at all like real life, but tend to be over done & glamorized :+1:t2:

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I haven’t heard of this before!

I haven’t heard of this deck! I have a few - slowly learning with the original to learn the colors / signs / numerology etc that all plays into it! It’s fascinating. So this is a tarot deck? I keep coming up with oracle cards when I do a google search! Thanks :slight_smile: