Self confidence

since i know about myself my self confidence my ego were at the low level i’m failing at everything because of it relationships school literally everything can i change that? can i improve my self confidence and how, this site is my only hope

Try working with Belial, he’s all about breaking chains. Being constrained by worry about other people’ judgement and not being strong in yourself are things he loves to see people overcome.

If you’ve got the guts, try invoking Lucifer before the descent, when he was still Azazil, that rising kundalini surge that’s in everything. That’s a fun experience to have, definitely a perfect boost to the ego. Just try not to devolve into insanity in the process.

Additionally, Azrael can show you the peace of letting go of any and all attachments, and be in the state of death while still being alive. Again… trials might ensue.

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this may be sound dumb but how do i invoke lucifer ? i need a step by step work

No, this doesn’t sound dumb at all. Here’s a guide that may help: