Seeing god in a dream

I created this topic in the need of closing off some old heavy trauma from gaining insight of one of the magicians on here that has enough kindness as experience.

Exposition: As a child I grew up in a fairly Judeo-christian household and I frequently used to have heavy precognitive dreams. In many ways I was not very different than i am now - a little more defensive;however, I widh that I could change and be conventional like everyone else.

Back to the topic at hand, at age 10 - keep an open mind even thought what Im about to say will sound ridiculous - G-O-D presented himself to me in a dream. And in that dream, he prophecied to me that my mother would die some months later of cancer?’ Everything was down to the exact day and month.

After all these years, I think that I’m ready to face this.

I just want to know ‘Why did he presented himself to me?’ and ‘Why did he show me that my mother would die?’

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Dreams are highly symbolic and it’s not usual for entities in dreams to be the actual entity as much as something that represents a meaning, desire or aspect of yourself.

In this case it sounds like your own subconscious in communicating with you.

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Very nice of you to kindly interact w/ my topic, Mulberry. Although your opinion is a pragmatic one, I trust my intuition and experience enough to make the discernment that this was an actual occurence. Not anything to do with subconscious thought that was.

It was real.

I need one who can delve into this more for me to get clarity on this.

Well, intuition IS from your subconscious.

I’m not sure what entity “G-O-D” is, since there’s a lot of gods, but f you mean yhwh, having met ywhw my UPG is he’s not really what people think he is, and is non compos mentis at this point, Iposted about it a while back… so that was an impostor, an egregor or something you interpret as a god but could really be anything. By my reality where I have no real picture of doesn’t have to match your reality.

If you think it was ywhw or whatever your definition of “G-O-D” is, I would suggest you evoke it and ask it if that was it showing up and what it wanted, same as any other entity.

Another way would be to employ the dreamworking techniques (posted in the Dreamwork Tutorials Collection thread) to go back into the dream to ask it who it is and what it wants.

If you want people to perform work for you on this I suggest the thread we have for requests.

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Prophecy is rarely logical. Many people get prophetic dreams about natural disasters, for example, and dreams of deaths in the family happen often enough that it has become common folklore, but these are both things that we can do nothing about so you could ask what’s the point of any prophecy?

In my opinion, it was basically God proving his bona fides. He told you something and that something came true, showing you he was who he claimed to be.

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