SciFi, Computer and Tech people:

Lets keep the focus on magic and not how to hack people please.

While change is inevitable, and it seems yesterdays scifi is todays tech, some things cannot be automated.
I feel that I will always be brand new, in regard to anything, but Im going along for the ride like everyone else. Layered spells, however, with encahntement based on correspondence (now I see the pun with the term and the spiritual principle), can be an automated formn of magic.
But how do we construct the mental firewall and associated layers of security? This would seem to be the best way to avoid psychological warfare success or psychic attack success.

Really it’s all just… different flavours of the same thing.

Doesn’t matter how you petition entities, or how you protect yourself. Chicken is chicken – regardless of whether it’s fried chicken, chicken vindaloo, jerk chicken, chicken katsu, whole roast chicken with stuffing, chicken kiev, chicken shawarma… hopefully you get where I am going with this.

How? Do you mean automated as in built into a script or program? Because that’s certainly something I have toyed with.

By picking a chosen paradigm/belief system, and enacting it. If it makes you feel awesome to write a quick interactive Ruby program or whatever, something that contains a protection ritual, then go for it. Again, I’ve toyed with the crossover between magic and tech and I intend to do more.

If I’ve misunderstood you, let me know; it’s an interesting topic.

Well, in giving more thought to layers of defense, layered shields and wards. Additional equilibration rituals for the sphere of sensation.

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Transmutation, even hexes and curses can be successfully imbibed of salutary energy

I wonder if a machine learning algorithm could preform mGixk. I’ve suspected it could work but M ultimately unsure how that would even work.

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Those are the same thing.

It is not that it can’t be automated, it is just not worth the effort right now.

I don’t know because the people who are supposed to do the science on that front (psychiatrists, economists) is doing something else. Right now I would recommend ad block and shopping lists, and logging and log analyzers to keep focus on the things you actually care about instead of other things.

Are you asking about like, magickal programming languages? Thats falls under the “data” or “information” paradigm of understanding energy/magick. Ive experimented with it some, to limited success, but I am also interested in building a whole language for it not just a few spells.

Don’t understand the question really read books about psychic defense and the kybalion - even metaphorically what you said is not making a lot of sense


Don’t forget servitors, thoughtforms and psionics.

Most people call them “wards” and “talismans”. Same idea, magickal tech.
But there’s there’s no substitute for being mentally and spiritually strong. A system that is scalable, robust and self-healing can withstand the failure of most protections.
Humans are better than software in this sense - they can adapt to almost anything, if it isn’t catastrophic and maybe even that won’t kill them.

You’re looking at some kind of reactive element in a ward or similar. Mulberry put the other aspect of it, that a programmed servitor or similar can do this.

I layer my wards intentionally, thoughtfully, and each part plays a role and has a specific purpose. Similar to loading specific modules and wiring it up with some form.of abstraction, so when it comes time for maintenance, you send it to the instructions,for the whole.

Hope it makes sense.

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