Scanning Thread: Resurrection

Thanks! So you think it was a puryfing process?

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Yes, although it appears it won’t be a pleasant one. There was lots of sweating (from the heat), cuts, and obviously being sucked into the quick-sand like mud. So a bit of a struggle maybe. However the end goal does seem to be purifying cleanse.

Reminds me a lot of the mythical bird that burns down to ashes then comes back alive, anew.

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Excellent, pm me?

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Getting an error message that says your not accepting messages atm. Maybe pm me?



Added you into my pm list.

I’ll be back in an hour. About to head into my meeting with Bill.

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I’m up for trade , pm ur question if you want :slight_smile:

I’m up for a scan trade.

Want to trade sometime?

Sure! I’ll be available in a few hours?

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No problem, just message me when ready.

I’m up for a scan trade today. Interested in my energy, and energies around me.

Okay from your picture I am sensing three phases about your the past you grieved or went through rough things.You owned this did or is doing alchemy and now you are more focused on gaining strength.independence personal power.I sense confidence in your path.I also sense at the moment streets or fatigue.I don’t know if it is work related.I also see your soul on a beach at night painting the stars.

Within your energy body I am picking vampiric kind of energy .maybe you are working with an entity related to this or trying to change yourself.around you externally I see a hint of light green enegy.
Behind you jus a bit behind your right shoulder a spirit that looks like a satyr is leaning on the wall.maybe a nature spirit that seeks your attention .

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I ala quickly saw a feather.and the need for shadow work too

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Very good! I do have nature spirits around me :slightly_smiling_face: yep that too. Not sure about the vampiric, but I could see that being a thing.

I assume that was your return from our trade a couple days ago?

Stress lol

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Anyone else want me to scan them

We could do deeper stuff with anyone interested like deeper soul path dive.checking your soul form .we could find out stuff like if your are starseed or not lol

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id like one please