Scanning Thread: Resurrection

When scanning you I see almost like a void, and feel cold. Empty (but not sure in a negative manner).

Your energy is subtle and feels “snake like”. Meaning it’s not very obvious - to me. I also see darkness, ice, and space.

Your energy isnt dense, I got the imergary of mist. For a visual.

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Scan trade?

Hey y’all, i’m new when it comes to scanning and I’m interested to learn it but I realllyyy wanna get a scan if anyones willing to give me a scan :blush: I can’t really trade to scan you back it would be too soon for me but I am a tarot reader and I can give you a reading if you think it’s fine. :slight_smile:

Wanna trade?

If anyone wants to scan trade, scan me then I’ll scan you back. Thank you!


I’m scanning you the first word that comes to mind is Belial .either you should seek him or you will likely be heavily involved with him very soon. I’m feeling a lot if heat from your side. Like someone is being tossed into a furnace. Like smelting a sword. I sense intense alchemy Coming your way buckle up. Probably why Belial is presencing himself as a guide

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I also see a purple cord attached to you. Probably through the heart chakra. I don’t know what’s up with thar

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Thank you for the scan. Can you try and see what the purple cord is attached to or is leading to please?
I’ll scan you back later today. Anything specific you want me to scan for? @Trishul66

Alright no biggie. Can you try and figure relevant entities around me ATM. And just the state of my energy body

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Alright your energy body looks like it has some black spots on it, they have legs I think, your in the middle of some changes and those spiders are helping. I’m not seeing any major problems. Some stagnant energy but not enough to actually block your flow, maybe a solar meditation to burn everything away.
I see a black widow scanning you, Sepheranz. Asmodeus is someone I’m also sensing.

@Trishul66 can you please scan the cord and see who put it there and who it leads to?

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Can I have a scan too please

I have that one too Mephisto - maybe we can share things about that in another thread! How about Black Magick: the left hand path? :slight_smile:


Interested in a scan trade.

They have legs. That’s icky. Alright will scan the cord in a bit. She is scanning me?

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@Trishul66 Awesome thank you, the cord shouldn’t be to hard to scan. By the sounds of it check out Asmodeus and see what he can help you with or what he wants.
Yeah they look like weird spiders on your energy body, not a bad thing however.

Scan trade? Interested in possible spirits/guides around me and/or my own energy.

Need a scan on my general area/energies around me. Thank you!

Preferably from someone experienced.

Looking specifically for a reading from someone skilled and knowledgeable in Vampirism. Ive been reading about it but its just creating more questions not answers. Pm me if you want more details. I can repay with scan or some spellwork or something.