Scanning Thread: Resurrection

I’m not going to tell you your life purpose that isn’t my role or anyone else’s, that is for you. Be wary of anyone who tells you what your purpose is.

Can I get my scan

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i will try… but something hollowed me out int he past weeks.
i will still try though.

green, lush worlds of health and wealth -a forest?

kept islotated by a false perception about good and evil, a pair of bodiless hands holding it
the depths from which the hands have sprung forth are golden

a blue boat coming from a dark ocean, now on a blakc river -you are used to so much freedom? but took it for granted, now you find… a crossroads -two paths to the left and one to the right

the path tothe right is golden glowing but with harsdhip, disicpline, the one to the left is blue but a bit chaotic and wild, like a storm but it seems calm at first, the second to the left is green and humble

you think, i got it right?

Hm I don’t know, but I’m hard to scan right now. It sounds like I might be mirroring again.

I’m pregnant after a pretty intense ritual with Enki taking over my husband, so not even people IRL are reading me well.

Thank you

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one last thing… can i hope to bleed for azazel, t oguide and repair me? so i can reconnect, to whatever purpose?

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Ask him if he wants it.

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im not sure of my communications anymore…

Then I would hold off.

Discover yourself. It seems like you have many paths.

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Anyone willing to scan me?

I can do some scans but they won’t me too good since I’m just starting out, trade’s would be nice.

Anyone want to trade readings?

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I doo

Can anyone scan me? I’m interested in learning about any spirits around me (aka my spirit lover) and/or my energy as well.

I can return as well. Might be alittle rusty, need practice but I’ll do my best.

yellow like lemon-ice-cream
surroudned by a blue glow

the path is narrow and just a line of dirt in a great grey emptiness

3-4 paths ahead -one that is black, with golden trees, passionate widns and seductive playful whispers

one path is green, and goes over a deep shaft fillled with lava, but the song of victory bellows at its end, filling the void with euphoria

one golden path, but slipperly, less forgiving for mistakes but a grand white palace at its end

one path is blue, lots of steps, lots of strain on your legs
-the path with the least temptation, and a lot of work, but it leads to a outstandign result, a forest blue like the tower that stands in it -at its feet, the bards and wanderers sing of your travels

i hope i got this right :slight_smile:

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Bump, scan trade?

I’ll trade

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Okay, I’ll scan you back.

Interested in energy scan or entities around me.

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a scan. This is what I saw. There was a young man maybe early 20’s walking through a field dragging a large sword in his left hand. He was wearing a white shirt and light brown pants. The field looked like a wheat field. Then I saw something completely different. A white silhouette of a person with green energy coming up from the legs and it had red, blue and white orbs circling it.

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The second part makes sense, not sure about the first part. Good scan though for the most part.

Anything specific you want me to scan you for?

No. Just see what you pick up on.

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