Scanning Thread: Resurrection

Looking for a trade scan. Specifically interested in my own energies and entities around me.

Anyone interested in scanning me? I’ll scan back for you in return. :slight_smile:

Looking for a scan trade, i want to see what entities are around me

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I’d be interested in a scan trade.

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try me if you want, but i cant scan back though

I’m sorry @hildegaard, but you cannot offer a tarot reading in exchange for a scan. Tarot is not allowed in the scanning threads, and you have not been active enough to meet the requirement of our 90 day rule to do readings, as you haven’t posted since you joined back in April.

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@hildegaard you can offer a scan for a scan though. :+1:

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Would anyone like to trade?

I’m up for a trade, just a regular scan (entities around me/etc).


This still available?

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Yeah, I won’t be able to return until tomorrow morning though. It’s night by me.

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Quite fine by me good sir, I will perform your reading shortly.

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I was shown images rather than visions for spirits around you. I saw: a crow, Lilith, Astaroth, and King Paimon. If you ever take interest in the Norse, you could work with Thór.

For you, I see horns that come out of your forehead and curl back to behind your head, which tells me you’re in/apart of the adversarial current. I don’t see them, but I feel the weight of breasts, which aligns you to the more feminine side of the current, as well as concepts of fertility and sexuality. I also see spiders legs coming out from your back, connecting you to concepts of fate, manifestation and binding, but also connection of other energies.

There’s a lot you can do with that energy^

Let me know what you think. Its been a very long time since I’ve read another person.

Who wants to trade with me?

Would like a scan who wants to exchange?

@itsnathanm7 Could you scan me. Thanks in advance.


I just wanted to make sure you received this?

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I did, I apologise for the late response. Been alittle busy today. Still going to get your return scan done today, just waiting until I have free time.

I also found the scan interesting, it’s reflecting alot.

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When scanning you:

The first image that comes to mind is a garden, with various flowers. I get a feeling of spring – a time of coming out of winter/life/etc. Symbolic partially in meaning.

I also got the image of a dragon, deep red/bronze. Seems prideful and protective.

As well as a symbol (8) that was made up of these snake-like creatures moving within/on this 8 pattern, continuesly unto itself. Which I found odd. Hard to describe. The creature themselves looked like snakes, although they were grey/silver.

You energy feels healthy, reminds me of the life within spring. With images of plants growing from the ground in relation to this.

@Mephisto sorry for the late return, here it is.

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This is an answer I’ve been needing. Gardens are a bit of theme with me sometimes.

What do you feel this means or is in relation to?

I’ve been seeing 888 lately. Any ideas for this as well?

Thank you, I appreciate it!

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