Scanning Thread: Resurrection

I would appreciate if you could, but i would like to let you know that I m not able to scan you too :pensive:

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I just ask for an attempt.

I see white fog/clouds and a lot of airy elements. And blue sky in the patches. I see a woman with long hair and large curls. I also see a large gold harp that talks/gives you advice and plays wonderful music.

You tell me it normally peaceful but sometimes storms happen and it gets gray, you show a wood cellar door where you hide when that happens. Sometimes they are short other times they are long. @Greecya

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may i get a scan!!!

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Try to read me first and I’ll scan back.

Woow haha im totally airy person with long hair, aquarius with dominant libra, im in a place where the sky is always blue and I’m a musician!! Okay im soked hahaa
Alright i could try to scan you somehow, what should I need to do to feel/ see something about you?

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Just close your eyes and try to focus on my essence soul and write down what you see.

I’m glad you liked your reading.

i dont know how to scan atm ive tried but i keep messing up

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I don’t care if you mess up, attempts are how you grow stronger in your abilities. Plus one of my layers is kind of special and might be able to teach you about yourself.

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yea, ive tired it before didnt work i mean i can try but it might be nothing that makes since

I just feel a strong essence of responsibility and open mindfulness, i believe you are a very smart person and organizational. But currently you are kinda stressed? Are you going through any big change in your life or something that is making you anxious?

I’m definitely off I’m trying to break a bind I have with my ex.

oh im sorry well i believe better things will come to you, you will get on a good path and something good might happen. I also feel that you are kind of sad, i can totally relate but always believe things with get better!!

I could do a scan. I suppose I need the practice too haha

Can you scan me