Scanning the godform

Well if a personal actually has a God ‘form’ then you’d find out through scans which many here trade from time to time in the proper thread(s)

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I’d be interested in a scan if anyone has time?


I’d love a scan on my Godform please

i assume you mean true self or higher self because the way that Godform is used here isn’t what it actually means. Godform is something you actively do. Have you immersed yourself in particular Deity’s current? if not you most likely don’t have a godform.

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I meant my true self please

Can you please scan my God Form ?

Can anyone scan my godform please?

Can some scan my godform please? i really would like to know

Do you know what a Godform is?

I follow the dark goddess Lilith, queen of the succubi, anyway I have heard she is a fallen angel

following isn’t exactly actively immersing yourself in her energy, but even then you kind of just said who your “godform” is so no scan is needed.

I do immverse in her energies, I mediate on her sigils, and listen to Lilith manta videos on youtube daily when i go to asleep at night.

Hey man I’ve been paying attention to you and you seem to know a good deal about a lot. I think you’ve mentioned before that you’ve been at it for decades? Would you offer me a God scan? I’m working on growing myself and I feel that I am growing but I’m not there yet.

can u explain it to me, so i know what my godform is? cause you said no scan is needed you said cause i kind of said your godform is.

A godform is when someone immerse themselves in the current of an existing God or Goddess or Demon or Angel, whatever entity and take on those energetic traits, even to the extent of pathworking with that entity.

You just admitted to immersing yourself in Lilith’s energy therefore your Godform is Lilith.

So unless you have actively put the work into immersing yourself with a specific deity or entity you do not have a godform.

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Oh thanks to letting me know, i glad to haven learn something today, and hail Lilith, and may Lilith blessed u

Hey! It’s my birthday and I’d like a scan as a gift.


I would like one too but just know that i cant scan back.

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Happy birthday to you! :slight_smile: