Scanning the godform

I’d be interested in just a regular scan trade. I don’t do godforms.

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Can someone scan my godform for me? I keep being told i am an incarnation of another entity and i would like someone to confirm or disprove that.

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Wanna trade

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Sure, I’m in a need of alittle practice.

I’m interested in a general energy scan not godform (I don’t follow the godform stuff). I’m okay with Trueself or soul Reading though.

Immediately I see you’re surrounded with a purplish blue aura. I see in there near future you’ll be engaged in deep sexual/root chakra activation. Your energy feels demonic I feel a slight connection to infernal. I see your soul has a spider aspect. Maybe a spider totem. IDK.

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Well you have the root chakra part right. Oh you said near future, hmm not sure about that. I’ve heard about the spider part from someone else - not sure what that means.

Maybe try and meditate and take time to scan, I noticed you started typing immediately. Good start though.

Because I’m intuitive like that. Also I see a dark vortex of orange. Between your heart chairs we’d throat chakra

Like deep orange

Okay, I’ll scan you now. Interesting.

Okay with you, I got light blue (for colors) and feathers. I also see dark energy as well. The next image was of a bird taking off for flight.

I also got the image of a strong warrior - someone with rock like muscles but also heart. And little patience. Rock and sand/dust was the best way to describe the warrior. Environment as well as make-up of the warrior.

Did you feel any spidy essence?

Usually someone doesn’t front load, do you want me to check?

Yes check If you can please even if you could feel any spirit around me and tell me what they appear like or who they are if you can that is

I mean I can check for any energies around you and see if it belongs to a spirit. I’ll do my best to describe the energy/spirit if I can.

Cool thanks

Okay, first when just starting to scan I got a vivid image of an animal - brown fur. So either a legit animal spirit or something animalistic (not necessarily bad) maybe like a guardian type or even familiar. The animal was big, I will add.

I also saw a room with a dark shadow like being in a corner of the room. The room itself was dark - maybe because of the being. Not sure if it’s a good being.

I also felt blocked alittle.

Also if you can - could you go into the infernal/demonic energy and see what you feel specifically with it? @Trishul66

Okay thanks. I will when I get home .im currently walking. I know who blocks you

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Thanks, I’ll be free to scan trade more later if you want as well. I need the practice.

Wanna trade?

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I’m up for a trade, interested in energy core scan (not Godform but true self is okay) or energies/entities around me.

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