Scan first pentacle of sun

please scan This seal , first pentacle of sun

I prepared first pentacle of Sun on A4 paper
on Tuesday
then add inch of lion skin
and perfume it with Bintu El sudan oil
but I added alcohal to perfume by mistake

I don’t remotely understand what you are wanting. It looks like a pillow or some yellow thread.

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This seal wrapped by yellow thread

please scan This seal , first pentacle of sun

please scan First pentacle of sun seal

@A.M.A This is a different thing than what the Soul scanning thread is for, this these are not your soul, and we ask you not to make duplicate posts for the same issue, so I have moved them in here.

You can post in the Requests thread if you like. :slight_smile: (Read the top post to see how that works)

Request Thread for Those Who Want to Practice Working for Others

For me, I don’t want to probe this. There’s energy here but it’s sort of cloying, pungent and icky and sticks in my throat, like some fried Indian Sweets can. This doesn’t vibe with my energy well so I’m just going to leave it alone.

(Might not be the pentacle if there’s something like that nearby that attracted my subconscious away from the object.)


Stop spaming me by tagging me in stuff dude the answer is no