Satan or Lucifer?

Satan (ıblis) or Lucifer, who is the king of all demons ? I believe they are not the same spirit.

Interesting topic.

Personally I think the two spirits are different sides of the same entity. Satan being the ‘adversary’ to ‘God’ and his people, and Lucifer embodying the original pride that lead to the rebellion. You can sort of think of them as a dual spirit, similar to the trinities you see in other religions.

Now if you’re looking to work with the king of all demons, I would say Satan is your best bet. While Lucifer has a strong influence, the idea of a Satan has been around for considerably longer and is much more grounded in antagonism towards ‘God.’

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In my opinion they are definitely different


They’re different phases of the same being, like puberty and adulthood

When you summon them you’re essentially summoning the function of that consciousness from the quantum field, it’s still conscious because there’s no time

Multiple personalities basically


I don’t think Satan is an entity but rather a concept or an archetype. Lucifer and Iblis are 2 different entities.


I believe it’s on the Joy of Satan website that it’s even mentioned the “god Satan Lucifer”: so, in this case, indeed the point of view considering them one same entity.

JoS is a conspiracy theorist cult and is therefore unreliable.


in my humble opinion,and im also only one year of practice under my sleeves,they re two different.
Also not sure if satan is an actual entity,or a name that means many things.

What @Kristian said, only I call Satan an egregore, because I’m not massively into Jung :D.

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Is egregore another word for archetype?

An egregore is like an idea that came to life. That’s the best way I can think of to explain it.

It’s basically a thoughtform, sometimes called a servitor, that is created by and fed by multiple people. When they get big enough, and if you’ve created them well and choose to free them, they can become independent immortal spirits in their own right.

For example, the thoughtform for this forum is called Mr. Silvera and acts to help ward and protect the members using this forum from external psychic attacks. He used to warn the last Global Mod, who named him and put the work into him, of trouble. The more people work with him, the stronger he will get.


From what I’ve gathered, neither. The concept of Satan, as I’ve read, is a character created in the medieval period by the church. Lucifer is a mistranslation. But when you delve into Solomonic lore, you see that the term “demon” doesn’t mean evil spirit. It means subordinate spirit. Basically, they’re the spirits and gods of non-Abrahamic cultures that have been conquered. Technically, they serve Yahweh. And not willingly.

There are hierarchies, but I think their man made.

I have found Satan to be a blend of the three evil male emanation of God. Their energy flows/resonances interact in a way giving it a conscious existence. This is why a good fitting name for Satan is Ahriman. There are also three good male emanations, three evil female emanations, and three good female emanations.

I debate if Baphomet was a pre-creation of the emanations or a result afterwards from their energy flows. Baphomet being the six evil male and female emanations in origin. The same can be said for Elohim, Satan, Az, Sophia and Ahura Mazda. Regardless of the order of existence, they do exist now and have their own wills and wants.


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What if you just tried it the occult scientist way, and you learn about evocation or put to use the methods you’ve already learned about making your own contact with Lucifer and/or Satan in your own timing? Space it out, so that you may learn from them as their own thing. That way the occultist in you can study them objectively. Opinions are subjective, but you may always utilize occult literature provided on the website on the screen above you. Also, much older sources are available such as literature from previous generations on Luciferian and Satanism’s philosophies regarding the entities in question. They do, however, have the ability to make conscious contact with you and to tell us all about themselves :laughing:

In my mind Satan is different than Lucifer. I don’t claim to be an expert here I’m just giving you my perspective. To me Lucifer is the romanization of the great archangel Heylel. I don’t even like using the word Lucifer in my workings with him. There’s too much baggage for me personally. That may just be my own perceptions that’s fine.
Satan on the other hand was a tote or an office the accuser of God. This spirit stood in opposition to God, his plans and will. Satan traditionally tempts and tests and accuses the souls of the dead that they are have fallen short of the requirements for a heavenly afterlife.

Different entities. I encountered both Satan and Moloch in my work with the Qlippoth. Very different than Lucifers vibe and energy.


I work with Satan, and He is the angel Satanel/Satanail/Satanael. He and Lucifer are not the same. What He told me about the rank, He is the king of the Demons, but Lucifer is the Emperor of the Infernal Empire, which places Lucifer above Him. Apparently He cannot bear Lucifer.