Sartmulu- Martian Spirit of Fitness and Strength

Sartmulu- Martian Spirit of Fitness

*Note: I’m doing these interviews to build my clairaudient ability. If my channeling is flawed in some
way, I would love corrections.

  1. Who are you?
    a. I am Sartmulu

  2. What can you offer me?
    a. I can offer you power, pure power. And the ability to dominate others through divine forbearance.

  3. Are you purely an advisor or do you empower the magus?
    a. I am an advisor, but I can empower you, or teach you to empower yourself.

  4. What is better?
    a. To be empowered by yourself is superior

  5. Can you teach me how to get a 300 pound bench press
    a. Yes, I am capable of doing that.

Notes from an evocation of him that I did a couple days later

  1. In response to a question I asked him or his initial statement upon being summoned (I cant remember)
    a. Sartmulu: Go to bed, make it a regular habit (I was questioning him at 2AM lmao)

  2. When asked if there is anything else he needs from me to hit my goal
    a. Commitment, you can hit it kid, if you commit

  3. What kind of offering do you like?
    a. Lavender, the plant is better though incense will do.
    b. He added that the best offering is commitment (presumably to his teachings or to the general pursuit of physical fitness).

  4. Should I invoke you to see results
    a. He answered that it is not necessary to invoke him to see results, however it can have benefits i.e increasing motivation and internal drive.

Other notes: His energy felt kinda intense, particularly around the head. I opened his sigil before posting this and asked if there was anything he wanted to add, he said: “yes, I can only help if you focus and apply yourself to my teachings”

@Micah I believe you mentioned being interested in this spirit.


Thank you Al-Sihr.

This definately finds a lot of interest.

Might fit into Health Section aswell,
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Martian Spirit of Fitness, I admire that. Can u ask him how one becomes spiritually fit ?


Hi fellow benchers :)))

Could you share a sigil and where did you find information about this particular spirit? How do you perform those interviews? Evocation?


Its from konstantino’s summoning spirits, I dont use his methods of summoning but it contains a handy directory of a number of spirits.

I use a method where you merely stare at the sigil, get into theta gamma sync, and ask it questions you’ve prepared beforehand. My second set of questions was from a “real” evocation.


You use konstantinos methods of getting into the trance? I’m slowly coming back and have a hard time getting it again. What would be your preferred method of getting into this state?

I dont use his methods really. I usually use one of EA koetting chants, either the alas-tad chant or the itzrachu mantatu chant to get into a meditative state. I then just recite that untill the sigil starts flashing and I feel a connection. I repeat this if I start to come out of the state.
The chants: 4 Incantations To Conjure Limitless Power [EAK] - Become A Living God

I basically use this method, only with the intent to communicate:How To Start Using Spirit Sigils To Get Anything You Want - Become A Living God



Much appreciated!

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I’m trying to evoke Sartmulu and develop a connection with him. Any tips I can use to help everything be successful? Does he have an enn? I can not find it anywhere.

You can’t find an enn because there isn’t one. Enns come from the religion of demonoloatry and do not apply to anything except demons, and Sartmulu is not a demon, he a spirit from the Sphere of Mars.


Okay that’s what I was thinking. Thank you for the insight. I was hoping there was some type of enn equivalent. Something that would connect us more strongly. Would you suggest any type of chant or something that can help help evoke him better? I have his sigil and was just going to use that, but anything to help develop a strong connection would be helpful!

You know someone already did that about 4 posts up right?

Yes, but I was wondering if there was anything specific to Sartmulu.

No, there is no chant, mantra, hymn or song in the source material.
I have the book Summoning Spirits and it describes a system of evocation based on Kabbalah. It has a lot of introductory instruction and exercises though that you could probably use, and describes how to perform the rituals.

If you have to have a song, and won’t use the Konstantinos book, use E.A. Koetting’s invocation of all powers as above, it’s effective for all entities, and then you can ask the entity for a personal song for yourself if you want one.

I think, if you wish to connect with an honor this entity and form a decent connection, you should get the book where he was described, as a physical manifestation of intent if nothing else. Action in the real world matters.

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Awesome! Thank you so much for this information. I will put it to good use!

Superb channeling bravo.

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