SAMHAIN Ritual ~ Monday 6th Nov, 2.15pm New York, 7.15pm London

Simple ritual - the intent is to call forth all powers of magick into this world, it won’t turn everyone into Merlin-level wizards overnight but it WILL assist in global theogenesis for those who are ready, and overall ascent out of ignorance, healing the pathologies that poured froth from the old monotheistic concept of killing people who thought a little differently than oneself:

The Ritual:

I calculated the precise date and time of Samhain to be Monday 6th Nov at 19:15 UTC (also GMT, now that the clocks have gone back for winter).

This countdown should work to get an idea of the time in your location - currently around 14 hours and some minutes at time of posting:

:sunny: Samhain Countdown :sunny:

If not, you can run your own calculation based on world time zones or use this tool.

  • You may also perform this at sunrise, or sunset, or midday on Monday, or the midnight AFTER (aka midnight your time Monday) in your location, IF it is impossible for you to get a few moment’s privacy at that exact time.

What to do:

◆ face north, look up to the sky in the north

◆ repeat the chant for Summoning All Magickal Powers, given here 3 times, silently in your mind is okay, out loud, or whispered, is better

◆ raise your right arm in a commanding gesture towards a location in the sky - if you must be indoors, visualise the sky outside and focus on one location that is your target

◆ repeat the following statement three times:

“In the name of I Am and The Ascent Of Man, I call forth the powers of magick into this world. Hear, obey, attend me now, attend me now, attend me now.”

◆ visualise the spot in the sky opening and massed armies of spirits, taking all possible forms, pouring through the opening

◆ state “It is done.”

Lower your arm, walk away, get a glass of water, cup of tea, whatever else to break the mood and ground yourself, and go on with your day.


The purpose of this is to reverse centuries of exorcisms, locks, bindings, and spiritual blinding perpetrated on the world since the inception of the troll god’s death cults. That entity was destroyed last year, but the bindings, which people were tricked into performing using their own power and of their own free will, still have some degree of power since they drew on the godhood within the people who performed them,. and who mistook their birthright powers for the gift of some tribal desert entity.

The elder gods, and other allies who favour ascent and power, not slavery, are making their return, the effects of the liberation are beginning to manifest, and this working is an important part of that process.

In an early thread about this, there was some concern raised this would be a reckless opening to any kind of astral nasties - in fact, you are using the command “In the name of I Am” (the godself within) “and the Ascent of Man” - that which aids and empowers ALL magicians who take the first step towards seeking it.

This is an important distinction and from personal experience on what I will unironically call “the front lines” in the past 18 months, that command suffices in power and authority in all workings regarding ascent to compel and command only those spirits who will assist and be benevolent to come forth.

You are also using the chant for Summoning All Magickal Powers given to E.A. Koetting and which is part of a wider current of opening the portals in the name of the ascent of humanity and of smashing the shackles of spiritual slavery that the old monotheistic paradigm had attempted to forge.

Time to push the doorway open a little more, folks - who’s in?


Damn you know I’m in :wink:.


Let’s do this! :dizzy:


Doing it.


So many rabbit holes, so many tabs open…

I will be participating! And please disregard my PM, it’s all clear now.


This ritual would probably help me. I’m just beginning to look into magick.


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So it is done.


I’m in. Will do it at mid day


One small note, I thought Samhain already passed?


i’m in :3

~i probably won’t but:
would it be ok to visualize horny futa demons coming from the sky, to fuck all religious or naughty butts? XD

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I don’t believe so - full reasons and calculations given here:

Look at how Easter moves around due to being based on astronomical, rather than calendrical, dates. Furthermore, I was told to found a new altar on the 7th, first day after this working, before I knew the 6th was significant, so that to me affirms this is correct.

I see the pinning of Samhain to a specific date as being kin to the way Egyptians held tight to their 365 day calendar despite it becoming less accurate with every passing year - and the linking of modern accuracy with our ancestors endeavours of muscle and sweat to align massive stones with immense precision reminds me of this old saying:


Advice to a patient who is sick:

2000 BCE: Here, take this herb.

1000 CE: That herb is heathen. Say this prayer instead.

1800 CE: That prayer is superstition. Drink this potion instead.

1900 CE: That potion is dangerous. Take this pill instead.

1950 CE: That pill is ineffective. Take this antibiotic instead.

2017 CE: That antibiotic is dangerous. Take this herb instead.[/quote]


Great stuff Eva, I completed the ritual it was a great success now all we need are more people to feed the gate to keep it open.


You are the one who initiated this! :smiley:

I’m doing my rit at 19:15 outside in the little wasteland behind our garden, then I may also do something at midnight, and this is also connected, suitable for beginners and people who are unsure about joining in a group working but want some involvement:


:sweat_smile: ok fine…no futas

I hope i wont sleep at the time of the rite… my sleep lacks somewhat ordinary rythm,
but the timer is set.


Something interesting happened.

I was doing my daily meditation a little while ago which consists of kundalini yoga/3rd eye opening/evocation.
When my practice was nearing it’s end I saw a flash (my eyes stay closed for the whole meditation).
I opened my eyes and glanced at the clock. It was exactly 10:17am. My ritual time was supposed to be 11:17am (7:15pm for Lady Eva).
I thought it was interesting that exactly 1 hour before the set time it was clear to do the ritual. I wondering if this staggered effect has a way of keeping the hole open, like we all pick up where the other left off.


Ok getting ready :slight_smile:


I did it right after the ignition of the black sun, as they are complementary





I’m in :slight_smile:

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