Salt & Black Sesame Seeds, Two Great Conductors Of Energy

Salt & Black Sesame Seeds, Two Great Conductors Of Energy.

Both salt and black sesame seeds are two immensely potent conductors of energy, many of us in the occult know and believe that salt, will do what you tell it to do. This is a old occult saying and it’s true, cause salt is such a good conductor of energy, if you infuse it with programmed energy it can perform a specific function. Charging the salt with a specific energy while holding a specific intent, can actually be very useful in spells, rituals and so forth.

Black Sesame Seeds are the same, in the yogic sciences and in specially in Hindu belief, they are very cautious about taking these seeds from someone. The reason being is because Black Sesame Seeds, are very adept at absorbing and containing energy within them, which can be charged with sometimes negative energies then given to a target. I’ve used these a lot in my own magickal concoctions and this may shock a lot of you, but it’s more potent as a charging absorbing substance than salt is.

I myself like to actually use both simultaneously, embodying or invoking a specific energy, programming/infusing it with a certain intent then adding it to rituals. Utilising then also in stuff like jar spells is highly effective, if you want to absorb any toxicity or negative energies from the self, home or objects, using both these conductors of energy is very powerful. It requires minimum effort yet yields potent results nonetheless.

Just wanted to share this with some of you, maybe you can make use of it, maybe you can implement these conductive substances in your own practice to further the success of what it is your striving towards.




I have experimented with different salts (personally enjoy using black Hawaiian salt or Irish sea salt) but I have never used Seasame seeds. I will have to give that a try.

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Well cool.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Back sesame seeds are also very good for building female fertility by the way, when eaten. Could inform some interesting rituals combining these aspects?


Really do you have more information on that?

So in TCM, organs have correspondences with colors (as well as elements, planets, tastes, all sorts of things)
Infertility is associated with the strength of the Kidney meridian, and it’s color is black. So any black food is the first basic step in treating infertility, to build the energy in the Kidney meridian.

The Chinese take a cautious approach to treating illness, starting with food and herbs,then supplements (concentrated food, then drugs, surgery comes last). The idea is, if it can he healed with good diet why cause damage with invasive techniques, just eat right to live well.

according to TCM theory, there’s… If a woman is having problems to conceive and there are four types of differentiation. So the first one is the normal result we call kidney deficiency. Kidney Yin or Kidney Yang or kidney Qi deficiency, and then this normally is about the H.
So the Western doctors say, “Oh you know that your egg quality is not good,” that’s when egg quality goes to the kidney part, so we tonify the kidney. We use herb to tonify the kidney and therefore the patient itself, for the self-care, what can you do? You take some supplement. Food or supplement to tonify the kidney. And for example the food, what kind of food can we take to tonify the kidney?

So, anything black. So black sesame is good, black bean is good and the walnut can tonify the kidney, young oyster can tonify the kidney yang. For vegetable, onions can tonify the kidney and the chives and then even egg.

This is really well known in TCM, you can literally google to find out which organ fits what complaint, then “foods to strengthen x meridian”, in this case “foods for infertility TCM”, and multiple sites will come up with the same info.

I combined infertility treatment western style with acupuncture, moxabustion, and TCM 15 years ago, when the clinical only route wasn’t working after a year of expensive treatments. Just as the Dr wanted to switch to IVF, about 3 months after TCM started, I fell pregnant.
I have estrogen deficiency, which in TCM means low kidney yin and yang, hence treating the kidney meridian.


Wow thank you so so
Much for all of this. And you being living proof of it!

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Awesome!!! Now it’s time for sesame cakes recipes