Sallos summoning

Hi friends. A new user here. I just did my first summoning of sallos last night. I worked it from GoM gordon winterfelds book. It was very thrilling! Felt very empowered. I want to be patient and not lust for results. I’d also like to keep developing my relationship with the Duke. Any advice in either direction would help a bunch. Thanks very much. Cheers! Rabbit.


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Nice! Gratz and welcome :slight_smile:
Just keep at it little and often until it becomes second nature. You have a grimoire you like already so I’d say keep working through that.


Thanks for the feedback. Have you worked with the Duke with sucess?

I work with Azazel most at the moment, and it’s going really well.
He encouraged me to work through the Lucifer Chronicles so I’m doing that before moving on. He also introduces me to other folks from time to time. It’s fun and rewarding, can be hard work and tiring, but worth it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing. Did you try different demons first? How could or have you known you’ve made contact? Thanks for indulging a newbie.


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I filled out my intro and choose not share a photo thanks.

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What is the appropriate thread?

The one I linked. Just click the pink image and it takes you directly to our Intro thread. Then just click reply and tell us a bit about yourself and whatever magical experience you have.

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To develop a relationship, you can summon him and ask him if he is happy to develop a relationship with you and how best to do that.

Thank you.

I love the way Satan and Sons do the Enns … I use them to meditate often. And if I can’t sleep they soothe me to sleep … they are very peaceful and beautifully done.