Saint expedite

Hi guys
I’d like to thank saint expedite for his help in my case,my case was not going anywhere at immigration and I lit saint expedite candle and made offerings to him on his night and after the 5th night I believe the very next day I got good news and after that it’s just pouring good news. So I wanted to take the time to thank this great patron saint of all urgent matters for his fast very speedy help. Thank you saint expedite


What prayer did you use for him? He doesn’t seem to work for me.

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That’s the prayer I used but maybe he just doesn’t work for what I was trying to ask of him. I wanted a friend of mine to call me. So maybe I’ll try him again for money matters instead.

St. Expedite tends to be more for things that are considered pressing, like emergency money needs, or situations that aren’t moving forward. It’s possible that wanting your friend to contact you wasn’t considered a pressing need.


I said my own prayer and that


It’s a little bit untraditional, but the Saints can be evoked as well through their images but I find it slightly more complicated than simply using prayers to get their attention.

Slightly more reliable but not if you can’t discern you got the right thing too. But if your able to use energy, you can reach out and feel for the entity behind the image and call them to you.

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Did you offer him a cake as a graditude? Its very important to know to write very clear as well as the time for which it should be fulfilled.

Yes I offered pound cake for my gratitude,but what do you mean to write as the time it should be fulfilled

I forgot his cake but I offered him 3 sugar cookies and five pennies and a fresh glass of water to compensate.

You should write something like this:
“Pls find a way to get it to me in one week”…if you need a huge amount he needs more time like a month…be aware.