Safety guidelines for Beginners

Greetings Co living and emerging gods!
Please what are the preliminary precautions to take before a novice dabbles into black magic, calling goetia demons, evocation etc. Please only experienced practical answers not based off theory are needed. Thank you as you assist Us.


Learn a banishing ritual. Never call up what you can’t put down.


Always show healthy amount of respect to the entity you are evoking. Not like a follower but more like a business partner and as the relationship develops like a good friend or family member (depending of course on HOW it develops) Learn how to develop and maintain personal shields.


Input appreciated sir. A further insight on how to exactly perform the banishing may be more helpful. Thank you sir.

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Thank you sir/madam but How since beginners have no experience? An elaborate details may be more instrumental for novice. Gracias!

We’re not going to do everything for you. You have to do some work for yourself. There is information on how to do the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram available on this forum (use the search function) as well as many, many other rituals available on the internet. Just use some Googlemancy and search for ‘banishing rituals.’

Find one that resonates with you and learn it. Perform it daily, morning and evening.


People naturally have aura shields, meditation (with certain mantras and doing energy work, not just blankly sitting there) can strenghten them exponentially. There is a lot of material to be found with the sacred art of google fu (and its sister, the search button on this forum) I’d also recommend reading Jason Miller’s book “Protection and reversal magick”


Watch out for the dang chaos spawn… Seriously. Simply put, they are created from residue powerful mages produce. It’s just energy though, like a biproduct. It’s magnetically drawn to an energy recycling processor so there nothing to fear from them. However, they can manifest as any number of things and cause sensations of physical force such as grabing, pushing, and striking.

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I’m a conversationalist. :smiley_cat:


I saw the LBRP suggested, and I concur. No offense to the resources here, but I have yet to see it explained in totality on BALG in a context that makes it useful for beginners beyond the superficial. Really focus on the Sign of Silence and Sign of the Enterer.

There is a lot more going on with the LBRP than just general banishing.

The technique described in The Ritual Magick Manual is excellent, but you will have to do your own research regarding symbolism, etc.

Also, I suggest grounding for the ability to level yourself out before or after your work. Also, learning cleansing and uncrossing can be good before you jump in.

Ritual constructs can be important, too,as well as general protection circles. Some say protection circles do not offer protection, but I disagree in some cases.

That is the bare minimum I would go with. The operative idea is not just to be prepared for various circumstances, but also that having these tools will reduce any logical but not always helpful fears that can hamper your efforts.


Thank you very much great woodsman. Input highly valuable.

“The technique described in The Ritual Magick Manual is excellent, but you will have to do your own research regarding symbolism”. Which manual sir, how can I find it?

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Use what you already know and don’t be too worried. If this were karate or judo you would have a green or blue belt or whatever. Summoning a demon like Andras is black belt stuff, but you’ll get there If you want it and sweat for it.

You say you’re an electrical engineer? Awesome! You probably get a lot of things about energy that other magicians spend a lot of time on. Ohm’s law is a universal fact. Energy always follows the path of least resistance. Banishing and casting protection gets rid of static and noise in your signals, blah blah blah

I’m very new to demon working, but success with most spell casting ends in a place of confidence. The strongest effects I’ve seen came from spells that I learned from. There’s nothing like the first time. You’ll feel like the best mage ever, people should come take lessons from you.

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That’s the nameof the book. The Ritual Magick Manual, by David Griffin. You are probably best to find a .pdf file unless you want to spend a ton of money on a physical copy.

This is not SIRI or ALEXA for people to answer your questions - you need to do your own research and use :mag: search rather than expecting everyone else to answer at your beck and call. Follow the tutorials and moderators’ requests. I don’t do chat with people - which is what this thread is becoming. You do a ritual - you accept the consequences. There is no such thing as safety for beginners - don’t play with fire. This isn’t Harry Potter or Fisher Price first magick.

@Woodsman81 - spend money on a book so that the author can pay their mortgage.


Many years ago at the phone I was advised to make a pentagon (of paper, for example) pointing down, with an “S” over it… I don’t remember the colors to use, though.
(Edit: maybe red for the S)

The book goes for over 1000 dollars currently, none of which the author is ever going to see, so pdf sounds quite reasonable at this point…Though if a cheaper copy or kindle edition is released I of course advocate bying those


100% true. There are ways to increase the likelihood of success and decrease risk, but you are never truly safe.

I say the same, but this is an exception. The book has been out of print since 1999. The author sells the .pdf copies himself, so you are supporting him. A physical copy can be found for around US $1,000 or more, but it is secondary market and does nothing for the author. The .pdf was $7 when I bought mine, and for what it is, that is a deal.


This was not made clear. So long as the author retains rights and it’s not an aftermarket download.

I’m done with this place anyway…


If you can’t find one that feels it is a fit for you, White Sage works well @joherb_theo