Safety guidelines for Beginners

I find this Jason and I hve a similar formula for what you haved mentioned. ( interesting how people that have not heard of each other can come to similar concussions. :grinning: )

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Can I Pm you?

Sure. I’m new but will help if I can.

Kindly help. Appreciated

May I ask how many pages the book has?

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The original book has 666 pages. The pdf I have is 360 pages, but it was the scanned version and there are more than one book page shown on each pdf page. He just released a new version that is supposed to be formatted better, but I have not downloaded mine yet. It’s definitely worth getting a copy.


Just hit the guy up on FB. He is selling courses online for the past year and a half. He lives outside Las Vegas.

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Hello I have read some discussions and I am new to this website and I hope my question is suitable for this topic, I am inexperienced person and want to apply Henry Archer’s the magic of Angels and Demons, is it suitable for beginners(although author welcomes newbies)

Is tasking (no evocation)safe, like Henry Archer described in angels and demons book?

You still have not properly introduced yourself as required on this forum, despite being told to do so. Please make an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area as your next post.

No magick is truly “safe,” but the Archer book is fine for beginners.

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Get this book. It has all you need to get started and more. It’s a little biased to the RHP but it’s a great study guide.


I mean can I use Henry Archer the magick of Angel and demons book as a beginner ? The author claims it is safe and I read a lot of good feedbacks on also introduced myself in related page)