Safe Servitor for beginners, banishing, protection, shielding and warding

I guess I’m not really sure what you are inferring? I created Luna, and honestly I have no noticeable effects or knowledge of anything she does outside of my home.

Makes me feel good when she gets accolades for doing a good job, but other than feeling somewhat pleased she does what I wanted, I don’t personally gain from her being used by others.


Glad I found this! :heartbeat: got all warm and tingly after looking at the image for a while! Hopefully Luna can clear out my space. I’ll keep doing this daily. Thanks for posting this even if it was a while ago lol


No problem! Almost every time I log in, (not that often these days) someone has either tried her and had some benefit or they are going to try her.

It pleases me immensely that my work here is still helping people, so I’m glad to hear you had a response (tingling and the like can definitely be spiritual) so I wish you the best :crossed_fingers:


I got chills when I read the part about how you imagined her as dark blue but another user saw her as white with a purple tail…
Ive summoned little Luna a few times and I always see her as white with a lilac tail, with bits of turquoise detailing! Maybe I’m getting better at this!


Hello! Just wanted to say thanks for sharing Luna. I called her last night at the suggestion of an experienced member because I was dealing with an entity that showed up, hung around for days, and seemed reluctant to reveal its identity. As soon as I called her, I felt the energy in the room shift and lighten. A cool air moved across my skin, my stomach started gurgling (which it often does when the energy in my body starts to move), and I felt like I could breath deeply for the first time in a while. Amazing! I asked her to remove all parasites and beings with negative intentions, and to set up wards. I also asked that if the being that’s been hanging around has positive intentions, that barriers be put in place to keeps its energy from overwhelming me (it was hanging out in the top of my field and causing a burning, electrical sensation in my face, as well as making it difficult to think clearly). I believe it stayed in my field, but its energy is no longer overwhelming. Luna is truly amazing, thank you!


I’m glad she was able to help you!

It sounds like you are! I like Dk’s thinking for stuff like this:

Once is probably coincidence.
Twice is damned lucky.
Three times is the start of a trend.

So if your consistently getting similar images- yep your progressing👍


I don’t think I have put her back over then when I moved. She does so amazing here.

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I just tried invoking Luna, trying to concentrate in her image. Any way it could cause confusion with the moon, as Luna is a name for the moon?
How do I know if it worked? I felt no change.
Also, as males are more electric and women magnetic, does it function for men as well as women?

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Luna is also the name of the feline mentor in Sailor Moon. It’s a popular name for pets, but no one ever confuses those who have it for the moon itself.

Luna works for anyone. She’s no different than any other spirit.

She’s generally easy to summon. If there was no change, it could simply be because there was nothing to really cleanse in your area. Maybe try calling her daily for a week or so to get familiar with her.


I was wondering whether (about any phrase but especially “I love you Luna” and “Thank you, go…”) it’s better talking to her in English, or if any language works.

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Hey I think this is super cool. I’m somewhat of a super newb. Being that I have the most difficult time with visualization. And totes unsure if I even meditate correctly. Is your servitor capable of simply helping me to develop my senses? Like a non stop working on me even in my sleep. To you know, help me control my dreams. And further still after mastering these things? If this isn’t Luna’s job description then are you able to create one for that purpose?

I’m not affraid of the spirits, I just dont yet possess the skills necessary to call on them at command and get a reply that I can understand or even hear or see. If you think you can help me would you message me?

Thank you for your time, energy and attention.

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Any language will work, I’d say especially since she is over a year old.

I designed her to be like most of my servitors in that she is able to adapt to the magicians mindset, skill level, and things like that with the idea that we all come from different areas, use different types of words and so forth.

I usually assume it does take time to adjust to each individual however when they are still learning but Luna has a soul of her own and has aided many people all over the world already, so I feel fairly confident that any language will work~especially since your intent when you speak it in your language will be to get the same effect as English.

Intent is huge with servitors and magic imop. I think you could say Fck you Luna, and if you meant for it to be equal and said it with the intent for it to mean the same as my statement of I love you Luna, it would work too. :blush:

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I can’t visualize or get after images, so it won’t matter. You just can’t make easier to see them, because you can’t structure a form for them to take over. When your senses are stronger, you won’t need to imagine anyways because you’ll be able to experience- at least with summoning.

Yep. Working with any spirit or even many different ones, regularly will help develop those senses. Luna is good for practice when you don’t want to work with other types of spirits, or even when you have no request for a spirit but want to practice, and she will keep you safe while you practice.

Nope. Not Luna at least, her primary role is safety and hygiene. She can work with Anyone,

from novice: Im really scared of the every single bump in the night, omg I summoned a demon and it’s going to eat me alive.

To adept: I know what I’m doing, but sometimes need a quick fix

To master: I know what I’m doing, but I could use someone to head my security team, advise me in detail, discuss in depth my security measures, as well as pinpoint weaknesses in my defense and keep me abreast as things come up and need adjusted

It’s highly unlikely that I will create a servitor for the forum that will do what you’d like. I have made similar for individuals in the past, and they had great initial interactions, but I’ve not spoken to any of them in months. So I have no idea how well it worked, how long it took to see significant changes etc.

I also have decided to retire, as far servitor creation goes in mid January. My life has really taken off, I rarely have a free moment and while I love creating servitors, it currently subtracts from the time I have for something else that is even more important to me.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hello, I would like to ask you if I can still invoke the moon, to banish a spirit sent by enemies?
Well, I have read that you have withdrawn, if I still can, I want to know if the method is the following:

I print the sketch, I stare at it as if it were a sigil of a demon and I begin to repeat its name, so I don’t feel anything, can I make a request to eliminate all the parasites and tricksters from my house?

thank you for your answers in advance

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Yes. You can use this in conjunction with or separately, as a filler, as your main banishing-etc.

Yes, it’s common to be unsure if you connect, particularly if your senses are not well developed, it won’t prevent Luna from aiding you. :blush:


I just wanted to comment on here again with a quick little update! I’ve been summoning Luna off and on for a while now and tonight me and the baby are home alone and I thought I should call her up just to give me a little peace of mind since I always freak myself out when it’s just us :joy:

I stared at her image for a few minutes and called out in my mind and got the usual tingles and warmth. This time it was followed by like a head rush. I closed my eyes and felt like I was spinning and almost floating. When I asked for a little sign she was here I heard (in my noggin ofc) a pretty clear snort. As always I thought this was just me so I asked again. Mental flash of white fuzzy nostrils flaring and then a white chubby pony pacing around my bed!

I asked her to basically cleanse and banish and just look out for us tonight and this is the first time I had a very vivid picture of her in my minds eye. Stomping around the bed like, “duh. I’m literally right here” :joy:

I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again, thank you for her! She has helped me develop! It’s not a lot to some but to me this was a great experience :heart:

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Funny story…,…

I might’ve asked Luna to do some protection on relatives.

Wouldn’t you know they got a new pet awhile back that they decide to name “Luna”?


When I put two and two together I was like, “no…no way…I’ll be damned…”


Just a bump and to throw it out there that if anyone is looking for healing, thanks to the MfWB, I have donated an energetic healing to anyone who wishes to take advantage of it (it will work kinda like reiki in you don’t need to be there to tap into it)

Here’s the link!

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Hi Keteriya. Can I summon Luna to kill or banish a black arts entity that is attached to me? Thank you!

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