$ Rune Magick for Money Guide $

“Come all ye who are in need of paper $.”

Recently I did a spell for money with Runic Magick that went extremely well.

This spell brought me some unplanned funds I was not expecting.

Things you’ll need -

  1. A black box

  2. A white marker

  3. A $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 dollar bill

These are the Runes I used -


What you do next is draw the Fehu Rune on top of the lid of the black box.

Like so. :point_down:

Next, you want to draw the Sowilo Runes one the sides of the lid.

Like so. :point_down:


After you have constructed the box put your choice of bill inside the box and never use it until the spell is done, I personally use a $100 bill.

The idea behind this is to use money itself as a talisman.

You then want to chant the runes Starting with the one “Fehu” and then the four “Sowilo.”

While chanting the names stare at the runes like you would a sigil until they flash, envisioning what you want to come to you and from where, focus your Willpower on the objective.

The longer you can do this the more energy for the spell you release.

I did this on a Wednesday (day of Mercury) in the hour of the Sun, I then did it again on Sunday (day of the Sun) in the hour of Mercury.

From this spell I gained $480 of funds from a place I wasn’t expecting.

Some advice with money magick -

  1. Have an avenue of funds to focus the magick on.
  • Having this makes the magic more focused and likely to succeed rather chaotic and random like finding a $20 on the ground. That’s fine too, but if you want more money apply it to your Sphere of Influence.
  1. Build up, Focus and Release
  • This is probably the most important thing, you want to build up a lot of Mental/Spiritual energy during the spell and release it completely, to let it work its magick on the Material plan.

  • This is otherwise know as the Lust for results, Build it up let it go and watch the Benjamin’s flow. :money_with_wings:

Hope you enjoyed this little spell, let me know if you have any results from it.

Good luck getting that money. :ok_hand:



Im doing this. Maybe let you know my results from your spell design


Been doing rune magick myself.


Thank you,
i added the Runes you suggested to my Money Oil.





Any good rune books for beginners? I would like to start. Also is that an allFather rune?

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No those are the Elder Futhark Runes “Fehu” and “Sowilo.”

I’d recommend this book. :point_down:


Truly one of the best spells I’ve seen online in a long time! I do a similar ritual also with fehu and sowilo (high five) but you gave me some ideas how to tweak what I already have and make it better or just try yours next time

Thank you!

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Fehu is what a lot of people start with. I went against the grain and started with eiwaz to help empower my kundalini and balance my chakras. Shortly after gebo and tiwaz started popping up telling me what i must let go in order to gain whatbi desire.

So id start with fehu. Just ask it what it has to teach. Gebo and tiwaz will change your life and teach you self sacrifice. Tiwaz also teaches you to be careful who you trust and where that trust is placed. Gebo will teach you that nothing is permanent and to let go of what no longer serves you.

Gebo will also draw suitors to you. Thats a plus

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