Rufus Opus' Seven Spheres

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I am wondering if anyone has worked the planetary rituals from this book and could possibly share some experiences?

Rufus is a Christian magician and he uses the framework of the magician as a co-creator with God (or however you want to conceptualize the Eternal Source of All) to build your “Kingdom,” which is very similar in concept to the building of your “Infernal Empire,” espoused by EA in the Book of Azazel.

Each planetary Spirit is evoked and bound by the authority of the Intelligence to set the forces in motion in the magician’s life, which, as the author warns, can lead to just as much upheaval as anything demonic. To build the new, one must tear down the old and all that. The rituals start with Jupiter and end with Saturn, with roughly 3-4 days in between each working so the forces have time to gather steam. It is set up to take roughly 5 weeks to go through all 7 spheres.

When I was reading, the sigils he designed to be used as catalysts for the workings felt energetically active (even though I was reading an e-copy), so I am curious if anyone has used them.


Can you pm me the e-copy of the book?

Sorry, no. I do not peddle such things.

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I do believe my brother has. I’ll get with him and see what he has to share on it .


Did you find anything from your brother to share, @AradiaX ?

Yes! He said he got turned off by it because of the authors methods. He felt it was heavily influenced by Wicca and it bled into the work and it’s a bit misinformative method wise. For example, binding planetary energies - you don’t really bind them, the idea is to invoke them and have them work through you in your life. And the way Rupus goofed with Bune - he’s a bit misinformed and flaky.

His stance is that it’s a very watered down version of Abremalin, which you can tweek to your own desired deity instead of following the very Christian influence presented in it.

His feeling on it, and he’s read and practiced quite a bit, is that Rupus tries to compact a big working into a few weeks and it’s slightly dangerous and full of misinformation and that there are better options for the same work that’ll be more long term.


I’m sorry, I forgot to thank you very much for taking the trouble to talk to your brother about it. I appreciate the information :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the information?

@Epsilon_The_Imperial What ???

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I meant to put an exclamation mark there, muh bad.


No worries

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Totally necroing this thread. I have extensive experience with this book and it has very little, if anything to do with Wicca. It’s almost word for word a little Grimoire from Barrett’s The Magus that is attributed to Agrippa’s teacher Johannes Trithemius. While the text is Christian, RO was for a time a Thelemite and OTO member. The system is insane in how well it works, especially when paired with Frater Ashen Chassan’s Gateways series of books. It’s a very powerful series of initiations that will tear you apart and rebuild you like the six million dollar man. Rufus made some modifications to the ritual itself to make it easier to use and construct the implements for making it very accessible. What he left out is restored by Ashen Chassan. Highly recommended.


Hm, I’ll look into this book - on the note of Rufus Opus, what about his Red Work Course? I’ve seen 3 people are licensed to offer it, because after releasing this book RO stopped offering his course… On one hand I’m drawn to it, on the other I can’t find enough info to decide if it’s something I should invest in… :thinking:

Edit: Sorry for necroing the thread!


So wat is the maingoalof tis,? Reborn as new man, success atain magick easily,? Just Wonder

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The main goal, as Rufus puts it, is to fully realize yourself as a creator god.

A little g to the big G, FROM the big G.

I have just started this 2 days ago and I have already had major emotional upheavals gonig into this as well as confirmations concerning the archangel of Jupiter among other things.

You start w/ Jupiter who he calls the first father and I don’t know who my flesh and blood father is, so this first one is a biggie for me.

I was recently called to this after asking about the next steps for me magically to progress.

I am no longer a christian, but you can easily just substitute his conjurations w/ your own anyways and Jupiter and Zues are considered pagan gods anyways, so he mixes different elements in the work.

He uses the orphic hymns to the individual planets along w/ qabbalistic elements, names, and sigils.

I have taken out the christian elements in my ritual for this.

You should check out his book if you’re interested.

Rufus gives good examples of what you can expect and shares some of the experiences to give you an idea of what this working will do to and for you.

I don’t agree w/ all of his gnosis and opinions, but as Bardon said, everyone gets the mysteries revealed to themselves according to one’s own development.

Good magick to you! :sunglasses:

I had heard of this book years ago and started reading some of it then, but didn’t feel any urge to go into it at the time.

I forgot to add:

according to Rufus, initiating yourself into these planetary spheres will strip away any falshoods of who you are and what you really want in life and it will help take care of any issues you may have regarding the particular planets and the qualities that they rule.

For instance, if you have father figure type issues, then the sphere of Jupiter will set you right,

if you have problems w/ discipline and asserting yourself, then Mars will be your best friend,

if you have relationship issues like being in toxic ones or have problems w/ intimacy, then Venus will set you straight and get rid of all unhealthy relationships and strengthen the healthy ones,

Mercury will strengthen your mind and ability to communicate effectively,

Then Sun will give you raw power and connect you to divinity in a way no other sphere can,

The Moon will take away others ability to fool you by casting false pretences or illusions against you,

and Saturn will give you great wisdom, patience, its own form of alchemy, teach you how to limit the unwanted and expand your boundaries and powers by breaking old limits placed upon you.

He’s been on some podcasts too.

Just look up Seven Spheres on youtube and you can listen to him talk about this working yourself :wink:


I see thanks guys.

Where is it restored in? What book? Fater Rufus, Fater Chassan, along with stephen skinner are what motivated me to dive deeper into magick. Very inspirational all of them.

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A demigod in other words since we are all his sons and daughters.

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