Breaking Past Life Vows

I was reading author Doreen Virtue’s book and I came across a stuff which quite resonated with me.Past Life vows.She says many of us may have lived monastic lives before and had made vows of self sacrifice,poverty,celibacy nd so on which blocks the flow of material happiness in the current life and have to be broken completely.I have found it quite resonating to my life for as a child I used to dream about being a monk someday and all the make this world a better place stuff by being good and all strongly.And I have observed that severe problems have occured in my family regarding financial status,relationships,decrease of happiness etc and all of my family members are quite humble and a great supporter of ascetic lives and all.

Though I have never experienced past lives,I think it does explain my life situation to a great degree of accuracy.Do any of u guys have felt something like this stuff could be happening to u also?And do u guys know of any way to break these vows effectively?Virtue has given a technique about using an affirmation,black candle on a full moon night…What r ur thoughts guys?



When the word “selfish” no longer has any negative resonances for you, because you evaluate all other things and even all other lives as relative to you, and you accept yourself (while still in a learning process, and still capable of acting like a complete buffoon at times) as your own “axis mundi” - then all former vows will fall away, because they were taken under the illusion that something mattered more than your self.

When you’re ready to sacrifice your Self to your self, then you’re even not going to be bitched out by your own “conscience”/higher self/HGA/whatever.

Most of us don’t read the full text of the EULAs we click “I accept” to on our software, and then we might seek legal redress if they were unconstitutional/illegal and tried to seek enforcement, right? Because some twat has tried to pull a fast one on us, and it just won’t work in the better, wider, world?

Same thing.

I have done various practices to break ties with my former selves, or what appeared to me as former selves, whether they were that or not.

Practicing forgiveness towards my self, accepting the parts of me other parts of me disagree with.

(EDIT: Talking with my former incarnation and explaining how things are different now, and that the ways of the past do not work in my current life situation.)

Erasing personal history, a Toltec technique (although it applies more to current life than former).

Hindu/Vedic mantra chanting to dissolve karmic ties.


In my opinion all these practices evolve towards what Lady Eva is talking about. Accepting our self as putting ourself first as a priority. I used to put God or what I perceived as a a Higher power ahead of myself, keeping me in the number 2 spot. Eventually I realized there is no difference between the two. God or the Higher power cannot even exist for me, without me being there to be aware of it. There is a fundamental ground of being that can be experienced from which there is not any difference other than I am in a human body, thirsty, wanting some food, etc.

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The practice of pressence can break all past vows but you also need some things to happen.

I have a lot of past with Buddhist Monks, from India and Tibet. In this life when it came the moment for me to take refuge with the lamas I decided not to, while in a state of high awareness.

Because a past vow I would have kept on practicing the Dharma, and following the precepts, but I decided not too. Still until the situation had not happened, my life was moving towards that direction, my guides, my inner desires, all followed that past vow, it was deep but it was “broken” by desicion. That happened two years ago and my life took a totally different road from that moment on, I changed the city I lived, the way I made money, my sense of reality, lots of things I was “stagnate” from a while.

As I see it, life present you “key” moments at every moment and only a high awareness of your inner impulses can make you act in free will, otherwise you’ll follow the history of the past, be this life past of totally different “past” lifes.