Ritual for hire - Become in a Sex God

Hello everybody.

I feel disappointed after have a 1-1 consultation with EA Koetting :cry:

I asked him guidance to literally become into a living sex god.

His answer was like a psychologist instead of a black magician.

Anybody here has another bad experience his service?

Has somebody working with any entity to make any hot women lustful and even make the penis more bigger?

If real magick doesn’t allow broke the limits of our reality, then no make sense practice magick.



In my opinion, finding your way to solve your problems or getting your goals isn’t coming from other’s mouth. You have to find it, and achieve it. First, you have to make your first steps. It happens you won’t get the words or advices what you want, at that point the choice is yours, how you wish your goals come true.

There is lot of Gods who are interested in Sex and Love (Asmodeus, Lilith, Astarte etc.), and can help you reaching your goals. If you want something go and get it.

Using :mag: can give you more useful advices, so does not fear from using it.

If real magick doesn’t allow broke the limits of our reality, then no make sense practice magick.

This is a desperate statement from you, nothing more. Limits are exist only in your head.


Well, I want magic to be a billionaire without any efforts…

Sorry mate, but your disappointment is because of your illusional way of thinking about magick. That’s a widely spread speech between people who think that magick have something to do with Hogwarts or the Middle Earth…

This doesn’t exist.

But if you want real magick, that really works, you can evoke Orias and do some workouts (and some penile exercises, maybe it works), cutting your hair, getting some style, working on your body language, all of this with the help of Orias. And you can call Sitri to give you a lustful aura, or Beleth (I prefer the second one).

But you have to put your ass on the line. And dude, believe in me, most black magicians are also a little “psychologists” because they need to put your mind in line in order for you to reach your desired results. Without a mindset, a good one, you can’t reach anywhere.



You went to EA because, instead of actually seeking help to become a serious magician, you want to be a “sex god” and have a bigger penis? SMDH :rofl::rofl:

That was a total waste of his time and your money.


Nope. He had some easy minutes I think… :ok_hand:

These kind of problems does not requires too much energy, cause they are simple.


Blah blah blah… a lot of EA’ fans… nobody says that I am not willing to work hard for my goal, but if magick cannot support me in my journey then no make sense… is only a smoke seller… and no, is not a desperate statement… is the truth.


There are people who did everything without any serious support and got what they want. You just pretend like to do us a favor with you becoming better magickian, but no. It is all about you, and with blaming others because they “can’t” help you (you just simply can’t do anything with these), you won’t be better.

The biggest problems what are blocks you in your development is yourself, and your attitude. You can repeat yourself and continue acting like a little child, but it won’t help you.

If you are too lazy to work with magick, then leave it, and solve your problems with whoever you want. But these are your problems, no one else’s.

You said:

nobody says that I am not willing to work hard for my goal

Then what is your problem? Go on instead of wasting your money or time asking others about these. Most of things what you need for this are already there.


I hope explanations saying that Magick has indeed limits aren’t completely true; it happened to me to think the same, that spells/rituals to improve life would surely be helpful but not so much. Still, there is the “solace” of a logic: it’s a matter of resistance like with lightbulbs, magick itself may be more powerful than the world, but is exercised into it… Btw some writings seems to suggest that the practicioner may reach a stage where things become more bendable.

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Bro Juancito is such a badass name. How are you having trouble becoming a sex god? You totally wasted your time and money.

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Yeah, 'cause all of us with actual magical experience are saying what we’re saying 'cause we’re fans of EA :roll_eyes:

Magick may not have limits, but magicians certainly do, and this physical plane has rules that are immeasurably hard to break. Why do you think you don’t see masses of magicians levitating, or turning into animals, or whatever other ridiculous things people come to this forum demanding to be taught how to do?

Altering the physical body is among the hardest thing to do because your perception of its state of being is constant. Even something seemingly as simple as increasing penis size, will take months, if not years, to accomplish. It’s not a one spell and done kind of thing. Real magick isn’t movie magick where you speak a spell (or pay someone to do it) and poof! you are suddenly packing the biggest dick in town.

There are a good many things you can do on the physical plane to increase your own attractiveness. Practice energy work, and build up an aura of confidence and charisma. Work with spirits from the sphere of Venus to help. Learn how to cast glamours. These are the kinds of things that take time to learn and to implement, but will get you much further towards your stated goals than hiring someone one time to do a spell to make you a “sex god” (whatever that means).


@DarkestKnight said all.

But one more thing to say:

If you have a fear to work with magick, then don’t.

If you think there’s no point to work with magick, then don’t.

Just stop making unrealistic goals and look for evolution. Because when you remove all your self imposed limitations, all your limiting beliefs and when you perceive the reality as a state and know that every state can change, then you can get whatever you want.

But to get there, you need a lot of growth. You need to learn a lot. You need to practice a lot.

So start with low expectations. Do things that are just “out of reach”. Little by little, you achieve the impossible.

But if you don’t get the guts to try it for yourself, to work for yourself, then leave all this behind and stop complaining that “magick doesn’t work if it can turn you on a “Mandingo” that gets every single woman on the Eart”. Because it won’t happen.


Are you any good at fucking? I watch of hours and hours of porn without touching myself just to know how to properly fuck right. Or how to pleasure a woman right? Its a good start. No magic required.

There is limitless things in magic about sex. Stop being lazy. You might be a bad laid, just saying.



You were saying?

I’m assuming this situation has not changed? And i’m further assuming E.A. told you a ritual you should do in order to have sex for the first time? So you sir need to focus on THAT, and when that particular gate has been unlocked then you can try for sometime a little more spectacular.

P.S. And remember don’t be too picky about it, any hole in a storm should do, no?


Glamour magick will help with the 1st, for example creating a Talisman of Mars for masculine energy, or conversely Venus for attraction and pleasure, and working Law of Attraction to draw the right hot women to you.

As @charles9 has mentioned, you are not in the unfortunate position of being a man wearied by too much mediocre sex, so you may need to scale down from being a “sex god” to simply finding the right woman and right situation for sex. :+1:

There are penis enlargement topics on here (though less about using magick than physical methods). I have no opinion on this except to say that most men don’t need to enlgarge their penis, just their self-confidence.

I presume that was what his intuition told him would be helpful, and people have generally rated him highly for that. Nonetheless I have attempted to reply to your 2 questions because otherwise this topic may get out of hand.

(That’s not a pun. Okay, maybe a little bit. :rocket: )


Amazing post and request become a living sex god because your a virgin? Have you ever considered contacting an escort service?


That’s good advice IMO, find a nice clean girl who’s very pretty and totally focused on you for the time she’s booked, and ask her to pass on some advice. :+1:


Put this on a shirt and sell it.




Maybe he spoke to you like a psychologist because you need a psychologist lmao

Like a babe isn’t going to show up to your doorstep one day ready to fuck, this is possible though, but even if does happen do you know what to do from there? or how to get to that spot in the first place? EA probably already gave you this information