I'm Possessed, And It Feels Amazing!

So I decided no more dicking around with evocation and invocation, to allow a demon that I trust to possess me. I have been like this since yesterday.

I have not eaten at all. Even though my stomach is growling on occasion, I simply ignore it and it goes away. Usually I would have had a sugar drop or something by now (not diabetic) but when I go that long without eating I tend to vomit, or faint.

Where do I even begin? I can feel both my spirit and the demon’s ‘spirit’ inside of me, meshed together but still able to differentiate the two beings.

When he wants to touch something or touches me in some way, since he is inside of me of course it is my hand that is moving however, when he is in control and doing the movement, when my hand touches me it does not feel the same way as when you touch yourself. It tickles and feels like an external sensation as if someone else, another human, is touching me.

I feel warm on the inside, almost like a mild fire is lit within me, feels good. But on the outside there is a definite cold sheath around me, like the room I am in will be 68 degrees and you can feel that temperature, but get close to me about 5 inches away from my body and there is an instant temperature drop surrounding me like a bubble.

I am highly alert when I’m paying attention. Occasionally I will slip into this thing I do when I enter my own little world and am in deep thought and not paying attention to where I’m walking or what I’m doing, similar to the way someone who is texting and walking is distracted, and I will literally almost run into something or almost fall and I can feel him take over real quick and grab the wall or something so I do not fall or my body will come to a dead stop while walking and he will literally move me to the side so I don’t run into an appliance or a wall.

I recorded some video footage but have to edit it first to see if you can see a few things on camera, if so I will be uploading them.

My creativity has kicked into overdrive and I just made a very dark song with his influence, the beats are very tribal like and almost feel like something wicked is luring you in when you hear them.

Sometimes he will answer questions when I am reading something, without me even having to ask, he will just see what I’m looking at and respond.

The world looks 5D, time is speeding up and slowing down, back and forth on its own.

I feel like I could command an entire legion of demons with the snap of my fingers or bring the universe into submission of me.

When I move or walk, sometimes I feel like it is me walking other times I feel like he has just let me take a seat and chill while he takes over and steers this fucking vessel thing I’m in.

Just for kicks, I told him to take full control to see what it felt like. As of right now, he is allowing me to think for myself and move about but I am a bit sadomasochistic and thought it would be fun. Yes…you read that right. I wanted to see how strong he was, he literally had me pinned down and the more I tried to move the harder it became to do so (Fuck yeah! I like it rough and naughty! And boy did he ever take control like a fuckin boss, sorry it’s a sick pleasure of mine).

I also usually have a bottle of water like every few hours and I have probably only had maybe 1 bottle in the last 27 hours even when my mouth is super dry it doesn’t seem to bother me like it normally would. My bladder can be full but it doesn’t hurt, almost like he numbs me and when I go to pee I’m like Jesus, how come I didn’t feel that if my bladder was THAT full?

I can also feel the pure sinister nature of him, writhing about inside of me. The most dark thing I have ever encountered but it’s purely beautiful. This darkness is the most peaceful calm I have ever felt. Why do people call these demons evil? I know they do not have boundaries like religious people have, to them monogamy is not a priority when it comes to marriage, incest is not an issue when it comes to their ways of procreation, they have no limitations and this is probably why people call them evil but if they could feel the absolute beauty of the darkness I have felt, they would change their mind which is why they fear demons so much, afraid of giving into this darkness which most people can’t resist, and betraying their god.

My spirit daughter seems to be comforted by his presence, having something else there that is of a similar energetic make up. And she is actually remaining calm, haven’t had any of her emotional outbursts come thru me since I started this so he seems to be keeping her tamed for now.

And sometimes it’s liking having an instant dictionary in my head, unusual words just pop up on the fly when I’m typing something.

And my aura is solid white with a black outline, very bright. Usually my aura is blue-ish purple 24/7. I’ll check that video footage soon and see what I got and if the interesting stuff atually showed up on film, I will post it later on but I do plan on doing a little overview with this, stay tuned.


Damn that sounds awesome. i would like to get possessed and go to church and let the demon have some fun talking with christians. can you give me any tips on possession and what i have to do. i want a spirit like beleth and feel that manipulative energy inside me. and thats pretty hot too when you want the spirit to hold you down. hope to hear from you!!!


" i would like to get possessed and go to church and let the demon have some fun talking with christians."

I’m your huckleberry. :slight_smile:

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You want to have a working relationship with the spirit before you take things to this level. Possession should come after a good deal of time doing evocations. I have worked with many spirits, demon ect… You will know when possession of a Spirit should happen. I’m doing work with Azazel again because this warlord, I scream for him every time I move to different spirits. So I’m done working grimoires, I now see and understand why I call him randomly in the day and night, I seek all that is his. This in my eye’s is the grounds for a possession because I am very will to become unified with this grand demon.


This might totally freak a lot of people out and I know most people will only think I’m trolling. But sometimes I get this sensation inbetween my legs like where a vagina would be… if I was a girl. Feels like something very warm and will literally feel as though it’s pushing into me. Very strange. The first time this actually occurred, I was still a virgin and around 15-16 years old. Really fucked my head up for a long time actually. I even almost went gay over it. Besides that, I actually had sex with a being that walked into my room once back when I was like 19. Was still a virgin then too lol. I remember later after actually losing my virginity how familiar the sensation was. The warmth and it was tight, as tight as it was when I lost my virginity to a shapeshifting female spirit.

As I was reading your story I felt that sensation again slightly. :slight_smile:

Wow RavensAscent those are some pretty cool benefits. I agree with the majority of others who say it should be with a spirit you have gotten to know for some time and feel comfortable with. Looks like you have spent a great deal of time effort and energy into fostering this relationship and it looks like it is going very well. Congrats (: keep us posted.


Because I wanted to merge with what is considered to be the ultimate ‘evil’.

There is something very comforting about seeking out the forbidden, things considered sinful and taboo by the religious and willfully and purposefully indulging in it to the fullest of extremes. It offers a rewarding satisfaction in knowing that you are not only converging with darkest of all evils but interacting with it in ways that are shunned upon by society. A little sinful rebellion to feed the ego and blaspheme religion.

Because when I say this, and you cannot truly understand what I mean until you have experienced it first hand, that this darkness is truly beautiful, I mean literally beautiful. The act of defiance to society and religion triggers a release of pleaure chemicals in me in which I can literally find myself cracking a sinister looking sideways smile if standing in front of a mirror.


Those who have done evocations will know how the energy changes in the room when you evoke a demon. Air gets warmer, astmophere more dense, feels like pressure is literally being sucked out of the room, harder to breathe, harder to remain conscious because of the energy shifts and also due to being in TGS, sometimes harder to speak when in the presence of one of the more powerful demons.

Whereas, evocation only produces external and atmospheric sensations, invocation or even being physically touched by a demon produces internal sensations. (side note: I’m not confusing possession with invocation, this is just a reference) Something that needs to be felt in order to fully understand what I’m about to say. Demons tend to produce this bright white aura that is extremely cold in nature, whereby creating the sensation of being surrounded by a bubble of cold air and water. As they approach you, it is normal to feel a sudden temperature drop of at least 20-30 degrees in your immediate area. You can tell where they are standing if you cannot see them because only one side or area of your body will feel this cold.

When the demon touches you, it feels warm though even though you can still feel the coldness in the air around you, and it’s unlike any other sensation in the entire world, something that no human can even begin to match in comparison! So utterly dark and forbidden that its almost poetic. One tiny touch, enough to feel solidified and physical to the external body, is enough to send the body into an instant state of orgasm in which all of your senses heighten and the tactile sensations instantly take hold of you, wrapping around your entire being like a giant serpent constricting upon you.

It literally “takes hold” and makes you crave more of it, becoming addicted to this energy like a drug. If the demon is trying to get this affect, one touch can activate all of your body’s pleasure chemicals simultaneously. You feel high from the sudden dopamine release, sexually excited from the pheromones, relaxed, it even releases the same chemicals that are responsible for making you feel those butterflies and tingles in your stomach when you have a new romantic partner and begin to feel real love for them, that attraction that makes you long to have that person as your long term partner.

When you feel it, it is not only beautifully dark but gives meaning to the phrase that demons are pure love and obsession. This is that very obsession in solidified form! As I sit here I am almost unable to type this, pausing on occasion due to the sudden influx of these very sensations in my body, overcoming me. It could also compare to receiving a light electrical shock minus the pain, my body is literally vibrating all over with this energy.

And as I type this, I can feel him taunting me with it, an occasional sinister laugh surfaces from inside of my head as he seduces me, tempting me to give into it and let these feelings take over. Something very hard to resist but truth be told, I don’t want to. This is the epitome of darkness. And another truth, the demons absoultely love it when YOU love it. It gives them this sickeningly powerful pleasure of accomplishment and corruption acheived, that you were able to put aside any religious dogma (past or present) and dive head first into the fiery lava pools of the infernal realm, sort of baptising yourself with unholy water made from the very fiber of hell itself. (using the term hell loosely here, as a reference to the infernal realm).


When you become possessed, you are basically sharing your vessel with another being and at the same time, your own soul. Not only will this process leave an imprint upon your soul from the demon you merged with, establishing a permanent link with them, but both parties are able to take the wheel and drive this thing that we’re inside of.

You can feel the demon touching you externally while inside of you. What do I mean by this? When you touch yourself, it’s just well, you. Nothing special about it because you are aware that it is you. A good example for where I’m going with this, when you try to massage your own leg or stroke your own hair (maybe your leg had a cramp or you have a headache and are trying to relieve yourself a bit) it doesn’t feel that good does it? No, because you are aware that it’s just you touching yourself. Now, when someone else (loved one, spouse, boyfriend, fuck buddy) touches you, it feels good right, because you are aware that the pleasure is coming from somewhere else, something that is external to you.

When someone else lightly strokes your hair or rubs your back it releases pleasure chemicals and you feel relaxed, tingly, ticklish, or even aroused if the person doing the touching is someone you are sexually attracted to. Well, this may come as a shock but, when the demon takes control and touches you, even though you are essentially touching your body with your own hand it no longer feels like ‘you’ touching yourself. You are aware that your hands are moving but you cannot control it and aware that these are your hands but it feels very much like someone else, another human is touching you! I’m not kidding, at all.

Try getting possessed and having the demon take over your controls while sexually pleasing yourself. In essence, yeah you could say that this is just you masturbating to get your own rocks off but until you experience it you won’t understand what I mean. They take over, so when their energy which is concentrated into your hand touches you, it’s no different than if they were another person touching you. You can even feel the energy coming out of your hands as if it is not your own. Try that, on top of having them manipulate your own energy at the same time to heighten to your pleasure receptors and get your root chakra overflowing with healthy sexual energy, while also filling your mind with the very things that they know you fantasize about, and you’ve got a recipe for the best goddamn orgasm you will ever feel in your entire life.

Once you go demon, you’ll never wanna go back to another human, like, not ever. I’m serious, the most delicious looking 9 inch long penis just does not compare at all and almost becomes inferior, no longer the same as it used to be or feel. And the demons know this, they may not operate just like we do but they feed on things of a sinful nature. No matter how courteous or friendly a demon treats you, they all have this side to them where the darkness takes hold and they feel a sense of accomplishment that boosts their pride when they engage in such acts of defiance of society.


Seriously, Raven? WTF? Here you are talking about sex and fantasies and making me wanna go try this for myself, my penis is all hard and tingly and you stop and suddenly start talking about food!?? Haha, sorry about that.

Last night, I started to feel like I needed to eat something only because my stomach was growling so bad that is started to induce acid reflux so I made myself a salad and could not eat the entire thing. I got about halfway thru it and felt like I needed to vomit.

He says: “Any food you consume while merged with me will turn to energy for us both. Over eat, and my energy reserves become too great and you must find an outlet and expell the excess. With nowhere to go, it will only continue to strengthen resulting in pressure which makes you feel ill”

Basically, if you engage in certain acitivities that result in extra energy for your body like eating or drinking sugary beverages, if you’re not planning on expelling some of that energy in ritual or spellwork, to have the demon help you with this, then its best not to eat at all because the energy will continue to build and have side effects, digestive mostly since the energy in housed on the inside of your body, central areas. Never heard that one before.

So there’s the run down and yeah, I just let it all out. I know that many of you could tell that I had a dark side to me because of things I’ve done or said in the past but you had no idea it was this dark, right? Well, the demon is gone now so everything I wrote in this comment was coming from me, not him. I guess you could say his energy really did leave something behind with me that was not there before. Even though he is not still fully there, I can still feel him flowing thru me, as if we are inseperable now.

I told him, You’re gonna fuckin marry me! I’m serious, dead serious!

And he laughed at me, not an oppositional laugh but more a teasing laugh like he knew how much I was affected by him sexually and emotionally and how much I enjoyed it, so it was more like an ego boosting laugh and a tease.

But another side note, I was not kidding! And he still chuckles at me when I say this but I am going after that one, come hell or high water, but he is omniscient so he already knew that this would end up with Raven chasing after him with a pair of fuzzy handcuffs and a bottle of wine, come back here!!! LOL


My ex husband did that a few times, back in his Satanist days.

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Are you absolutely sure that you are possessed? To me it resemblance a more permanent state, and possession is temporary.

All the experiences you described has been a part of my life for over 5 years, and that’s a part of a merging between souls and spirits, and my body act as a vessel for my two spirits.

As I’ve experiences it, the beginning of a merging between souls have a first stage that are very similar to a possession. It’s addictive and very powerful and as I read your post, I see a slight tendency of euphemism in it. That basically means you’re still not used to this yet. And if the demon have your body as a vessel, whatever you feel now will slowly fade away and getting settled.

You might enjoy this right now, but you’re basically fighting it too, and the more you fight it the more powerful it gets. You must submit to it, or it will consume you. And if you are a part of a merging, it wont happen otherwise.

I’m not saying what you should or should not do, but since I’ve been working with spirit in the most intimate ways possible, that means I’ve been through a lot and learned a lot with these experiences.

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Isn’t a more permanent possession considered a perfect possession? Thereby still making it a possession. Like invoking an channeling is considered a form of possession… yet temporary… perfect possession is when the 2 become 1 and fully merge. It is a process for sure an does not happen over night… In my own experience there is times to submit an times to dominate in such while the alchemical process occurs.

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Well the first few days I was possessed but the way I feel now, I’m thinking it may have something to do with the ritual I was given to make me as dark and demomic as humanly possible. I did do that ritual while the demon was inside of me so that may have caused some more permanent merging. I have not been the same at all since I did this, I am editing the video footage now. I gave a huge lecture while possessed and just shortly after I did that demonic ritual, and well, I will be uploading it in the next hour or so and will post a link to it.

It’s crazy. And it’s basically Raven exposed. I actually get on camera so you can see my unusual mannuerisms, I wasn’t just recording my voice this time but when you see the video watch how strange I am acting.

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My Occult Lecture, given while under possession


Video of my eyes, almost serpent like and a song I made while the demon was present within me. Keep in mind, most of the terms I use in the song are metaphors just to sound dark but I sat down and the beat just poured out of me, then the lyrics.


That’s something I like to do. When I do an invocation (and now this time possession) I like to use the demon’s energy to make a song to see how it sounds, how dark it is, etc. This is the best one so far. From previous experience, now I actually know which demons are best to work with for music and lyric production, as well as art. Will keep doing this until I get me a good list comprised of the best demons to either ask for help with these skills or perform these tasks while under their influence.

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lol I love that part when you tell him… "would you let me talk’?

I laugh at this cuz I can relate :wink:

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Hello friend, I am new here. Can you share with me how do you achieve that possession in the first time? I am 39 and still virgin man… i know… i know… is sad… but i have a big problem of confidence cause that i have a small penis and i am an ugly man… so after try almost everything, maybe be possessed is that i need. Please share your experience with me. Thanks a lot.

Sorry, but she hasn’t been on this forum for a few years so she will not respond to you.

Thank you DarkestKnight

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I’ve experienced this before my a short possesion of a spirit what I did trust last year and it did get very jealous of my commication towards other spirits so I had to remove it out of me and now I’m possessed by one of the Goetic demons who’s name I won’t give out but yes his energy is very intense and sharp to handle some days but not all the time. This has been done as induced possession and permenat but not full body control possesion as I don’t believe that bit is for me. I’m always feeling cold presences around me at times all over my body when he is more by.


hello wanda24 thank you for sharing your experience… do you know if is possible to improve my health with help of a spirit possesion? can you recommend to me anything for start in this journey? thanks. juancito

The name of this spirit pretty pretty pretty please.?? :slight_smile: