Ritual for hire - Become in a Sex God

Do APsara Sadhana, It is said Their Beauty starts where Human Beauty Ends just as Chimps Beauty ends where Human Beauty Starts ( For chicks, There are Many Chimps Manlier Than many beta cucks ).

They can easily Change your physical appearance TO A CONSIDERABLE DEGREE if You request them. But for some reason Few I know Clearly said No Even when it was Proposed by the Nymph/Apsara herself.

Just watched this last night, lol. It never gets old…

@juancito what are you doing right now to achieve your goal? Supporting action to your magick?

Dead ass serious:

  • Hit the gym. Get your weight up in the arms and shoulders, and away from the belly.
  • Man-groom
  • Buy a nice outfit. There is nothing like the confidence that comes with knowing your physical
    appearance is up to par.
  • See if that does not start helping, even if marginally.
  • If you have to, go to a strip joint or go find a hooker. Get those pipes cleaned out and see if
    something ‘clicks’. This is actually pretty important to future magick in this area. It will go a long,
    long way towards improving your visualization for one thing.
  • For the pecker thing, my best suggestion would be to explore the psychological phenomenon of
    Pseudocyesis and see if you can get anything out of experimenting on your end.

It would be a load of work, but you get what you put in. Hope this helps.



Magick CAN do miracles. Doesn’t matter what your problem is. Here is the thing… to achieve that kind of power, requires A LOT of practice, hard work and a lot of time. We’re talking years, not days or weeks. And that’s ok if your goal is to achieve that level of experience in magick.

But it’s not the best solution if you want all that to get one thing and that’s it. In this case, magick can be used to create opportunities for change that you need to confirm by taking action.

When someone like E.A suggests to you alternative options to solve your problem, that’s not because magick can’t help. But because he wants you to get what you want, the easiest way possible. You’re lucky that he’s an honest man. There are tons of scammers out there, who would be more than happy to take advantage of your need, and promise to teach you how to make miracles and give you nothing except an empty bank account!

You have two options :

1st : Spend lots of time and hard work to learn magick, then lots of time and hard work to get to the level of power and experience to get what you want with magick.

2nd : Use magick to get opportunities that would allow you to achieve your goal.

As far as magick is concerned, those are you two available options.

With that said. You can solve your problems without magick by keeping an open mind, research, and have courage enough to take action and accept some risks.

For example, you mentioned that you’re ugly. Not a problem today at all. Plastic surgery!
Small penis?! That’s only an issue because what you know about sex is probably only from movies and porn because you have no experience. Meaning, the main problem here is not your small penis, it’s your limited experience and lack of knowledge.

Most women don’t give a fuck about the size of your penis, as long as you know how to make her completely satisfied and really happy in bed. Sexual pleasure in sex doesn’t only come from the sexual organs… but from everything you do while you’re having sex. A guy with no experience in sex could keep a woman cold as ice or drive her crazy mad even if he got a dick of a porn star because he doesn’t have a clue what the hell he’s doing. While a guy who knows how to please a woman, can get her all over him all night no matter what he got between his legs.

Sex is science and art, it’s not… mechanics!

Learn sex, take classes and courses. Many people do that to improve their sexual life. Visit a doctor and work with him to get a larger penis, that also can be done.

Magick doesn’t solve problems, magick only make things happen. We solve problems, by using magick. Huge difference.

So don’t lose your concentration. Focus on solving your problems. Not on using magick. If magick can help, great, use it. If magick would add unnecessary problem to your existing problem, then no need to use magick for that problem. Learn it and use it for many other things, but solve this specific issue with whatever solutions you can get.

Again, you are really lucky that E.A is not a scammer. You are GOLD for scammers, a walking dollar sign. So don’t hate him for being honest with you. You should thank him. Even if you didn’t hear what you wanted to hear.


You are infinite and limitless, unified consciousness. All realities exist simultaneously.You can have any experience you desire provided you realise that you can and then get accustomed to living in the state (essence) of your fulfilled desire by giving up emotional investment/focus in realities that seem to contradict that desire Just one thing to note on the “bigger dick” issue: that really does boil down to self-esteem. I am not sure you will ever be satisfied without a strong sense of self-worth no matter what physical enhancements you may perform.

Any entity can work for you in this regard. However, I’d begin with entities that focus on self-knowledge that precedes self-love and confidence. Consider, Venus or Freyja, Odin or Och etc. Mother Mary and Infant Jesus are also goo for this if you know how to work with them without getting stuck in traditional interpretations.


I add, as “mundane” advices, 2 ideas I had yesterday (I don’t know, maybe some things are already covered): shift from concern on how to behave in women’s presence, to think about being friendly/social. And, sure, pay a bit of attention to body language etc., but ultimately being confident anyway.


@DarkestKnight is right. So to Further on magick is not TV so
Stop complaining and wining and take action Become that warlock be that athlete be that true charmer, -you don’t get beautiful teeth unless you brush with something thats not poisonous or sugard-.
Its not easy to be continuously active in mind spirit body -whatever order- and when you have down time accept it and then get up.
You don’t do money magic without thete being an avenue for the money to come and you don’t get mail delivered without a letter box.


@Purple has a point. Learning how to apply a condom thats pleasurable for both you can find on u tube
.And just because im in the mood to say: Be greatful that these accomplished sourceres even bother to offer their services and any magick working ritual or divination or spell must be paid weather the practitioner needs the money or not. They are using energy their time etc to benefit others. Its a form of respect to begin with. You don’t go to work for free -even as a volunteer i still get sometime. You don’t fuck a woman without giving het something. … ahk. All this youll find in the 7 Hermetic principals.

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Get a succubus.

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Thanks. I completely agree about being grateful. They could be in hiding and enjoying life in private.

To the o.p. learn how to use your tongue. Here is a fake pussy to practice on. You can use in ritual too. There are cheaper ones.

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I’d say if you want to be a sex god, go to the doctor and get viagra, read some instructional books on the subject, buy a blow up doll, and practice your moves. Practice makes perfect. :grin:

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If you think like a Sex God than you will become one. Try the law of attraction, in YouTube there is this film called the secret 1,2 and 3 :wink:

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Hey buddy, herein lies the problem.

Let me address the second line in the quote first. When you go to a person or an entity for help, their response to you will rely heavily on what it is that you asked them in the first place. You asked for guidance on ‘literally’ becoming a sex god.

Now, I don’t personally know E.A, and so don’t know how be breaks down thought patterns, but I am sure your disappointment in his response had very much to do with your initial request.

Here’s why, which brings me to the first line in the quote above.

“…literally become into a living sex god”, has so many open variables to it. If we were to create a thread on here asking people what that means to them, you’ll get 100 different responses. For some people it might be having sex with 30 different people every month, and to others it might be giving and receiving mind blowing orgasms to just one person.

In every working of magick, you need to be able to define what it is that you truly seek. Here is where you start. Truly understand what being a sex god means to you. Define it. Know the feeling you wish to have once you’ve become one.

Once you have that picture of what it means, then map the required hard work, combined with magick that is needed to get you from where you are now to where you need to be.

Let me give you some examples:

  • If you want women to lust over you, then, maybe get in great shape, work with Belial to become alpha (most women dig this), and ask Sitri to supercharge your aura with attraction.

  • If you want that one partner to be batshit crazy over your abilities in the sack, then figure out what type of woman do you best gel with, sexually speaking, and what type of woman gels with you. Its like creating a profiled type of woman you are most attracted to. When you have that, add some magick in there to enhance the flow of sexual energy between you two, and watch the fireworks happen.

The word mantra “Kroom” is intensely powerful for this. There are tracks on Youtube that you can play whilst in the act. I guarantee intense orgasms.

The other is microcosmic orbits between the two of you. This really gets things going.

I come back to point: define what you truly want before you go to a person or entity for help in making it reality. Also, it helps to know the person or entity beforehand. Do your research to know that the person or entity can both understand and deliver that which you seek.

If you can do the above, your bad experiences will turn into good ones.


I’m by far the “most improved” in this area out of anyone I know. I studied and practiced obsessively for 12 years to get where I’m at and it shouldn’t take that long if you’re serious. A lot of it was reading and applying bad information.

I’ll save you a decade.
Mandatory reading:

  • The Book of Pook
  • Sex God Method by Daniel Rose
  • How to Fuck a Woman’s Brains Out by Thorndaddy
  • The Unchained Man by Caleb Jones
  • The women and lifestyle sections of GoodLookingLoser.com
  • Anything that appeals to you from BlackDragonBlog

Max out your looks, express (don’t impress), and realize you can’t “game” a girl into liking you. You can only steer the interaction if she’s both sexually available and into you enough. It’s truly a numbers game and you’re just looking for women who you click with AND who happen to be sexually available at that time.

Combine all the above reading with massive action and a good spell and you’ll have friends askint you for advice.

Another great resource is RSD Blueprint Decoded. I listen to it every year or two and it’s like getting night vision with a targeting system for human social interactions. It even helped me train dogs… Well worth the time to listen


Just follow Archeleous advice or it is very difficult for you?

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Use subliminals on you tube. There are plenty that will help you in becoming a ‘sex god’ and probably more that will help you get a bigger dick. Ijs. Using subliminal messages and affirmations are a form of magick, because it affects the subconscious mind the same way a spell or ritual would.
Branch out. There are more ways that black magic.

So, you gave money to E.A. Koetting instead of giving it to a prostitute… if you want to get laid, just go straight to the point, juancito.

And what the heaven is that name?

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Violation of rools