Ring in ears when spirits or demon are around

So I’ve noticed that whenever I sense any spiritual beings demons, gods, etc around me I start hear a ringing sound anyone experience anything like that?


Sometimes yes

Last night my eardrums were “vibrating” like someone was shouting at me but i couldnt hear! Very frustrating


That’s a common phenomenon. I experienced hearing that sound when I tried lucid dreaming and astral projection/soul travel. I’d compare it more like a buzzing, like the sound that the ocean creates, the sound of the waves of water, once I thought that an ocean/sea was near me when I heard that sound (I was in my room, lucid dreaming and astral projecting and trying some other experiments. Also I saw a shadow being that done crazy things). Also that sounds appears when entities are talking or trying to talk with you. (but for me the ringing sound when an entity speaks or tries to speak to me is different than the ringing sound that I hear when I try to lucid dream, astral project, reach altered states of mind and create my own world and do things there, etc.)


Like a high pitched Dentistry drill sounds, when a Demon comes over, when i dream about something, i get the sound of a Diesel locomotive sound without the horn, entering my home, how are these Demons producing the most frightening and freakish sounds how do they produce those sounds, also it feels like when Demon comes im going to be chopped up, there are alot of variety of Demons in existence.


It’s actually the natrual OHM tone of our world.
It’s ringing usually is a sign of either accessing Energies from outside this reality or having something in close proximity that manifested here but is Dimensional shifted.




With a specific demon i heard a loud crashing, like someone just dolphin dived through a window

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Accurate discribtion.

Ever heard something like that when praying to yehova / jeshua?
Nope? Now you know why others have more power to contribute. :wink:





You’re an interesting guy :thinking:

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You sure it isn’t tinnitus? I could say I sneeze every time I think of spirits and that does happen. Could be nerve ending on how I twitch my nose, psychosomatic thoughts, or allergens.

And it could be spirits on both counts. I try to rule out mundane. Creating an environment with zero otter interference is hard (no light, sound, air movement, perfect temperature, no environmental movement shifts). If you can then it’s filtering out your inner sounds of the body.

After all that silencing and then you detect spirits or what not… well, I guess that’s a good sign to counter unbelief.

I know tinnitus well as I have a pretty annoying form and it’s gotten worse over the decades… esp with more tech.

I doubt that it’t tinnitus simply base the facts that I only hear it when working spirits and that the ringing sound seems to be non ivasive in that it dosn’t impair my ability to hear things in the mundane world, also as a side note I wonder if the reason for it is because my ability to see and hear spirits os far less developed that my ability to feel there presence and energy


Sounds similar to what i experienced on DMT while making contact…

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Awesome. Could you detail more? @DjangoDerDude

Sure… I have smoked dmt many times, and in my case it pretty much allways with this kind of ringing Sound, with gradually grows “louder”… It feels like you become that Sound…

With dmt it’s basically a given to make contact with certain entities, given the Dose is high enough… I had (what i think to be) toth and one of his buddies scan me with some kind of laser… I had weird Maya looking guys, and a variety of hindu gods^^

A smoked dmt Trip lasts only about 12 minutes, but If you do like 50mg+ you will be shot through hyperspace… Literally… Complete Ego death and you cease to be a human being… It’s incredible…

The downside is that i don’t think you can Control any of it… If you fight, you loose^^

Back when i did this i had basically no Idea about all this mystical stuff, now that i am Reading into it, it’s fascinating how my experiences are reflected in stuff like the quabbalah…


Oh, and they allways tell you how happy they are that you discovered this technology^^

Yeah, I forgot to mention that the sounds grew louder and louder till it reached some points in which other things started to happen. (or did I mention that?)

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I think there actually might be a link between those mystical states like yours and indogenous dmt (Not proven by science, but considered)…

It might be how those mystical states are expressed by the Body in this material realm…

You could Check out rick strassmann’s “dmt - the Spirit molecule”

I’d like someday to try DMT too, but I don’t know where to buy it. I tried other subtances in the past. In the future (after some years) maybe I’ll buy from darknet, but hansa got closed and there almost all the darknet markets are almost filled with scams.

There’s another, but i don’t think we are allowed to discuss this here…

How does one send private Messages here? I’m new here^^

Idk, after almost 200 days that I’ve visited the forum I still can’t PM other members.