Rider Waite Smith tarot is not the best type of cartomancy or divination. Fact. Unless you’re exclusively LHP. And small rant at the end

There are so many other types of divination. RWS might be one of the first ways newcomers get into tarot but it’s not the best. Runes, scrying, numerology, omens the list goes on. But all everyone uses is RWS. There are other systems out there. RWS’s readings have some sort of an agenda. And it’s usually to get you into a specific mindset. There’s no way to prove this thing. In this field it’s mainly anecdotal evidence. Spirits attached to the Rider Waite Smith deck are generally of the Satanic variety. Across five decks each have pushed me towards a do what thou wilt, chasing vengeance and an empty lifestyle. If that suits you, read RWS. The cards are basically a mockery of biblical symbolism that’s why it attracts those spirits. Runes take their energy from the norse gods and the tree of knowledge. It’s a sort of pagan style of divination. It’s the path of a warrior. Something I can get behind. Another alternative to RWS is Lenormand. I have a Lenormand deck. It’s practical, efficient, and to the point. It tells you like it is. RWS on the other hand has a whole philosophy to a single card. It looks into the minds of people and what they think. It’s very wishy washy. Occasionally it’s completely off. Absolutely no idea what it’s talking about. I’ve also heard good things about the tarot marseille. RWS is not the be all end all. Fact. It’s not the only divination that exists. And LHP is not the only path that exists. I’ve invented my own path. It doesn’t go from the LHP selfishness extreme to the RHP martyr lifestyle. It’s called the middle path! Maybe people should stop putting labels on each other and coexist without getting into a pissing contest over each other’s face value judgements. That would be wonderful. Also to the people that think they are voodoo black magick death hex cursing maniacs that kill people for fun nobody cares about you. Your point of view is not the only point of view.

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I think this post will help you work things out, it did for me. I edited what I said, because it came across as condescending. Sorry about that.

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Nope. Not confused. That’s exactly what I meant. Edit: saw your edit. It’s fine. LHP = morality is optional, no rules. RHP = morality, rules. I have no idea how people live the LHP. I couldn’t live with myself if I cursed someone to die.

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lhp to me is defiance, rhp is alliance, and both are skewed from the ultimate

duality and all that

although defiance and alliance are the best of them


What’s the ultimate if you don’t mind me asking? You can be anti religion and not be left hand path. I don’t understand the need for two paths opposing each other. Left hand path can be right hand path too. It can be a religion. Say if you believe in Satanism. That’s a religion. Is it a left hand path religion? Then is it left hand path or right hand path? Is E.A. Koetting a Satanist? Possibly. There’s lots of Satanists on here. Satanism is basically be your own god, no rules. Morality is optional. I think that religion is religion and there are no paths. Everyone is different.

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Naming the ultimate is paramount to religion, almost. It just is, and i feel it as I speak. It’s just the way.

words are meant to be heard and understood for their meanings.

you can use the best deck for you

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Have you heard of ‘The wild unknown tarot’

I am interested but i dont like the devil card

For Rider waite cards i dont like the quality of print


why not?

I dont know
Might be because there is a pic of 1 goat

((Might seem stupid))

Just because it doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean it can’t deliver accurate readings. And it doesn’t matter what “path” you follow (or if you don’t follow any). I know right hand pathers that use tarot (most readers use a RWS type as you call it) with great accuracy and left hand pathers that have really bad accuracy.

And sure, no one should put labels to someone, but some times people do want to put a label on themselves. And that’s ok, just as you call your self “middle pather”.

And for last, baneful magic is a whole branch by it self, same as love/lust magic. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist.


Let’s do an experiment with Rider Waite Smith. Do a reading on how this COVID situation will resolve itself and within what timeframe? And it has to be with absolute certainty with facts. Will be waiting for the answer…

Not sure what this second sentence is. Must be some sort of passive aggressive remark.

I didn’t say baneful magick shouldn’t exist. I questioned why someone would want to curse someone to die as you know murder is ethically wrong.

Nope! A curse is different than a flat out murder even if it leads to death! Also some criminals deserve to be cursed when the victim is forsaken!

That’s funny…
First of all I don’t do “covid readings” I find this kind of questions at least silly.
Second, even If I was interested I didn’t said I am accurate.
Third, even if I was saying I am accurate, I never said I’m interested in showing off in balg or willing to prove anything to anyone.
And last (but not least), I didn’t asked you to prove that your way of divination is better than mine. This is not an e-psychic competition.
Fact is, not all kinds of divination methods work equally good for everyone.

Its exactly what I wrote. Not a “passive aggressive remark”, but you do seem irritated. Is it because tarot isn’t working for you? I mean…there are divination methods that don’t work for me, like the pendulum, but I’m not that frustrated about it.

Because they’re good at it. Because they’re interested on it. There isn’t anything “ethically wrong” in magick. Same as If I go around and say that love spells is actually rape and money magick is stealing. :woman_shrugging: That would also be wrong.
You can say that you don’t like it, that you are against it, but you can’t force your “ethics” on others. That would be against my ethics then :joy:


I don’t think that there is a divination tool (or anything in this world actually) that will provide you with facts, be it RWS, the Runes, or the Lenormand.

To be honest, I don’t quite understand what you are talking about in your first post. The so-called RWS is merely a set of images, based on the creator’s understanding of the Tarot system. However, the Tarot was invented much earlier, as well as the numerology, astrology, idea of the four main elements, and the whole symbolism on the RWS cards in general. All of them were present in different ancient cultures, the majority even before Christianity. RWS is just a compilation of all those in one deck.

And since this is divination, the reader is more important than the deck. You might have your own understanding of all those symbols that will most likely differ from mine. And it’s not because of some spirits or RHP or LHP or whatever, but because we are two different individuals, as I see it.


We don’t have a magickal police yet but you do realise that cursing or hexing someone to die is murder. It’s no different than going to a gun store or arms dealer, buying a gun and ammo, going home, loading the gun, planning your murder, putting a bullet in their brain, watching the life leave their eyes and blood spattering across the wallpaper or pooling on the floor. Except this can’t be proved in a court of law. Just because it’s magick and magick is cool doesn’t make it right. You could say kicking homeless people until they are have brain damage is ethical because they agreed to it for money! Or any other kind of mental gymnastics just to avoid responsibility. If you force someone to have sex with you that’s rape. They need to give their consent for it to be ethical. By all means ignore other people’s will and rights, but every action has physical, moral, emotional consequences. Karma is real and it’s a bitch.

Yes there is. Those mentioned and scrying. The early tarot before RWS was authentic. RWS is just an interpretation of tarot. Sure the pictures are pretty but it can’t be relied upon for something important. Spirits are the ones that give you the reading. Every tarot deck has a different spirit to do the reading. But across the board with 7 different RWS decks I have found they are consistently unreliable compared to all other divination methods. @Anassa I wasn’t asking you to show how good you are at divination. I was asking you to prove that RWS can be relied upon for something real world seeing that you use RWS.

Yeeee nope! I respect your opinion but I still disagree!


My point was that you don’t have to look at the pictures if you find them unreliable. There are many ways to read the Tarot. The system is quite complicated and allows every person to find their own method of reading. That’s why it is so popular.

I also used both the Lenormand and the Runes for divination but I can’t say that they are better or worse than a Tarot deck with RWS symbolism.

This is the first time I hear about spirits of the deck. I know that you can dedicate your deck to a certain spirit or even a whole pantheon, for example, as a way of communicating with them. But in other cases, I see the Tarot as an instrument like I see a brush when I paint. You, of course, don’t have to agree with me on that.

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That is so totally true, the best tarot is Crowley’s the Toth tarot