Request Thread for Those Who Want to Practice Working for Others

Hi, some people have been attacking my father spirituality using black magic just because he is more hardworking than them, now he is not feeling well. Could someone assist by evoking any baneful entity to strike all those involve, reverse what ever they have done and make them pay for what they have done. Thanks in advance.

You cannot just expect an entity to do everything + they can refuse to do so, keep that in mind. Those who practise magick know that.

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Please don’t single-out specific members. If you have a request, put it here.


Marbas came readily for this when I called to confirm his willingness. Kindly keep me updated.


I was wanting to call opfaal for something else but wanted to work on your request as well.

I was lead to draw the sigil on a piece of river birch bark I obtained recently.

Birch is associated with the rune Berkano

Opfaal accepted the charge(s) but I gotta feeling like there’s more going on, and your situation may be a bit complicated (or at least that you’ve got other things in the mix) but I couldn’t get a clear read about it.

It was requested that I add my Channeled rune sigil/stave to the equation, and I obliged. (Likely related to the other parts of your situation)

With that, it is done.


Greetings one and all, it’s been awhile since I checked in. Had a rough finish to last year with a car accident back in October, no major injuries but the minor ones I’ve been dealing with have left me in a lot of pain, and I was dealing with chronic pain issues before that.

To keep it succinct, I was advised last time I tried contacting a spirit for guidance I was in need of healing. (Long story short, tried contacting Orobas awhile ago even before the accident and was flat out told ‘you need healing, I specialize in redirecting fate, seek a healer.’ in so many words) I’m looking for someone who could work healing for rejuvenation/regeneration of joints and connective tissue.

Thank you, and have a good weekend.


How do you know they used black magic against him?

Is he sick or just stressed out?

Thank you so much! I didn’t expect you to be drawn to do it. <3

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Thank you so much! I will definitely keep you posted. I appreciate it!

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He is very sick and the doctors have made many checks but they said nothing is wrong with him. He saw a lock with some red cloth and items tied together on his corridor. And more he over head some 3 women and a man saying they will kill him. He is said he is feeling so much pains in his organs. The doctors checked everything including his heart but they said nothing is wrong with his heart, but I see him weakening as each day passes.

Peace and love. Thanks so much brother norse900. I love you brother. I’ll appreciate this deep inside my heart. Live long.


@ophidian-shard I had some success with healing the periphal nerves of two fingers of a person who wasn’t able to play his guitar anymore because of an accident (the surgery after the accident left his fingers numb). Also Buer did a lovely job on my rotator cuff injury. If you’d like I would combine my energy working with a petition to Buer. I would get to the work after you’ve given your permission :slight_smile:

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That sounds wonderful. You certainly have it. Thank you.

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Alright :slight_smile: I am already preparing my working materials. I will use a really really really long candle and because this massive unit needs to burn down completely I will start the practical work tomorrow in the morning (I’m located in Middle Europe and its already early evening here. The candle will probably burn the entire day and I need to check on it every once in a while :slight_smile: )

I will update you tomorrow with a picture of the setup and what I did so far :stethoscope:


Bune asked me to look into the process again.
I’ve scanned the area and my own throat felt literally blocked. I think that there is still some work that needs to be done before Bunes energy can fully kick in. I’d like to give it another go as soon as I have helped out another member in this thread if you like :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone,

Could anyone please help me and do a Protection Removal on a women I have in mind?:tired_face:

thank you so muchhh in advance

hello, it seems like there has been some improvement after what you did for me last time… I would be happy if you try again in your free time… may the light be with you

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hello again friends, I suffer from hyperhidrosis. My hands and feet sweat 4 seasons of the year. Because of this problem, I can’t greet with my hands. I can’t hold my girlfriend’s hand. The paper gets wet in exams. I can’t use fingerprint security. I can’t hold my girlfriend’s hand…
The doctor says there is no problem. My hormone etc tests came back clean.
Anyone want to help?


Hi, @caringang not sure if you would be open to medicine - botox can be used to treat hyper sweaty armpits, hands etc. Also, Driclor, a sort of roll on liquid from pharmacies, can help lessen the sweating…