Channeled rune abundance sigil/stave?

So, while I was in the process of something else some time ago, my mind was getting a bunch of different stuff that honestly started to feel like channeling or a minor download of some sort, I dunno.

Anyway, this came together at some point:

To dissect:

We have INGWAZ, here representing a seed.

Within that seed is JERA, the rune of harvest and the year

Penetrating the bottom sides are double ANSUZ which become arrows (TIWAZ), and the lines further protruding into the seed create the intersected lines of GEBO.

Poking out they look like roots coming out of the seed.

Sprouting from the top of this seed (INGWAZ) are three FEHU.

The whole time I got lots of images of wheat, and these three fehu should be looked at as pictographic ally representing stalks of wheat

This is more a long-term project/goal thing.

What I saw in my mind in regards to use was things like drawing it out once a day every day (such as on a calendar, or on a piece of paper til the page is full) then burning it.

You could make a talisman out of it to be destroyed upon completion of a goal (or season if you want to use it as a seasonal thing).

Or, meditating on it mentally (visualization) starting with one ingwaz being planted in the ground watching the jera form within, and the seeing the arrows piercing the sides, then becoming roots.

Watch the fehu/wheat sprout out the top and picture a field of wheat in the wind under the warmth of the sun. (Ideally with good visualization you should picture a field of these rune glyphs, and/as a field of wheat)


To further unpack, you have in this imagery the receptive feminine (Venus) of the seed, the penetrative masculine (mars) of the arrows, the communication and exchange of the runes ansuz and gebo (mercury), the solar imagery of wheat, the imagery of harvest (Saturn) and abundance/prosperity (Jupiter).

Imo, there’s a lot of planetary aspects to it (or I’m just batshit crazy).

I’m sure there’s other ways it could be used that I didn’t see in my “visions” as it were.

At any rate, here it is and I release it out to the forum.


Thanks for releasing it. It looks good.

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This looks powerful, love it.
I think I’ll direct this into my fall planting of cool weather crops, thanks :slight_smile:

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I fucking love this. You ok with me saving the image?

You are not crazy, you DEFINITELY hit the nail and this looms fantastic. Can’t wait to take it for a whirl.



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This is a nice rune but i feel like you may have miss inturpted something somewhere. Your saying this if for abundence and prosperity but there are too many runes. two Fehu, 1 jera and and a algaze would be a better fit fot a abundence and prosperity spell. I can see where your going but you would have better luck with haveing the jera at the center of the two feho and then algize to protect from natural disasters.

I’m afraid I must disagree.

If it was a “bindrune” you would probably be correct, but that’s not what this is.

I see no reason why I would have to worry about that, and such a thing could be handled seperately.

I think you’re missing the forest for the trees here.

This is as much pictographic as anything. And that’s where the rubber really starts to hit the road with rune shamanism.

You could liken this to a kanji (and indeed, to my mind kanji are a form of sigil, even as the runes themselves are)

And the imagery is important as well, codifying the intention.

For instance, it’s firmly “rooted” in communication and exchange which is important if you have a business or rely on communication, or in the case of teamwork (teamwork makes the dream work), and receiving help (exchange, GEBO the crossing of two lines :x:) all of which could be taken figuratively or literally (in a more literal sense you could see it as the exchange of elements and the interplay [communication] thereof, much like biology [seed]).

There’s levels to this.

At any rate, that’s how it came to me and that’s how I received it.

Sure, you can do that and you’re free to do as you like. 🤷 (I apologize if this comes off as snarky)


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I feel that the winter solstice (as it has a lot of solar association) would be a supremely ideal time to do something with this, such as crafting a talisman…

Putting it on a yule log…

It also should lend itself well to green or nature magic.

You might create and activate the sigil, place it inside an acorn and “plant” it I whatever manner feels right to you, then walk away without looking back.

You might burn it into a wood disk, consecrate it and use it until the midsummer and burn it.

I’d love to see what folks come up with.

Happy “planting”, and may your future harvests be fruitful.

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Perhaps there was s the reason I picked a staff up on a walk as well as two wands.

Since there was Teutonic DNA exchanged with Celt DNA, not a surprise I picked up on a few rune there

What is with the inverted Othala? Is like to ease ups and down’s?


Just ingwaz with three fehu sprouting out of it.

Though, you could view it as othala upside down puts it’s energy into the “seed” and adds to the sprouting fehu. If you wee to look at it that way. That would also imply that the fehu sprout out of a hidden othala.


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