Request Thread for Those Who Want to Practice Working for Others

May I dm if you don’t mind

If it’s related to the thread/working I’m afraid it’d be against the rules of this thread…

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Okay not a biggie…I was just thinking now that you made a petition to Astartes, which one of my targets would she be working towards? Did you make a specific one? And also muggie is not my real name but I’m guessing it wouldn’t matter right?

Shouldn’t matter. It’s a sympathetic link regardless.

I was under the impression you had just one.

But I was getting lil nudges to leave it a bit open ended.

Which was probably her guidance.

That evocation kinda took it outta me. Lol

Heads hurts a bit.


Thanks again lol!

Get you some rest :innocent:

Can anyone channel a spirit on advice for me?

@Pamelq_Taylor Please don’t offer compensation. That is against forum rules, so I edited your request.


@anon29949371 I gave him everything i lost myself on the transition i been trying to gain him back with magick i did 100 spells call every single demon for mind changing paid a lot of money for spells. Please i really need him back in my life is the only thing i wver asked for even after all the shit i had in my life, pleqse can someone help me i did everything and i dont know what else to do. Please can someone just tell me if Lucifer has listen to me or to help me change his mind i am out of ideas i did everything under the sun and had pacience and not lust for results but i want him back now before i have to leave the country. Please


Thank you for this work , I’ll tell you what has happened so far. I broke up with my girlfriend I’ve been with for 7 years, it was coming I haven’t been interested for years sex is horrible now , but interesting to see that manifest Ethier because of my work or because of just the natural order of things. It makes things extremely complicated but it makes room for a new relationship with her because I do love her but it’s time to move on and now we can go into business with each other. Second a lot of my work goes into because a complete man whore it is what it is and I got to fulfill some of that this weekend idk just happened maybe because of the chaos that has been created idk. The real heart of the matter is I’ve done things to people in the past and even if they’re a “muggle” so to speak I fully believe people can project emotions, influence, and intent and “cast” a spell without even knowing it, I’ve done it. That’s what put me down this path. I realized it. So when I started thinking about what wanted to accomplish you know , money, women, health ect… then I thought wait that’s all good and nice but what about the ability to preform the magical activities that I would need to do that, so instead I started focusing on what would advance my natural magical power, then I thought what’s stopping my power , and realized I need to start there and build up from the foundation. So your ritual looks promising and I’m sure it will help to those ends by clearing and " karma" curses as such and blockage and unwanted entities sent on me or even I send on myself. Thank you very much and when I’m confident I can cast an abundance ritual for you I most certainly will. Thanks friend.

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I wonder why Lucifer would be sad? I had just contacted him some weeks ago apologizing for some things I had done. I made the changes to right the things I did that may have offended. But as far as intuition is concerned, now I feel as though maybe someone contacted Lucifer to fuck me over , or again my own stupidity and naive greenness at my earliest works and “screams” at the moon moments and now things or different and there is a clarity in what I’m doing ( sort of). Idk can you ask him why he was sad?

Okay i will try and i already had a shower. I dont know where you are from but i live in uk and is night time

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@Fuego , I did not forget about your request. You got called about your interview and I felt I should bide my time.

Lord Clauneck added his energy to mine for this one. General prosperity.



He’s in a relationship now with someone else, and he’s with that person for some reason of financial convenience, there’s no love involved.

It won’t be necessary another ritual to separate him from the person he’s involved or attracted to, for now.

Lilith Sitri Dantalion and others did not respond.

Astaroth Daglus and Kalotes agreed to help.
Tomorrow I will do a ritual with them and post pictures later.

First ritual: For him to change his feelings and think of you differently than he does now.

Second ritual: To recreate the bond between you and heal the scars of the past.


If you don’t let go and let it work, you’re going to ruin it.

If you’re going to ask questions, please put several in a single post. There is a limited number of replies a thread can have.


Please just make the request instead of singling out individuals.


@CAST87 Last Ritual on 12/21/2021.

If you have any questions, please search the forum.

The results and what happens from now on is up to you.

Have confidence and faith in the power of your will, avoid anxiety, forget about it, don’t be in a hurry and enjoy life, have fun. :slightly_smiling_face:

As @anon39079500 said: “If you don’t let go and let it work, you’re going to ruin it.”

I wish you the best :pray:


Spiritual protection for you and your relationship.

Thank You Lucifer for your blessing.

  • Astaroth to make him feel attracted to you.

  • Daglus to awaken his passion for you.

  • Kalotes to make him have erotic dreams about you.


Thank you very much for your help i will let you know how it goes.
Thank you again you are really kind and you cant imagin how much hope you have given me


Hello,can someone kill parasite who is around me,i am still beginner?

Hi All,

First of all I thank each one here for being such a nice community of people willing to help each other. Was very nice to see this happening.

My request: A few years back I had tried to own a house of my own and got a loan from a bank to cover the majority of the cost too. However it was supposed to be paid by the bank as the house gets built little by little (it’s a small apartment house). But I was wronged by a person and it resulted in a lot of debt and financial misery. I’m still trying to find my way out of it. In this window the bank finished paying off a portion of the money to the builder and stopped paying the rest considering my credit score went down the drain. Now (well atleast until a few months ago) the house was basically gone. Because I was stuck paying monthly payments to the bank for what they paid the builder and yet i didn’t own the house as a major chunk of the money was still due to own it. My contract with the builder was cancelled and I lost the option to own it. A couple weeks ago I was able to contact someone from the building company and they game me an opportunity to own the place again. Providing I pay the remaining amount within a week. But I couldn’t arrange the money needed. It’s about 16000 dollars when converted from the local currency.

Now it’s been over 2 weeks and the offer may no longer stand. I need some help to assist me in realising this opportunity somehow. I’ve been thinking of asking my step dad for help. I don’t mind even him legally owning the house if he pays the remaining money for it. And then sell the place in a few months for the current market value (about 30% more than what I’m expected to pay in total). In return give him a portion of the profits along with his investment and then use the rest to pay off the loan and save some for myself.
Need help to make this happen. 1) to get him to agree to help the money and his daughters (who could be a road block) and 2)the builder to give a second chance to pay them off.

Sorry if it’s too long. Wanted to ensure all the information is out there for you to decide. Hope one of you could help me.

I’ll help.