Request for help healing physical ailment

Please I need talk to you, I got Interstitial cystitis.

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I’m looking for a cure to interstitial cystitis, it’s chronic bladder inflamation, it sucks my life, what should I do? Is pathworking goetia enough to get a cure?

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BALG can’t really give you medical advice.

For help with healing spells, rituals or entities, that we can talk about. :slight_smile:

I like Raphael, and also the angle Ebuhuel from the book Angels of Omnipotence.

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I’m searching magic cure, please dont go me to generic topics, I gotta know someone who cured interstitial cystitits through magic and to know if it’s secure cure it through pathworking (it’s modern goetia) please turn post on again, I really need help.

Have you searched for any entities that specialize in healing and performing a ritual or writing a petition for help? You can search for mantras to help with discomfort.

Have you tried going to a medical professional for help? Magick can do wonders, but for medical matters, you still have to think logically and try the mundane, like seeking help with a licensed medical professional.

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This specific information is not on this forum. I don’t know anyone who cured this exact condition through magick.

If you want Goetic entities rather than the ones I suggested, try Marbas, who is know for healing.

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There is no cure for IC, and it’s hard to treat, there are some patients that have taken 20 years to be diagnosed with it.

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