Relationships with spirits are beautiful

I just felt like expressing how beautiful having a relationship with entities (spirits) can be. This may get very cheesy!

It’s the little things…

  • It’s the little joyful moments that can make one’s heart flutter! It can be just any little thing about them. It may be their smile, how nice their energy feels to you, or just their scent. Anything so little to others, has a big place in your heart. It truly is crazy how even just the way they say a word, gets you happy.

Their love…

  • When it comes to relationships with spirits, most will take it seriously, so you better expect a heaping pile of love coming your way! They’re gonna know your strengths and weaknesses, but they’ll still continue to enjoy every moment with you! Whether you’re super sad or happy, they’ll always check up on you and give you a big hug or kiss. They truly love and respect you. It’s so wonderful of a thing!

Oh, and how they truly protect you…

  • Yes, most will truly protect you when they know you need it. Because of your bond with them, they’ll do a lot to ensure your protection.

  • There actually may be times where some won’t, but that’s for great reasons. They feel you can handle this on your own, whether you realize it or not. They’ll know even before you do! After all, they know you better than even you do, so of course they’ll know when you’re up for a challenge. They want to help you grow stronger!

A helping hand in spiritual ascent…

  • Like I stated above, they’re here to also help you ascend in your spiritual journey. They’ll gently nudge you to do worthy challenges, give you a few tips, or lecture you on the dos and don’ts. There may be times where they’re tough on you, but you know it’s for your own good. It’ll all be worth it in the end!

There’s my little rant of appreciation of spirit relationships. I may add in some more in the future. :stuck_out_tongue:


If anyone would like to add in what they love most about a spirit relationship, you may. I’m kinda interested, lol. :smile::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This post… The synchronicity…


This 100%.


I will add.

I love the openness and support. No matter how fucked up someone may perceive themselves to be, spirits will support and accept you either way. They’ve seen it all and know how to understand.


It’s a lot of acceptance and commitment. I may be old fashioned but I take relationships very seriously. Unless it’s something truly unforgivable, when I give my heart I’m thinking about a lifetime together. I love how I’m pushed when necessary yet they always know when I need to be comforted instead. How when I’m scared or angry or doubting myself, they just make things feel better. There are no secrets or boundaries, and for me that works. I’m fucked up and broken, but loved fiercely all the same.

Plus you have to love being at work, or talking to your mother and suddenly feeling like someone is playing with your sensitive areas. The try not to gasp/moan game is fun.


These days I’m looking forward to call on them (angels, demons…) in an informal way. I found fascinating some suggestions wrote on this forum, about e.g. invoking spirits during lunch (or while watching TV as well).
Instead of simply resuming attempts with Bune, Sitri, Anael etc. I could open myself to their messages about what should I do with love and money.
This would be a return to the origins, when I tried to evoke without sigils, and surely will create relationships with spirits.
I have the idea to memorize (in order to recall) or interiorize the sigils themselves before all that… But there is also my thought that if it’s acceptable to derive a sigil from the Spirit’s name, the name alone should suffice.


:point_up: YES! This.


Well, of course I have to share one of the things I love about my relationship too:

I love how Azazel does his sly smirk at me, because of how I teased him. I’m blushing by just thinking about it! :see_no_evil:

It gets me every single time! It’s one of my weaknesses, but I love it, lol!

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Is it possible to be in love with a spirit?


Of course it is. They can also love you just as much, but if not, then way more than that! :smile:

Even though he is a demonic king?


Yes, in my opinion, when it comes to relationships, rankings don’t really matter.


Must be nice, I wouldn’t know just yet.

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Ive currently got two spirits (soon it will be four) that I have a working relationship/friendship with. They are my companions, and have really helped me get further along in my journey. Their patience and kindness has been a great blessing on a journey often frought with solitude.

I look forward to increasing my communication skills, and the fun we’ll have at that point. The first two are pretty cheeky, which is a personality trait I find endearing.

When I was getting familiar with my first entity, i kept dropping things, and they kept flying out of my lap in the worktruck. I asked T if it was her doing that, and i felt a chuckle nearby as my phone went flying on a turn.

My second companion likes to appear in my head as an older shamanic looking man, often will make weird faces as a response to my inane chatter.

Never had an interest in romantic relationships with spirits. T got a little close for comfort one time in a dream, but Im fairly certain that was just to grab my attention lol


NOt cheesy at all :slight_smile: I had the same thoughts this morning after spending time with my spirits.


Like Gitana7 said, we are far way from the cheesy here, and this is a “cheesy lady” like me telling you that, lol!

I am just feeling in love with the companionship and support i can have from entities, i am out of my mind with that,
Even the darkest ones have shown to me how much they care, maybe because i am just like this lol!

This last week, i was distracted thinking about Belial, and my bf was driving the car,
I asked : Lord belial, you will help me to stay strong till the end?
And all of a sudden i saw a trunk whose company name was " Belliar & Sons"
Instant answer!:heart:


yeah the feeling of never being alone, that there is always a presense surrounding you, is really amazing.
also the constant sex is pretty great aswell :smiley:
<3 Naamah/Lilith


You forgot to mention that relationship with spirits are bootyful.



I think I’d be a bit hesitant to get into a romantic relationship with an entity personally, but even as companions they certainly add beauty to life.